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Best EU Golden Visa Programs in 2022

Living in the country is one of many opportunities to apply for citizenship. If you are interested in obtaining a passport, it is worth paying attention to investment programs. Thus, investing in the country will allow for getting official status in the shortest possible time. Analysis of proposals is the first step to choosing the right option.

Counseling of foreigners is carried out taking into account the available offers. For this purpose, the financial situation and the collected documents are evaluated. Golden Visa Programs are an excellent and effective way to obtain a residence permit and citizenship. Choosing the right about the best golden visa EU countries is worth examining the peculiarities of offers for foreigners with funds.

Golden Visa offer: what features are worthy of attention

The opportunity to get citizenship under the terms of the investment scheme is available to all foreigners who have fulfilled the requirements. However, it is worth remembering that the conditions are different, so the options assessment occurs with all the necessary information. According to the agency Immigrant Invest expert Evgeniya Morozova, one must get a consultation from specialists to participate in the program.

Investors are interested in EU offers for a simple reason: second citizenship in one of the states will allow them to travel without a visa. Since the role of travel in doing business is quite serious, it is not worth missing the opportunity to become a citizen.

Other features of the programs also make looking for advantageous offers:

  • obtaining a second citizenship and retaining the previous passport of a citizen;
  • gaining access to the new taxation system based on current citizenship;
  • the opportunity to buy real estate in an attractive region and obtain the benefits of EU citizenship.

The aspects mentioned above are enough to run a successful business and to scale it in the future. Residency by investment programs in Europe is often open-ended and can be inherited. Due to the unique advantages available, offers are in demand among entrepreneurs.

Requirements for foreign investors in different EU countries

The decision to obtain a second citizenship is caused by the advantages of receiving it and the conditions’ simplicity. Each country dictates its own rules, so the choice is not limited. Entrepreneurs have to choose a suitable program considering the size of the investment, residence conditions, and other characteristics. 

The number of applicants, the amount of capital, and other details are considered when evaluating reasonable offers. However, to determine the profitability, it is worth examining the features of each program. Among the popular offers, several stand out in a particular way.

Portugal: Investments for formalization

The country attracts foreign investors because of its exceptional living and business conditions. It is offered to obtain citizenship for a relatively modest sum of 280 thousand euros. The applicant must be of legal age, have no previous criminal record, and confirm the availability of capital for permanent residence.

According to the authorities, the program brought about 400 million euros into the treasury. The funds are used for the development of the state and the construction of new buildings. Thus, the country creates comfortable living conditions for investors and takes care of the permanent population of Portugal.

Several simple conditions from the list make it possible to obtain a Golden Visa, followed by citizenship:

  • Investment in real estate in sparsely populated areas of Portugal for 280 thousand euros (if the payment is made in cash, the amount rises to 5 million euros);
  • Staying in the country for at least seven days a year for five years will allow for applying for second citizenship;
  • Investing in the country’s treasury for development and improvement of living conditions also allows for applying for citizenship under the terms of the program.

Portugal’s offer is considered one of the best EU golden visas. The country attracts investors with its excellent living conditions, the possibility to travel within the EU, and a favorable taxation system.

Greece: offers for those who need speed

Greek EU golden visa programs are a way to take care of second citizenship within a limited time frame. The processing time is only 60 days from the date of application, which looks attractive. You will know the decision during a personal visit to the representative office.

Under the terms of the program, there is a contribution of 500 thousand euros in real estate. Previously, the investment amount was only 250 thousand euros, but the country has revised this requirement. Today, it is easy to obtain a residence permit because the conditions in Greece are loyal.

Residence in the country is optional for citizenship and retention of the Golden Visa. It is one of the benefits of the offer. Investors make their own decision in favor of relocation. It is necessary to continue investing in various areas of activity to extend the current residence permit status.

The country’s program has attracted the attention of many foreign investors. By the end of 2021, Greece had processed 9.5 thousand applications for residence permits. Thus, the Greek investment program has cemented its reputation as the most popular destination in the EU.

Italy: what makes the program unique

The uniqueness of Italy’s investment program is that the applicant can move to the country with his family. For this purpose, a contribution of 500 thousand euros is needed. To contribute the capital, obtaining permission for the operation in one of the Italian representative offices is necessary.

The size of the investment does not depend on the number of dependents. An investor must reside in the country for ten years. Participation in the investment program allows one to get a residence permit status fixed for two years. If one wants to extend the visa, it is necessary to re-apply for documents.

One of the features of the program is the opportunity to participate in the new tax system. Therefore, the amount of taxes should be checked with the representative office to evaluate the proposal. Italy is one of the popular immigration countries that investors consider first.

Ireland and the highest down payment

Ireland’s offer attracts the attention of investors who are not citizens of an EU country. However, moving to an English-speaking state has certain advantages for immigrant investors. First, a connection with another non-Commonwealth country is not a reason to refuse to participate.

The size of the investment is 1 million euros. It is the highest minimum contribution at the moment. However, there is another offer, with a value of 500 thousand euros. It is necessary to consult a specialist and fulfill the requirements to qualify for the program.

The conditions for Irish citizenship are under review because the system is considered vulnerable. Investors interested in the country’s program can seek advice from a representative office or international expert. If the conditions of top golden passports in Europe seem unacceptable, other Golden Visa programs are worth considering.

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