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Autumn Sales Reviews (Dec 2020) Legit Platform?

Autumn Sales Reviews (Dec 2020) Legit Platform? >> If you are looking for shopping from this online tech store, check this website reviews and legitimacy in this article.  

Autumn Sales Reviews: we lived in an era where we can’t imagine life without technology. Technology helps human beings in every aspect, from communication to life-saving and cleaning to cooking. We use technical gadgets and equipment. 

But, the cost of these gadgets and equipment is relatively high, so not everyone can afford them. Here we have a website for the United Kingdom peoples to get those appliances at a low price than other websites.

But we know many people try to do fraud with innocent and needy peoples by selling products at a low price. But with proper knowledge of the website, customers will get the awareness of fraudulent sites. Let us help you understand this website.

A few lines about Autumn Sales

This website is an online store of gadgets and equipment to take care of a home. From it, you can shop for mobile phones, Robot Vacuum cleaners, Car washers, leaf blowers, tower heaters, grass trimmers, wood-burning fire pits, battery chargers, and any other products. Further, all the products are on sale.Besides it, to get the legitimacy on any website, we have to go through the reviews. Let us explore it by Autumn Sales Reviews.

Description of Autumn Sales 

Here we get the following details of the website.

  • URL: To get the home equipment and electronic gadgets, then click at https://autumnsales.co.uk/.
  • Website age: We don’t get any details of its creation date and domain age during the website analysis. 
  • Products available: On it, shoppers can do shopping for car washer, Dry leaf blower, Tower heater, Grass trimmers, wood-burning pits, Xiamoi Mi 10 Pro 5g, LG Velvet 5G, Irobot vacuum cleaner, 80-volt battery, and many other products.
  • Products details: In product details, you will found the relevant details regarding the item. In it, you get info regarding product dimensions, safety details, power consumptions, temperature details, auto modes, and other technical details of products. Let explore it more via Autumn Sales Reviews to get websites policies.
  • Contact details: For communication with Customers, this website use an email server that is Info@autumnsales.co.uk.
  • Phone Number: To get details of products and updates, customers can call +410606902446.
  • Shipping Details: This website takes time of two weeks to do free shipping in the United Kingdom.
  • Refund Conditions: Customers can return the products to get the Refund within the first 30 days from its receiving date.
  • Social media: The products of this website, you can share on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • Bill Payments: Customers can pay by Visa Card, Master Card, and American Express cards.
  • Newsletter: To get the first informative mail about new products and offers, you have the option to subscribe to the newsletter.

Positive aspects of Autumn Sales 

We get the following positive points during the online tech store analysis through Autumn Sales Reviews.

  • The connection of this website gets the security of HTTPS to make safe payments.
  • It has its terms and conditions for Refund and return of products.

Negative aspects of Autumn Sales 

  • First of all, it not mentions its physical presence location and store locations on its website.
  • This online tech store doesn’t have any social media account on the social platform.
  • It has no option to review its products in the description.
  • The products on the website are limited.
  • It has negative reviews on the internet platform regarding its services.

Is Autumn Sales co uk is the legit store?

During the analysis of this tech store through Autumn Sales Reviews, we don’t get its website creation date, expiry date, and store registration on the internet yet. It may be a new store yet. Further, it has limited items to sell on the website and has some drawbacks. Also, the appearance of this store is dubious as it has no option to review their products on its website. So, it may be possible it is not a legit store.

Customer feedbacks

On analysis, we get found limited reviews on the internet, but most customer feedbacks are negative. Customers who shopped from it were not happy and Complaining about its services. They say they don’t get products and wait for almost a month and complain about misleading information. Further, they said tracking details are fake details.

Final verdict

During Autumn Sales Reviews, we get that website has a dubious interface and many drawbacks. Further, customer opinions are also not good. So, we suggest you look for other options rather than this.For more details, please contact us via the comment section.

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  1. I have ordered a x box series x in December and have not received the goods if and when will they be coming if not I will not hesitate ti gave a refund

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