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Ashley Taylor Broken Token (Aug) What’s The News About?

Do you want to know the details of Ashley Taylor Broken Token? Then go through the below post.

Do you want to know why the game accessory manufacturing company is in the spotlight recently? Why did the top game-making firm decide not to work with the Broken Token? Then your search led you to the right place.

So without a further delay, let us begin the Ashley Taylor Broken Token guide now, which is the most searched topic in the United States.

About The Broken Token 

The Broken Token Company designs, create, and manufactures gaming tools and accessories for cards and board games. They are specialized in-game box organizers, storage solutions, upgrades in-game world so that you can experience enhanced gaming features. All the products are available online at its official site; also, you can purchase items physically from stores near you.

Key Details of the Company

  • Industry type: Game accessory designer and manufacturer.
  • Total employees: 21
  • Location: Vista, California
  • Total Revenue: $429k
  • Official website: https://thebrokentoken.com/ 

Keep reading to know Ashley Taylor Broken Token details.

Who is Ashley Taylor?

As per the sources, Ashley Taylor was the first employee at The Broken Token, the United States-based Company. She recently opened up a ten-year-old story and complaining indecent behavior of Greg Spence, details are covered in the coming section. 

Who is Greg Spence?

Greg Spence is the Chief Executive officer of The Broken Token Company from 2014 till today. He also worked as Technical Architect and Senior Programmer at Daybreak Company and Sony entertainment, respectively.

Why is Ashley Taylor Broken Token in the news recently?

Ashley Taylor, the ex-employee of The Broken Token, brought some story to spotlight that; Taylor met Greg 10 years ago initially; everything was great, but Greg started to behave indecently with her after a few days, harassed her, and abused her mentally. 

In fear of losing her job, she kept quiet; finally, Ceplalofair Games refused to work with Broken Token and look out for another firm when she spoke out the truth. This is why the topic is viral globally.

People’s Reaction to Ashley Taylor Broken Token

People expressing their mixed opinion on the overall incident – they say this behavior is just unacceptable. However, she is brave enough to talk about this sensitive topic publicly. We support her and encourage her. 

Whereas some saying – is it a true story? Let us wait until we hear the lines from the other side and then judge the situation. This is the overall reaction of people.  

The Final Verdict

To sum up the guide Ashley Taylor Broken Token, we would like to tell you that all the details here are taken from the online sources and internet; we are not sure about the allegations. Therefore, if you want to know the actual story, we advise you to research from your end also.

Do you have anything to say about the incident? Then please share your words with us in the comment section below.

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