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Asuna NFT {Jan 2022} Get Specifications & Features Here

Scroll down the below article to explore the general and music features of Asuna NFT. Hope this article will help you clear your doubts.

Do you love NFTs? Do you also get excited when it comes to spending on your favorite NFT? But the main question is what are NFTs? This article will give you a little glimpse of what NFTs are. Then the report will talk about an NFT character that is making the NFT lovers go crazy about itself all around Taiwan, Canada, Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. 

Yes, you are right if you think that it is Asuna NFT. So, let’s get started and enjoy reading about this Loved by many NFTs.

About the NFTs

They are tokens that are non-fungible, which means that it is something that has no substitute. You can’t use any other thing on the place of it or the face of it. 

They are usually a member or part of some or another blockchain. Most of the NFTs are part of a blockchain which is Ethereum. 

Every blockchain has the right to present its NFT on the platform.

What is the Asuna NFT? 

The zumidraws created this NFT named Asuna. There are almost 10,000 Asunas, and the creator claims that each Asuna is different from the other Asuna version. 

One common thing in every Asuna is that they all are made to deal with that world that accepts only rich Anime. 

All these Asuna can be reshaped and customized by you according to what you want as there’s a feature present to do so.

Let us see what some exceptional details of the Asuna NFT are.


  • Launching Date- 27th January 2022 
  • Number of special Asuna- There are a total number of 5 special Asuna-. 
  • Outfit of Asuna- Her outfit includes Goggles, a white hoodie
  • Purchasing of Asuna- You can get your Asuna pre-booked as an allowlist, or you can get it at the time of Public sale. 
  • The Developer- Oksami
  • The Artists- Zumi

Asuna: About Music Feature

Asuna has this unique feature of music which is a dream of Almost all music composers, and Asuna is similar. 

Asuna NFT has a unique music collection pre-qualified to the pre-ordering community. It has an electronic version of music within it. This music can be heard and altered by the community. 

Some more customization of Asuna

Once the buyer gets their Asuna, they can set its functions according to their wish and thinking. Every Asuna is rare to another, and this rarity makes every Asuna special. 

Note – All the details present are entirely based on the internet’s research.

The Last Thoughts

As per our final verdict, Asuna has a unique collection of music that its community can easily alter. And uniquely, no two 2 Asuna NFT versions have similar features.

Do you have any other information about the Asuna feature, if yes then let us know in the comments- 

Furthermore, you read about other characters of Asuna Anime in this link- 

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