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Axie Server Status (July) Know Detailed Information!

Axie Server Status (July) Know Detailed Information! >> This article gives information about the server problem of a game & the reason behind this problem.

Do you want to know the reason behind the server problem of Axie Infinity? Are you looking for the solution to fix it? Well, you are not the only one who faces this server problem in Axie Infinity. People from countries like the Philippines and Argentina are facing this problem also. 

In this article, we will tell you the present Axie Server Status and why it was down. So let’s get started. 

About Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a video game developed by Vietnamese studios and also NFT based game that uses the Ethereum chain tokens like AXS and SLP. You can earn tokens by breeding and trading digital pets and also by battles. 

This game is partially owned and operated by players to earn tokens and use them for future stages and partners with Ubisoft, Binance, AAVE, Samsung, and many other companies. 

Recently, people want to know the Axie Server Status as in some parts, the server isn’t working, and people are curious to know about its reason. We will discuss this part later in the article, so stick around. 

How do Axie Infinity works?

Axie Infinity was launched in 2018i by Sky Mavis, which contains animated pets called axies. The user can play with this with their friends and build a virtual kingdom. You can battle with axies to earn tokens, and you can use these token to earn attributes and level up your pets. 

Nowadays, people who are complaining about the server not being stable know about the Axie Server Status. The company ensures that the server will be back on stability soon. However, if we talk about Axie Infinity, newcomers have to need at least three axies and purchase them from the store. 

What was the reason behind the server issue?

According to the official Twitter handle of Axie Infinity, the server happens because of the DDOS attack. The officials believe that someone is trying to spam the server to make it unusable. 

Furthermore, the officials also stated that the users’ funds are safe, and they will be back in 30 minutes with active servers. 

What is the present Axie Server Status?

At present, the servers are all well connected and active. So now, players can enjoy the game and earn tokens. However, people from different countries get worried when the server was down, and they were continuously searching for the solution to fix it. 

The Twitter account of Axie Infinity got filled with the queries of the users regarding the server status. However, the company promises to fix the server in 30 minutes, but still, people could not log in with the game, but everything is good now. Click this link to know more information about the status of the Infinity servers 

Wrapping up 

After knowing the problem and solution of the Axie Server Status, we can say that this problem occurs when someone tries to disturb or hack the servers. Now, the servers are safe and active, so you can start playing this game again. 

Therefore, read here if you are looking for the solution when facing any error.  

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