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Art Naturals Hand Sanitizer Reviews [Really Effective?]

Art Naturals Hand Sanitizer Reviews [Really Effective?] -> The article talks about Art Naturals Hand Sanitizers to keep you germ-free and away from diseases this season. It is one of the best natural hand sanitizers to use this season. If You Want to Buy This “Art Naturals Hand Sanitizer“, You will have to click on the images below:

In the wake of the global crisis called Covid-19, the importance of sanitization has seen a new dimension. Over the years, hand sanitizers have found a safe and secure place in our lives. Sanitizing hands before having food is usually expected for everyone to maintain the hygiene quotient. However, the epidemic of the Coronavirus disease, which has spread like wildfire, has further enhanced the usability of hand sanitizers.    

In today’s crisis, we cannot deny the importance of sanitizers. The kids and the elderly especially need more care as they are more prone to viruses. So having good sanitizers at home and the workplace is a must. But the point is, how do you choose which sanitizer to buy?

If you are not satisfied with the regular sanitizers for your family, try out the popular Art Naturals Hand SanitizersInfused with best natural ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, these sanitizers present a silky smooth touch to your hands.  

Read the Art Naturals Hand Sanitizer Reviews to know the product better and for more details.

What is Art Naturals Hand Sanitizer?

The art naturals hand sanitizers are available in a pack of 4 sanitizers including three wonderfully scented sanitizers and one unscented version. These sanitizers would keep you germ-free all day long and anywhere you go. The sanitizers are infused with ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to make your hands smooth along with killing germs, bacteria and viruses. 

The pack of 4 sanitizers include the three scented ones namely Coconut, Lavender or Tea Tree Oil and one scent-free kit. All the four sanitizers are qualified to fight germs with the powers of their antiseptic and anti-bacterial ingredients.

These sanitizers with quick-dry formula are capable of fighting germs with 99 per cent more effectiveness. These sanitizers have become a common name in the United States with enormous popularity among its people.   

Benefits of Art Naturals Hand Sanitizer 

Being natural, the Hand Sanitizer Gel offers numerous benefits, which is evident from its increasing popularity. Here are some of the benefits summed below,

  • The product is 99 per cent effective
  • Quick-dry formula help you protect against germs
  • Available in 4 variations
  • You can pick any of the Scented such as Coconut, Lavender or Tea Tree Oil or the scent-free pack
  • Capable of fighting viruses with its antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial powers
  • The nutrient-rich ingredients like Aloe Vera, sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, multiple fruit extracts, and Vitamin E, moisturizes dry and cracked hands
  • The product is also available in the form of Hand Sanitizer Wipes
  • The sanitizers are hypoallergenic and gentle for all skin types
  • Being handy, you can carry these sanitizes anyplace where germ lurks

Features of Art Naturals Hand Sanitizer

The Art Naturals Hand Sanitizers are available in both gel and wipe form. These are very effective sanitizers with 99 per cent germ kill protection. They are available in a set of four variants with three scented and one scent-free pack. The sanitizers are made with the best ingredients to keep your hands safe and smooth.

These are high-quality products with the benefits of nature available at affordable prices. Get them to ensure a sick-free season for everyone in the family.     

How does Art Naturals Hand Sanitizer work?

All four art naturals hand sanitizers are gentle for all skin types. Only one rub of the sanitizers are enough to make your hand feel smooth and silky. You can use the product before your meals or after any activity where you might contact germs. Using soap and water alone is not enough, especially at a time when there is a major virus outbreak in the world. So, it is better to order these natural hand sanitizers and use them regularly to keep you and your family free from diseases. 

How to use Art Naturals Hand Sanitizer?

Use the art naturals hand sanitizer like any other regular sanitizer. Pump dime-sized drop into hands, and rub until it is absorbed well in your hands. The quick-dry formula of the sanitizer would kill germs while keeping your hands smooth. All the four sanitizers come with light fragrance which leaves your hands smelling fresh.

These sanitizers are ideal for carrying to your work, to keep at home, for outings, gym and so on. You can place one pack in your car as well to stay germ-free while driving. 

What makes Art Naturals Hand Sanitizer better than other similar products?

The best thing about the Art Naturals Hand Sanitizers is that they are made up of natural ingredients. 

Moreover, these sanitizers fight germs with 99 per cent effectiveness to keep you away from the common cold, flu, and other viruses and infections. 

Being light scented, the art naturals sanitizer allow your hands to feel fresh while moisturizing the dryness of your hands in the process.   

It is one of the best products to use for everyone in the family, including kids and the elderly. 


It is an essential product, especially in the current scenario, when the world is hard-pressed to fight coronavirus. Moreover, being a natural product it has its own benefits. For verifying the effectiveness of the product, you must use the same for best results. 

The elderly and kids in the household, who are more prone to infections, must use this product to stay safe. Keep these sanitizers handy in places where you are can see them and use them regularly.  

If you want to buy the product, place an order at the company website, which is the safest place to purchase it. You will also get good discounts and bargains by placing an order at the company portal. Read Art Naturals Hand Sanitizer Reviews if you want to know about the value of the product.

Since the product has been in high demand these days, it is better to order soon before stock ends.

49 thoughts on “Art Naturals Hand Sanitizer Reviews [Really Effective?]

  1. My husband and I just received a shipment of the ‘artnaturals’ coconut hand sanitizer!
    I thought they had to be at least 70% ETOH, in order to be classified as a hand sanitizer, officially.
    These 8 oz bottles are only 62.5%.

    Please advise and thank you!

    1. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends rubbing on hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol when you aren’t able to wash your hands.

      1. Artnaturals has not answered three emails I have sent under their “contact us” link on their website. It has been weeks. I have called them too, to no avail. Horrible customer service at this time

    2. CDC recommends the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers with greater than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol as the preferred form of hand hygiene in healthcare settings, based upon greater access to hand sanitizer.

      1. Am very upset 😠 with the companies communication. I would understand and not be upset if they would update their answering machine when you call customer service .I have called there is a voicemail which says orders made before March 31 will be shipped during April I made my order in April I’m wondering where I stand. Other companies will tell you that it’s back ordered back stocked that you can place your order but it won’t be shipped until a certain time they should have that information on your website. We are in the middle of pandemic I totally understand the hand sanitizer is like gold I wish the communication was better and I hope I do receive my product I ordered a gallon which is $60 I’m very grateful that I found the hand sanitizer and the shipping is free I really wish they just had better communication and this would be just fine

    3. For alcohol-based hand sanitizers, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (5) recommends a concentration of 60% to 95% ethanol or isopropanol, the concentration range of greatest germicidal efficacy.

  2. CDC recommendations reflect the important role of hand hygiene for preventing the transmission of pathogens in healthcare settings for a wide range of pathogens. The ability of hand hygiene, including hand washing or the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers to prevent infections is related to reductions in the number of viable pathogens that transiently contaminate the hands. Hand washing mechanically removes pathogens, while laboratory data demonstrate that 60% ethanol and 70% isopropanol, the active ingredients in CDC-recommended alcohol-based hand sanitizers, inactivates viruses that are genetically related to, and with similar physical properties as, the 2019-nCoV.

  3. terrible shipping. I received 6 bottles, all with loose caps and no seals. contents of 3 leaked out into shipping box. Beyond sloppy!

  4. I placed 2 orders for these sanitizers on the company’s website. Understanding sanitizer is hard to get now I was very patient, even though their website said “sanitizer in stock”. After checking back with the website a week later it had a notice that said “orders placed before 3/16 will ship 3/25 and after 3/16 will ship on 3/31.” I placed my order on 3/11. On 3/27 I started calling and emailing company, only to find out they aren’t accepting incoming calls and no response to 3 emails. I finally received an automated email on 4/1 with a tracking number. Still to this day 4/15 UPS hasn’t received the package so it hasn’t shipped.
    I thought maybe this is just a weird random thing since their website now says all sanitizer ships within 48 hours. I decided to place another order on 4/8. On 4/10 I received another tracking number, only to have the same result. UPS hasn’t received the item from the vendor so it hasn’t shipped, tracking info says “When the shipment arrives at our facility the delivery date will be updated.” I will most likely NEVER RECEIVE THESE:-(
    I did receive an automated email today asking to rate my purchase… haha what a joke

  5. My experience is identical to Tamra. My first order was placed with art naturals on April 10. Still waiting and never a response or reply.

    1. Omg I have the same experience as the ladies above what a horrible horrible company I ordered the gallon of hand sanitizer and it’s been three weeks and still nothing they provided me with a w tracking number and that’s it this is 3 weeks ago unbelievable they’re charging $60 and they’re not even sending the products and now I’m not even sure I still want it after all the comments that I red

  6. I bought a 4 pack of unscented hand sanitizer along with an oil diffuser. I received the diffuser but not the hand sanitizer for a month. I emailed, called and expected a simple explanation on the very busy time with the COVID 19. No word and then I received my 4 bottles, one leaked and they don’t have any of the aloe or jojoba listed, just glycerin. But the kicker is it states that this product is made in China? Really, do we believe anything the company says or do they keep quiet to not lie?

    1. After almost one month, numerous emails without answers, I hit my sanitizer and a shMpoo that I ordered. All four bottles of ssnitizer has the lead up( open ) and the gel spread in the box. The smell is awful, just like a Raid for insects. I don’t intend to used on my hands because the smell from the soak box is hard to deal with. I don’t know if they will answer to my email, but I will get my money back from PayPal. Somebody experienced the terrible bad smell?

      1. Just received a shipment of the 1 gallon unscented hand sanitizer. The bottle was dented and spilled in the box – it is the most disgusting smell!! There is no way this can be used! I contacted the company and pay pal! It claims 100% satisfaction let’s see!

        1. Yes, the stuff smell absolutely terrible. Like paint thinner or some other strong thing. I do not want to rub anything that smells that bad into my skin.

  7. I ordered the unscented 4 pack.
    It did take a bit to get here..when I got it the box was open although it had been taped shut..I figured it was just the tape hadn’t sealed…all 4 where there, none leaking or damaged..
    My only concern is the unscented smells like (to me) off bug spray..the smell goes away after it dries but returns if you get you hands wet…
    Did someone contaminate the shipment?

  8. My experience is the same as the 2 customers who wrote before me! I Order a Gallon of Hand Sanitizer on April 15, got a email 2 days later, saying I could Track the order, UPS cannot give me any information! I have called the Company, sent 4 emails with NO RESPONSE!! The company already put my Credit card in for payment! I will cancel payment if I don’t hear from this company by next week! Horrible Customer Service!

  9. I placed an order for 4 unscented bottles of hand sanitizer thinking they would ship within 48 hours because that’s what the website says. I received the product several weeks later. The real issue is the smell! It smells terrible–like a heavy odor of motor oil and chemicals. Everyone in my family agrees. I wonder if this is even safe to use? I do not recommend buying this product. We can’t even use it. Waste of money.

  10. We had a bad experience with Art Naturals. Absolutely no customer service. They do not answer the phone or the emails we sent. Three of six bottles of Hand Sanitizer had no seals and were leaking. They shipped a bottle of Aloe separately but when it arrived the supposed Aloe was in a brown bottle and all that was in the bottle was WATER !!!! Makes us wonder what is in the Hand Sanitizer Bottles. This company is a SCAM. Report your problems to the California Attorney General Office. You can file the complaint right on the AG website. Make sure to notify the BBB too.

  11. BUYER BEWARE: My experience was similar to Tamara and Nancy’s. Ordered “UNSCENTED” Hand sanitizer 1 gallon on 4/7/20. Charge accepted 4/7/20. Received email from Art Naturals 4/9/20 that my order had been shipped. (I’m in the same state as the company, so less than 400 miles to ship). After more than a week, no product. I went to the tracking number. Delivery company says, “product not received yet” but there was a tracking number generated. emailed the company on 4/16/20…Crickets.

    Called but you can’t leave a message. Emailed, but they don’t answer. I began researching complaints and WOW! Wish I knew before ordering what I know now! I began writing many emails a day asking for a refund. Notifying others on all the social media and rating sites I could, so trying to help other consumers not get ripped off. Reported to BBB. Interestingly, I got my hand sanitizer within 2 days of . BUT IT SMELLS HORRIBLE !! Not “unscented” at all. I can’t use it. Had to wash my hands with soap and water 3 times to get rid of whatever the smell is. Then they sent me an email asking how they did!! haha! I have not completed that email yet. Do I trust the company just because I finally got my product? NO. Do I trust the product? NO. Will I try to get a refund and return it? YES, but I bet it won’t work because out of 2 phone numbers, they never answer, and you can’t leave a message, and of course, no email apology for not shipping product when they said it was shipped and for no viable way to communicate with the company. Some folks seem to get the products and like them, but the unhappy customer complaints all over the internet should be warning enough for anyone considering purchasing products from them.

  12. I got my 4 pack of “scent free” hand sanitizer from Amazon. It has a strong and very unpleasant chemical odor, just as others have mentioned. This makes me question the products ingredients and effectiveness. (It’s expiration date is 4/2022 so it should not be expired and breaking down.)

  13. Buyer Beware!! Do not order their sanitizer. The product that they are sending out is not what is advertised on their website. Different ingredients and made in China. I have an original art naturals sanitizer and the product they are shipping now is questionable. Do not waste your money. I have emailed, called and used twitter to communicate my concern. My next step is BBB and have purchase disputed.

  14. This hand sanitizer have a chemical smell one time I smell like gasoline and then as you wear it I don’t know what the smell is but it is a chemical smell I’d like to know how I can return it and get my money back says:

    This hand sanitizer have a chemical smell one time I smell like gasoline and then as you wear it I don’t know what the smell is but it is a chemical smell I’d like to know how I can return it and get my money back

  15. This hand sanitizer have a chemical smell one time I smell like gasoline and then as you wear it I don’t know what the smell is but it is a chemical smell I’d like to know how I can return it and get my money back

  16. I ordered 2 gallons, through Amazon, on April 9th and just received last week. The smell is so horrible I had to take it off my counter because customer’s were complaining. I contacted the seller through Amazon and just received a reply where they offered to refund me 30%….needless to say I paid $177.00 so 30% is NOT acceptable. I have contacted my local department of health hoping I can get someone to test it to see why it smells so bad.

  17. I bought some at Sams Club. I cannot even describe what it smells like – maybe a rotting trash dump. I think the entire batch must be contaminated somehow
    Will be returning asap. Unfortunately I had some sent to relatives so I can’t return those. Total waste of money. Do not purchase!

  18. False advertising. We purchased the “1 gallon Art Naturals hand sanitizer scent free (UPC: 810029801515)” and IT IS NOT SCENT FREE. It smells very bad – it has a strong medicine/petroleum smell.

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  25. Bought my one and only Art Naturals brand hand sanitizer at good old Walmart, 8 fluid ounces of unscented for $4.00. Feel that this is price gouging for a product made in China. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Won’t happen a second time.

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