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Belleul Com Reviews [2020] Is It A Legit Online Store?

Belleul Com Reviews [2020] Is It A Legit Online Store? -> This article is for those who wish to learn about Belleul.com

When it comes to dressing up for an occasion, we keep searching for clothes, jewellery, and footwear and so on, for that best suited desirable look, before hitting the place. The occasion might be formal or informal, that doesn’t matter but the right kind of dressing is a must.

These days, online shopping being too prevalent due to it’s quick and hassle free processes, people seldom visit brick and mortar stores for buying their cherishable items. The former saves time, energy and money.

If you search the internet, you might come across several such shopping sites that would sell the items listed above but not all under the same roof.

Here’s Belleul.com, a web shop that offers the best customised grandeur, which a woman desires to make her feel complete while dressing up. The company is registered in the United States and aims at establishing itself as the one stop shopping solution for the greater feminine ensembles.

What is Belleul.com?

Belleul.com is a Chinese company, which is registered in the United States for doing business on the e-commerce platform. Why is it so? That’s a question which raises eyebrows.

It showcases a number of broad categories of products for women. Yes, it’s a women centric store, where a lady can shop for different kinds of outfits including innerwear, winter wear, party wear and so on. To embellish all that they have a vast collection of jewellery, bags and footwear too.

Though there’s no ‘About Us’ section in the website, from the images one can standardize the store as an up market and trendy one. The styles and designs aren’t very bold or street smart but for an average young woman, the products are worthy.

How does it work?

One can order goods from Belleul.com, which will be delivered only after full payment through Paypal.  Yes, ‘Belleul’ doesn’t accept any other payment mode other than ‘Paypal’. The products will be delivered to the customer within 5-8 business days, as claimed by the company.

If the items are not to your liking then you can ship them back to the return address as mentioned in the website, which is the same as the physical location of the store. This means the shipping cost has to be borne by you under any circumstance and wherever you belong. 

Generally, shipping goods to China is pretty costlier than the price of the products itself.

Who should buy from here?

Mainly women, who are into changing their wardrobe frequently, will like to purchase from here as the prices shown are quite cheap.

However, description about the products is missing so nothing can be predicted on the quality front.

Is Belleul.com scam or legit?

Belleul.com being essentially a garment and accessories store is also selling appliances like ice maker which costs only $70. Firstly, why should a store that specializes in a particular product line sell something entirely different than it’s own?

The prices at which the appliances are available are astonishingly lower than the market value, which indicates that either the products would never reach you, if ordered or else at such a low cost; the quality would go for a toss.

The physical address mentioned in the website points at China, but if you search it in google map, it indicates nothing, so the address is untraceable and fake.

Belleul.com is registered very recently and doesn’t have a mail server of it’s own. So, it’s difficult to rely on such websites.

The company has no information about it’s owners but as a safe SSL certification. It lacks external links and social media presence, then why would anyone buy from here?

The images on the website don’t seem to be original. They might be copied from elsewhere. Being a very recent launch, there are no customer experiences which would be able to provide information about ‘Belleul’.

However, one should be absolutely careful while dealing in such new online stores.


About Belleul.com, it’s difficult to come to a conclusion regarding it’s authenticity, but in general, there are several fraudulent companies which raise businesses on the e-commerce platform not to survive for long, but to dupe people overnight and rob them of their money.

If you ever come across such a website then do lodge a complaint in the cyber cell and spread a word about it among your peers. The more people get to know about such untrustworthy sites, the more people get saved.

It’s important to create awareness.

0 thoughts on “Belleul Com Reviews [2020] Is It A Legit Online Store?

  1. This website is a scam. I went to check the status of my order and it says, you have received our products.

  2. 100% scam. never received Product. Contacted PayPal to dispute but the “seller” provided a bogus tracking label and PayPal closed my dispute.

  3. SCAM…. Sent items to address in Illinois, not Texas where I live…. Filed a dispute with Paypal.. Getting funds returned….

  4. This is definitely a scam site. I ordered a Toto C200 (shipping weight 16 lbs)for a too good to true price. Never received a receipt for the purchase, and they never responded to my emails. I checked the PayPal transaction receipt and they showed the UPS tracking number. Checking the tracking number showed that the wrong item (weighing .4 lbs) was sent to the wrong person in my town from Amazon.com. PayPal Dispute Resolution was useless as all they cared about was that a valid UPS tracking number existed. I suspect the seller knows this loophole the PayPal resolution process, and just sends from their Amazon vendor account some nearly worthless item to some random person in the same town as the buyer. Avoid these guys!

  5. Got scammed. Bought composter (~10 pounds). 0.9 pound package supposedly mailed. Never arrived. Started a dispute and mentioned this site as well as UPS 0.9 lbs package. Currently pending. Hope I get my money back. All the seller replied to my dispute is the tracking number… something tells me they’re aware of some loophole. Hoping PayPal reimburses me.

  6. DO NOT USE Belleul.com!!! Same identical SCAM as described by Casey above. I ordered a kitchen knife from them. They never sent order confirmation. Receive only Paypal receipt later updated with UPS tracking number. Tracking number shown package weight 8 lbs (for a knife?!) and it delivered to somewhere other than my house and received by someone in “receiving”. I have sent them numerous emails they never once response (like I said, not even a order confirmation). PayPal Dispute Resolution denied my claim because they see tracking number is delivered. They either run scam as Casey described above or have ways to steal UPS tracking number. Do not buy from them!

  7. STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE — SAME EXACT SCAM AS Mine occurred March 29th, 2020. I had to file a complaint with Paypal for item not received. Purchased a too good to be true Pool Skimmer- Zodiac Baracuda Automatic Suction Inground Swimming Pool Cleaner w/Hoses | MX6. Only after I purchased that I realized it had never shown me shipping info. I sent a message immediately to cancel especially after seeing the ‘about us’ and contact info was from a region in China (Changes daily, BTW). I didn’t want to wait months for the item. The next day I have a tracking number that says it was overnighted from New Jersey and already delivered. No, it definitely was not. I was at home from COVID-19 orders. After 2 weeks and having to fight PayPal to re-open my case after someone mindlessly ruled in favor of the seller, I convinced PayPal to listen to me that this was a case of fraud. UPS confirmed the info on the tracking didn’t match me or the seller. It was from a non-related item purchased by a different named customer and from the AMAZON.com distribution center in New Jersey. I’ve contacted the seller multiple times before, they don’t respond. UPS canceled my claim. File a claim with UPS to get the email info on the tracking number, print, save as PDF. then fight like HELL with PayPal customer service. Don’t bother filing a claim with PayPal. Their Chat agents allow you to upload the UPS email PDF you get. It’ll match the tracking number they get back from the seller, so they should rule in favor for you… remind them this is obviously not you and not the seller you purchased from.

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