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Arkazi Bot Scam (Dec 2021) What It Is All About?

The guide shares details about the new Arkazi Bot Scam and what users are saying about it.  

An active server is the need of the hour as many owners often struggle to keep their server active for the users. So, to cater to this need, Arkazi Booster Bot has been developed with several entertaining benefits to keep users engaged in the chat room while promoting the growth of the server with many active users. 

Arkazi Bot claims to have many amazing features to keep the server members engaged all the time. Many people in the United States are using the features of the Bot. But, recently, some users have reported a DM/PM Arkazi Bot Scam on the discussion forum.

Introducing The Arkazi Bot

Arkazi is the active booster and utility-based BOT launched to ensure your server looks professional and better. The BOT comes with some entertainment features to keep the people on the server engaged and boost your server’s user base. 

The BOT has interactive, fun commands to keep members engaged with tasks and topics. The server recently added the global chat feature to allow members to chat with people from other servers. 

It takes pride in being the best banner generator where members can choose between hundreds of fonts for banner and unique color choices.

What is the Arkazi Bot Scam?

Arkazi Bot claims to be the best utility Bot for server users. However, recently some members have reported that a DM/PM scam is going on. They claim that the BOT is using fake BOT that sends pointless DM to the users who seem to be from Arkazi BOT.

A scam DM is sent to users who pretend to be from Arkazi Bot, and it claims to offer free 15 boosts. It comprises a link that users have to click to claim the free boosts. So, users who received the message want to know if Arkazi Bot Scam or legit.   

It seems to be a scam and must be reported to Arkazi Discord, as confirmed by a user on the discussion forum. 

How Are People Reacting?

According to the threads on the discussion forum, people are responding to the DM/PM scam by Arkazi Bot. People reported that the Arkazi Scam is like the fake boost BOT sending futile DM from the server. 

Some people have reported that they have been receiving DM with links claiming to offer free 15 boosts if they click on it. Many users of the server have got the Arkazi Bot Scam DM from Arkazi Bot.     

Some people also said that the DM scam must be reported to the Discord account of Arkazi so that necessary actions can be taken. So, if you have also got the same DM from the Arkazi Bot, ignore it as it seems to be a scam. You may read more reactions and comments here


Arkazi is the active and utility BOT that gives your server a professional appearance with multiple entertainment features. The BOT has many users in the United States. But recently, it has been making news when a DM scam has been reported.     

According to the reports, people are receiving Arkazi Bot Scam DMs claiming to offer free boosts when they click a suspicious link. But it must be ignored as, as per the sources and people’s comments, it is a scam. You must always learn the tips on How to Protect Yourself from a Scam to stay safe.  

Do you have any updates on the DM/PM Scam of Arkazi BOT? Then, please share it in the comments section.

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