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Asimmys Reviews (July) Is This Legit Or Another Scam?

Asimmys Reviews (July) Is This Legit Or Another Scam? >> The write-up today will introduce you with a website that offers multiple items and we will explore its authenticity.

The needs and wants of a person are unlimited; they are just never-ending and go on forever. With the increase of the desire for the necessary things, people also explore and try new things in many countries like the United States.

The most popular thing nowadays amongst the millennials is to get the items customized. Be it T-shirts, Mugs, Pillow, Bed sheets, Key chains, or any other personally customized items.

Let’s get to explore this website today, dealing in a similar line of work, and complete these Asimmys Reviews.

What is Asimmys.com?

In this competitive world, many new and unique websites are launched daily. So naturally, this increases the competition and encourages many people to opt for new and upgraded technology and cute stuff for the customers.

The website offers a collection of Smart Home equipment, Computer & Tablet, Video Game, Toys, Headphones, and Vacuums. They also have Blenders, Oral Care, Retro Games, Printers, Cameras, Kitchen innovative equipment, and many more. So, the website offers many things and everything at one-stop for the customers.

Let’s move forward and see Is Asimmys Legit or not?

Specifications of Asimmys.com

  • Domain Date: 11th June 2021
  • URL- https://asimmys.com
  • Category- Kitchen Appliances, Electronic Items and multiple products
  • Email- contact@asimmys.com
  • Address- Not Provided
  • Contact no- +86 13516924444
  • Payment Modes- PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa, are accepted.
  • Return Policy- Return of the products is acceptable within 14 days of purchase
  • Refund Policy- The company initiates refund within 5-7 days.
  • Exchange Policy- Exchange policy for the products of this website is not mentioned
  • Shipping Duration- The company takes 15-30 business days to ship the product 
  • Customer Reviews- We could not find any Asimmys Reviews
  • Delivery Policy- Not specified on the website 
  • Social Media icons Presence- The brand has mentioned the social media logos, but they are not leading to any page but the social media site only.
  • Newsletter- Not Available 

Advantages of buying from Asimmys. Com

  • They have a vast range of smart home appliances
  • They deal in some of the essential kitchen products.
  • They also offer many discounts on several different products.
  • The customers can connect the company for any difficulty or problem on the contact details mentioned above.
  • They also accept the return of the products within 14 days. 
  • The products are made for all and are accessible to everyone.

Disadvantages of buying from Asimmys.Com

  • We were unable to find any Asimmys Reviews on the internet or the website.
  • The website is just 23 days old and has not gained much popularity amongst the customers.
  • The shipping time is unexpectedly extended.
  • Also, the website has skipped mentioning the company address for authenticity.
  • The website has missed mentioning the delivery policy, like the charges for delivery in different regions.
  • The trust index score and percentage of this website is also meagre and is not trustable.

Is Asimmys Legit?

We always say that to know a website properly and inside out, a person needs to have a complete analysis and study of the website concerning the necessary information. Let’s drop some light on the below-mentioned points:

  • Domain creation date – The website created its domain on 11th June 2021, just a few days old.
  • Index rank- The website’s index rank was 2.4/ 100, which is very poor. 
  • Trust index score- Asimmys gained a trust score of 1% that is bad.
  • Company address- There is no address mentioned on the website.
  • Content– The website’s content seems to be suspicious and copied from many of the other United States based suspicious websites.
  • Social media existence – The brand does not have any social media presence.
  • Feedback portals- No reviews could be found on any feedback portals.

Customers’ Asimmys Reviews

The website does not have a review section, and also, as it is just launched, it has not gained popularity amongst the customers. Hence, we could not find any customer reviews on the internet for Asimmys.Com. Learn here how to protect from PayPal scams.

Closing Thoughts 

Asimmys.com deals in many different products that are needed in a household daily. The website was launched recently, and thus has not gained many audiences or customers. 

The information we collected now points out that the website is questionable, and we are marking it as suspicious. We advise you wait for some reliable reviews to arise. Learn here how to protect from Credit Card scams.

What do you think about these Asimmys Reviews? Tell us in the comments section below.

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