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{Watch Video} Aurelien Largeau Bizutage Photo And Video: Why The Chef’s Clip Is Trending?

Explore details about the whole incident of Chef Aurelien Largeau Bizutage Photo And Video.

Are you curious to know what happened with the Hotel du Palais chef? Then, keep reading our article, and we will explain the whole incident in detail.

The renowned chef Aurelien Largeau, 31, who used to run the restaurant at the prestigious Hotel du Palais in Biarritz, France, suddenly quit his fancy hotel job last week over allegations that a kitchen worker was tied up without clothes and mistreated, according to a statement released by the hotel chain on Thursday. The Bayonne public prosecutor’s office is investigating potential charges of sexual assault and violence.

Keep Reading Aurelien Largeau Bizutage Photo And Video.

Why Aurelien Largeau Bizutage Photo And Video is Trending?

A video would have been shared on social media at first, then taken down. Two images from the incident earlier in the month were obtained by BFMTV and released on Friday, December 29. The first image features a cook in the iconic Borat swimsuit, tied with hands behind the back, sitting on a stool in the Biarritz kitchen of the Hotel du Palais. In the second image, a cook wearing a white apron and a shirt with Aurélien Largeau’s name on it is seen putting an apple into the first cook’s mouth. In the background, another cook in a blue apron works without hesitation.

Why Aurelien Largeau Bizutage Photo And Video is Trending

What Hotel Chain Said About Chef Aurelien Largeau Bizutage?

The hotel chain Hyatt expressed concern, stating that the incident goes against their values. The Bayonne public prosecutor’s office is looking into possible charges of violence and sexual assault. The controversy started when an article in Sud-Ouest highlighted allegations of hazing that resulted in the chef’s dismissal. The management stated that the incident and circulated images do not align with their values. They conducted an investigation and made appropriate decisions, prioritizing the safety, health, and well-being of their colleagues, customers, and partners. Sud Ouest claims that the incidents happened in the kitchen early on December 2.

What Hotel Chain Said About Chef Aurelien Largeau Bizutage

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Chef Aurelien Largeau Bizutage Devastated 

Chef Aurélien Largeau, 31, left Hôtel du Palais after the scandal, expressing his devastation over the damage to his honor and reputation. His cooking journey began when a rugby injury changed his aspirations for his career; he began as a clerk at Hôtel du Palais and worked his way up to become an experienced chef under Jean-Marie Gautier after attending La Rochelle Hotel School. In 2021, after three years on the Ile de Ré, he returned to Hôtel du Palais and received three toques from Gault & Millau. With a focus on local ingredients and family recipes, Aurélien Largeau gained immense recognition for his grilled blue lobster.

Aurelien Largeau Bizutage Photo And Video: About Hyatt Group

The Hyatt group, which recently renovated the palace, owns Biarritz. Described as a gastronomic prodigy, Largeau has managed the hotel’s kitchen since 2020 and was in charge of the hotel’s cooking. The average cost of a room there is €400 (£348) per night. They won a Michelin star in two years. He strongly condemned mistreatment and hazing and vowed to never associate with such behavior. The Hotel du Palais confirmed Largeau’s departure. Largeau is currently getting ready to defend against accusations of defamation. The Hyatt group built the palace in Biarritz in 1854.

Chef Aurelien Largeau Bizutage Social Media


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Chef Aurélien Largeau departed from Hotel du Palais following accusations of kitchen hazing, which set off a legal investigation. Largeau rejects the accusations, citing internal problems within the Hyatt organization. This points out the difficulties upper-class establishments face in upholding their moral standards in the face of high-profile personnel scandals that damage their brand.

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