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Bell Hooks Wiki (Dec 2021) Read About The Personality!

Please read this report to get complete details of Bell Hooks Wiki, including the contributions and reason for the death of a famous author and social activist.

Do you love reading books that are focused on gender equality? Are you keen on knowing more about authors who have tried to obliterate racial discrimination through their works? If yes, you must have heard about Bell Hooks. So please read this report to get all details.

In today’s article, we have talked about this renowned author and her sad demise. Readers and fans worldwide, including the United States, are eager to know about Bell Hooks Wiki. Thus, please peruse this write-up to know about this late social activist. 

Who Was Bell Hooks ?

Bell Hooks  is the pseudonym that the renowned writer and social activist Gloria Jean Watkins used for her works. She derived this name from her great-grandmother’s name and purposely kept the first letters in lower case to drive the attention towards the person, not the name. 

Gloria was born on 25 September 1952 in a segregated area in Kentucky called Hopkinsville. Her father and mother worked as a janitor and a maid, respectively, in the Whites’ homes. 

More Details on Bell Hooks Wiki

Gloria went to a school that was for Blacks only. Since childhood, she could see the severe impacts of racial discrimination all around her, which probably motivated her to stand against it.

She completed post-graduation in English from Wisconsin-Madison University in 1976. Later, in the 1980s, she concluded her doctorate in the same subject from California University.

Contribution of Bell Hooks 

Gloria Watkins wrote thirty books in her lifetime, the first one being “Ain’t I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism”, published in 1981. This is a piece of important information regarding Bell Hooks Wiki. The book was about feminism and racial discrimination. The other matters on which Bell Hooks focused were capitalism, race intersectionality, class systems, mass media, etc. 

Apart from writing books, Bell Hooks also wrote research compilations and conveyed her message in documentaries. In 2014, she laid the foundation of the Bell Hooks Institute in Berea, located in Kentucky, the United States. She was also a professor in various colleges in the nation. 

Sad News of Bell Hooks ’ Death

On 15 December 2021, Gloria Watkins’ niece, Ebony Motley, posted on her Twitter handle about the shocking news about Bell Hooks Wiki. Ebony mentioned that the family members and friends of Bell Hooks was with her when she breathed her last at 69 years.

Although there is not much information about the reason for her death, the officials at Berea College confirmed that Bell Hooks was suffering from a chronic disorder. We retrieved from another source on the Web that Gloria succumbed to kidney failure.


The demise of Bell Hooks   has left the writing fraternity, family members, and fans mourning. Her attempts towards eliminating racial discrimination will always be remembered. You can read detailed information about Bell Hooks  to elucidate on Bell Hooks Wiki. May her soul rest in peace. 

Have you read any book written by Bell Hooks? Please share with us below.

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