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Australian Border Force Phone Scam (Aug) Beware Of Scam!

The guide shares the new Australian Border Force Phone Scam targeting many people in the nation to steal information. 

Online scams are becoming an alarming situation for many Australian residents. Scammers are even using the reputed names of government agencies to do scams with the residents in Australia.

A resident recently reported that she received a call from Henry, claiming to be the Federal Police Officer. He called to inform her that ten bank accounts were created in her name without her consent. He said that he called her to rectify the situation. But, he was a scammer attempting to dupe her. Recently, Australian Border Force Phone Scam is also trending. Let’s check what it is!     

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What is the Australian Border Force Call Scam?

Australian Border Force is the reputed government agency under the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Using the name of such an agency, the scammers are calling the residents in Australia to do scams.   

The caller pretends to be the Customs and Border Protection Force officer and calls the residents to steal their personal and financial details. They call and say that fraud is reported in their trading account or importers request payments and documents before releasing the cargo consignments.   

These are all fraud calls and must be ignored. 

How is Australian Border Force Phone Scam Done?

Scammers are getting smart these days, and they are trying new methods to dupe people across the world. Now, they are using the names of government agencies and departments so that people can easily get trapped and share the details scammers are looking for. 

Callers are choosing random numbers of the residents, calling them, and pretending to be an officer from the Australian Border Force. They call and inform them about suspicious activity in their account or ask them to pay importers who are not releasing the cargo consignment without payments. This is how the scammers do the Australian Border Force Phone Scam.

What To Do If You Receive a Call?

  • Australian Border Force will never ask for banking or credit card details or request to transfer funds. So, if you receive such calls asking you to share your personal or banking details, hang up the call. 
  • Recipients of the call, email, or messages must not click on any link which redirects to suspicious websites. 
  • Never share your card details, CVV number, or other account-related information. You must ask the caller to share their identity and phone number to verify their details. Check those details at the website of Customs and Border Protection or by calling at 1300-363-263. You may also report the Australian Border Force Phone Scam at this number.  
  • If you suspect any illegal activity with your account, report it to the bank immediately. You may also report the suspicious activity to the Custom Watch by calling their number 1800-06-1800.   


People must be cautious when answering any unknown number as it might be a call from online scammers. Instead of answering and sharing your banking and personal details to scammers, it is fine to let a call go for voicemail. Australian Border Force never makes calls for banking or financial details. Besides, you must equip yourself with the right knowledge to identify and report online scams

Have you received any calls related to the Australian Border Force Phone Scam? Then, please share what steps you have taken to report it in the comments section. 

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