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Awakened NFT (Oct 2021) All About This NFT Project!

This article offers information about the Awakened NFT, a project that’s gaining traction.

The NFT games are getting exceedingly popular each day with the continuous success of cryptocurrencies. Numerous NFT games have been released so far, and many more are still in the developmental phases. 

Their premise is very interesting and rewarding, and the prospect of earning rewards for playing games is quite exciting and appealing. In the same regard, users are quite curious to know more about a relatively new NFT game titled “Awakened.” This interest has made Awakened NFT popular.

Users in the United States are especially keen to know more about this NFT game. Keep reading this article to get this information.

What is Awakened?

As we mentioned earlier, it’s the title of an NFT project. The main inspiration behind this game is the wildly successful gaming and film genre, cyberpunk. 

The game will have three phases, and Awakened will comprise a Multipass system that will upgrade itself, which is a unique feature. The Multipass has a total of five levels, which users will attain gradually.

The Setting of Awakened NFT

  • This project will be accessible by users in the United States and many other regions.
  • In the game, variants appeared on the planet in 2037. At first, they appeared non-threatening, but their superiority to humans was apparent.
  • The variants were stronger, more intelligent, and also more attractive.
  • Humans started looking for methods to catch up to them.
  • In this process, they developed a cybernetics technology that enhanced their functioning.
  • With the help of this technology, humans measured up to the variants and achieved the improvements that variants are born with.
  • This development is only the beginning of what’s about to happen.

The Roadmap of Awakened NFT

  • Users need the ERC-1155 tokens to enter this project, and they also need to mint their avatars.
  • The Multipass in this project is auto upgradable, and users can generate a rare avatar by holding it for a longer time.
  • Holding it will also result in an upgrade reward that players can use on the avatar. Weapon upgrade tokens will also be rewarded.
  • In the first phase, after the Multipass goes online, developers will activate the community wallet, giving weapon tokens to all holders.
  • In the second phase of the trendy Awakened NFT, Awakened will give avatars to holders who burn the Multipass, and players can also choose not to burn it.
  • In the third and final phase, cities will go online, and the cyber economy will come into effect in the game.
  • A new $AWKND will be launched, and the DAO will be established.
  • Read more about this NFT project here

The Final Verdict         

Awakened is a new and upcoming NFT game that’s gaining some traction. We have mentioned all the details about this game, including its setting and roadmap above. 

What do you think of the popularization of NFT games? Kindly share your thoughts on the Awakened NFT project in the comments.

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