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Banarasifab Com Reviews (March) Is This Authentic Or Scam?

In this article, Banarasifab com Reviews, we will mention all the information a buyer wants to know before purchasing a product from a website.

Are you guys looking for an online site where you can find various items in one place itself? If yes, then the article is for you, and you must read this till the end to learn more.

The e-store name is Banarasifab, and it is an online website that deals with many kinds of things as it deals with kids’ wear, electronics items and much more.

You can go shopping anywhere globally, including in many countries like India. If you want to know more about this website, make sure you read this article – Banarasifab com Reviews till the end.

What is Banarasifab?

Banarasifab is an online platform like another online website that deals with many kinds of items, whether clothes, kitchen products, or electronic items. However, Banarasifab mainly deals with kitchen items, kids’ wear, Bluetooth devices, shoes of various sizes, different toys for kids, Dry fruits, and perfumes.

The most exciting thing about this website is that it has mystery boxes also. So, you can also challenge your luck and buy those mystery boxes. Moreover, the price of the products is meagre compared to the cost of products in the market.

Please stay connected to learn about Is Banarasifab com Legit.

The Specifications of Banarasifab

  • Email address – The email address of the site is Banarasifab.in@gmail.com
  • Website Link – The link of the website is https://banarasifab.com.
  • Payment Methods – The payment methods available on the site are VISA, PayPal, Stripe, Mastercard as well as it gives you the facility of cash on delivery.
  • Exchange and Return Method – This site allows you to return the product within 10 days of placing your order.
  • Address, and Contact Number – The address and contact number are not given on the website.
  • Social Media Connections – The links are provided.
  • Newsletter – The newsletter is not available on the website.

Further information about this website is given in the next part of the article Banarasifab com Reviews, have a look at that as well.

Positive Aspects About Banarasifab

  • There are various kinds of products available in one place only.
  • There are multiple payment options given.

Negative Aspects About Banarasifab

  • The user interface is not professional.
  • The quality of the content is poor as it has many mistakes.
  • The social media connections on the website are not redirecting to the respective pages.
  • There are no reviews available on the site and the verified portals.
  • The policies are not mentioned transparently.

Is Banarasifab com Legit or Scam?

  • Domain Age – The domain age of the website is 24/01/2022.
  • Expiration Date – The expiration date of Banarasifab is 24/01/2023.
  • Trust Rank – This website has a horrible trust rank that is 14.6/100
  • Trust Score – 1% is the trust score, which is very low and is not at all satisfactory.
  • Address – The address is not available on the website.
  • Social Media Connections – Social media links are available on the website, but they are not working correctly.
  • Newsletter – The newsletter is not available on the website
  • User interface – The user interface is not very attractive. 
  • Reviews – There is no Banarasifab com Reviews available on-site and verified portals. But we have received some comments under video evaluations.
  • Discounts – The sale is public on this website.
  • Content Quality – The content quality is not so good. It is weak and even has spelling errors.
  • Policies – The policies are not well defined on the website.

According to our research, the legitimacy of this site is questionable and is very near to a scam as the information given on the website is not clear and correct. Apart from this, the owner’s address, the number to contact; no such important information is mentioned on the website.

Banarasifab com Reviews from The Customers

Banarasifab is an online platform for people who do not like to roam here and there and like to buy all the essential things from one place only.

But it has no reviews on the reliable reviewing portals like Trustpilot and the website itself. Though there are some reviews available under the video evaluations wherein people have quoted that it smells fishy and some are still waiting for their orders.

If you want to know whether Banarasifab is legit or a scam, you can consider these Banarasifab com Reviews. Also, you can understand how you can keep yourself safe from PayPal fraud.

The Concluding Thoughts

This website provides a lot of variety of products such as perfumes and much more, and the price on which they are selling the product is also meagre.

Still, the legitimacy of this site is questionable as there is no helpful information provided on the website to contact the website owners. Even it has not gained much popularity and fame among the customers. So, we suggest that before purchasing any product from this website, do all the required research.

Have you done any shopping from this website? Please let us know your experience and your valuable comments below in these Banarasifab com Reviews. Also, you can know how to keep your money safe from credit card fraud. 

6 thoughts on “Banarasifab Com Reviews (March) Is This Authentic Or Scam?

  1. I Have ordered the prestige cooker for 399 RS for one day delivery and paid for one day delivery 587.64 with GST On 10/3/2022..I had called customer care umber ➆➃➆➇➇➂➆➅➈➆ banarasi .com on 14/3/2022.They told that our product is not properly booked and our amount is strucked they have nt received..I had checked in my account it has been deducted…i Had told same to them that my amount got deducted..The person told that they will refund my amount from MI company so there i will receive the money for that they had sent me some OTPs to my Number and they had told send message to 9223274424..I was worried and thinking is this something real/fake or scam..couldn’t understand what to do…

    1. Hello Arun Krishna! Thank you for sharing and expressing your detailed experience here. It is also mentioned in the blog that this website’s legitimacy is questionable. So, it is requested to decide accordingly and stay cautious. It is a request to please update about the further progress so that we can keep each other alert. Stay Safe! Thanks & Regards

        1. Hello Amit Ghosh! Thank you for sharing your concern here. Have you tried to reach the company? Have they replied? It is requested to update the further progress. Stay Safe! Thanks & Regards

  2. I presume this site is real fake. As per the pricing they have mentioned is to good to be true. Stay away. They are not providing COD. Hope this helps.

    1. Hello Raj Maharana! Thank you for posting your helpful and valuable review here for this online site. Your remarks will help other prospective users learn about the reality of this platform. Stay Connected! Have a Nice Day!

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