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Badjao Girl Viral Scandal: Is Badjao Girl Anika Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram & Twitter? Know Details!

Badjao Girl Viral Scandal write-up has shared detail on a clip and images of a badjao girl that has gone viral since 13th June 2023.

Are you searching for a viral video of a Badjao girl? Have you heard of Rita Gaviola, a badjao girl from the Philippines? Rita Gaviola’s picture emerged on some social media sites, changing the fortune of a girl from the Badjao community. Anika is also from this community, and her video has gone viral on social media.

Netizens are searching for the viral video, but many need help to reach the original Badjao girl clip. Badjao Girl Viral Scandal has summarized details on this topic and shared related links.

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Badjao Community Girl Videos:

Badajao is an ethnic minority community in the Philippines known as sea nomads. They mostly live on seafood and have been known to practice this way of life since 500 AD. In 2016, a girl’s pictures from this community became viral and changed her life forever. The girl often went begging, and someone clicked her photo and uploaded it on social sites.

The image went viral, and the thirteen-year-old girl became popular as Rita Gaviola; the Badjao girl, another female from the same community, is trending on the internet.

Badjao Girl Anika Trending Video:

Anika Badjao has a decent presence on social media sites and also has a good fan following. A video associated with her has gone viral online, and netizens are searching for the original video. The girl’s Facebook page describes her as Anika Usman, aka Badjao Girl of Zamboanga. She has around 11k followers on her Facebook page, which was created on 13th June 2023.

The first post of Anika on 13th June attracted 484 comments and was shared 6.4 k times. Most netizens appreciated and praised the girl’s beauty, while Anika thanked all the followers for supporting her.

Badjao Girl Trending on Twitter:

The Badjao girl keyword has been trending on this social media site from 2016 onwards, and most posts and memes are related to Rita Gaviola. Some keywords trending on this site related to badjao girl are #badjaogirl, #BadjaoGirlAnika, #RitaGaviola and #Anika. Rita Gaviola’s content is mostly seen on threads related to the badjao girl.

The first badjao girl is a famous model now and has associations with many brands in different niches. She also participated in the international reality TV show Big Brother and became the youngest to do so. There is limited content related to Anika badjao girl on this platform. 

Is Badjao Girl clip Viral On Reddit?

The story on the reddit platform is not different, as content related to Rita badjao girl is available on this platform. A five-year-old post has pictures of Rita begging at some place; the thread attracted 30 comments and has more than 900 upvotes. Most netizens were unaware of the term Badjao Girl and wanted to know its meaning.

A reddit user described Badjao as people living on seaboats in the southern part of the country. He also highlighted the point that they are mostly associated with begging. There are some shared links related to Anika Badjao girl on this site. 

Anika Badjao Girl Video on Youtube:

There are many videos of Anika Badjao girl on this social media platform. Most videos on this site are posted within a week and show the girl with other people. It appears that the boy in the video is asking for some support from the netizens for her education. The girl is seen sitting in the video but doesn’t interact with the audience.

Some keywords related to this video that is trending on this site are #viral, #rending, #badjao, #shorts, and #anika. In some videos, the girl is seen reciting religious verses, while in others, Anika interacts with people on the street. 

Badjao Girl video On Tiktok:

The Anika Badjao girl has her official account on this platform and has recently posted many videos. The trending keywords related to this video on this site are #viral, #anika, #trend, #beautifulgirl and #badjao. Some Anika Badjao videos have generated over 8.4 million views in the last few days. 

Most activities related to Anika Badjao girl on Facebook raise a lot of doubt about the creator’s intention. The girl has also made a fan page for her supporters and keep updating her site with new photos and video.

Badjao Girl on Instagram:

Social media helped Rita Gaviola reach her dream in a few years, and her progress was witnessed through these sites. She has around 196k followers on this social media platform. A Badjao girl account is also active and is administered by Rita. Anika has no account on this social site.

Social Media Links:

Final verdict:

Badjao girl content is available on social sites, but Anika’s Badjao girl video is trending on select sites on the internet. We found no indecent video of Anika circulating on the internet.

Are you planning to join the support group of Anika Badjao girl? Please comment.

Badjao Girl Viral Scandal: FAQs

Q.1 Who is the first popular Badjao girl on the internet?

Rita Gaviola is the first popular badjao girl on the internet.

Q.2 What is the nickname of Rita Badjao girl?

Rota is the nickname of Rita Gaviola.

Q.3 What is the age of Anika badjao girl?

 There is no information on the age of Anika Badjao girl.

Q.4 Is content related to Anika circulating on reddit social media sites?

Some links related to Anika Badjao are on the reddit social media site.

Q.5 What is the name of Anika Badjao’s parents?

There is no information related to Anika’s parents in the digital space.

Q.6 Is content related to Anika badjao girl present on Telegram social site?

There are some fake channels related to Anika Badjao on this social site.

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