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Att Free Msg Scam (Sep 2021) Stay Alert & Avoid Scam!

The guide shares details about the new Att Free Msg Scam and the steps to stay protected from such scams.  

Scammers are getting smarter these days and using text messages to do scams and steal information of users. It is referred to as SMiShing because cybercriminals are using text messages or SMSs for scamming. 

Recently, a new AT&T SMS scam has been making news in the United States. People are getting text messages that claim to be from AT&T, and it advises you to claim the surcharged reimbursement by clicking on the suspicious link.

So, please don’t fall prey to the new Att Free Msg Scam and click on the link as it aims to steal your personals and financial details.   

What is AT&T Text Message Scam?

AT&T Text Message Scam is the new SMS Scam circulating in the United States, targeting many customers to steal their confidential and personal details. The text message claims to be from AT&T company, and it comprises a suspicious link.

The phishing link redirects the users to a scam website when they click on it. As they land on the suspicious site, the scammers urge the users to share their personal data, including credit card numbers and banking details. You must not click or follow the links as it steals your data. 

How does The Att Free Msg Scam Read?

After evaluating, we have found some comments online from the recipients of the scam messages. As per the comments and feedback, they receive a text message from scammers sent from 917-664-3706.

The text message reads, “Att Free Msg: we accidentally overcharged the account last month, please click the below link to claim your reimbursement.”  

As the recipient clicks the link to claim the fake reimbursement, they are redirected to another phishing website where scammers are prompt to share personal and financial details.

So, never click on the link as it is another Att Free Msg Scam targeting you to steal your data for future cybercrimes. The scammers do cyber crimes with the details, control your bank account, steal money, do identity theft, or inject malware to your device. 

How to Stay Protected from the Att Msg Scam?

As per the official website of AT&T, there are specific measures that users have to take to stay protected from scams. 

  • Double-check the details and mobile number of the senders, along with their email addresses.
  • Contact the customer support of AT&T Company to seek assistance and help regarding the account issues and report the Att Free Msg Scam
  • Never click on the links from unknown sources and use tools to detect the scams.  
  • Ensure that the website is secure and protected with HTTPS security. 


AT&T is the reputed telecommunication service provider in America, and scammers are using the brand’s reputation to do scams via text messages. Many users have reported the fraud, and the company keeps on alerting consumers about different text message scams. 

The official website also shares steps to prevent the Att Free Msg Scam. So, follow those steps and stay protected from the scammers.  

Have you ever received such scam text messages? Then, please share what steps you have taken to report the scam in the comment box. Moreover, it would be best if you equip yourself with tips on how to protect yourself from an online scam

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