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Benda bd300 Price in India (Dec) Know Details Here!

Benda bd300 Price in India (Dec) Know Details Here! >> If you dream of a high-end cruiser bike, then gather all information about a new model here.

Do you also think that two-wheelers are better than four-wheelers? After All, Bikes come in handy when the traffic is not in your favor. And if you own a superbike like Benda bd300, all eyes will be on you.

Though the bike is not yet in the market of Indialet us take a look at the Benda bd300 Price in India.

Benda Motorcycles

Benda Motorcycle is a leading motorcycle brand in Zhejiang province, China. It has a long history behind it which started in 1994. Initially, the name of the company was Zhejiang Zhongnam Motorcycle Co. In 2012 the company completely canceled all the traditional product lines due to a restructuring and transformation program.

It is considered as one of the top four motorcycle enterprises of Zhejiang province that has independent motor vehicle production and export qualification. The company specializes in heavy motorcycles. It has an impressive and versatile product line. Let’s know about the new addition to this product line, Benda bd300 Price in India.

Know About Benda bd300 Motorcycle

The Benda Greystone model no BD300-16 is the new cruiser bike from the well-known Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, Benda. This bike is known for its attractive old-school cruiser design and unique features. Its design includes a teardrop-shaped fuel tank that has a capacity of 15 litres along with augmented split-design seats to provide a more relaxed ride.

The retro modeled headlights are equipped with a full LED lighting system. In addition, you can also find a TFT gadget cluster, twin exhaust, slipper clutch and a six-speed gearbox. Benda bd300 Price in India will also be affected by the fact that it is powered by a V-twin, liquid-chilled engine that can generate a power of 30 horsepower, which enables it to run at a maximum speed of 130kmph.

This beast runs on wheels of sixteen inches which are wrapped in Michelin Scorcher tires and are perfectly supported by an upside-down front suspension. The rider’s safety is ensured by disc brakes on both wheels along with ABS.

Price of Benda BD300

The Greystone BD300-16 is a variant of Benda Jinjira with few modifications. So, it is expected that the Benda bd300 Price in India is very likely to be ten to fifteen thousand over the previous model’s price, which is equivalent to 2.30 lakh.

The bike has already been launched in the Italian market with a price tag of 5450 Euros. Though the possibility of the Indian market receiving the model is low as the brand has no existence in the country, we can still estimate a price in anticipation. The expectant price of this model in the Indian market is around 2.5 lakh. You can find here more data about this new cruiser bike


The Benda bd300 Price in India makes the bike look expensive. But if we go through all the facts available about BD300-16, we can easily conclude that this new model from Benda motorcycle is worth the price. After all, it offers you 30hp with comfortable and safe riding features.

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