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Best Online Therapy Options Reviewed

Best Online Therapy Options Reviewed >> Sometimes face-to-face consultation isn’t possible due to various factors and especially in a world afflicted by COVID-19, virtual platforms and online services have been a savior for most of us. Today, telemedicine services or rather online therapy services, seem to be good alternatives. Amongst the many institutions offering such services, a few stand out as the best options. 

Teen Counseling

It is an offshoot of Better Help, comprising of 6,000 therapists. Each one is a licensed specialist. The patient may sign up on his/her own or approach the center through a parent. 

The environment is such that the patient feels no fear or shame in openly sharing feelings and thoughts. Prior to counseling sessions, the patient fills in a detailed questionnaire, outlining major issues. Conversations take place through video chats and phone calls. Since the patient pays a weekly charge, he or she is welcome to avail the multifold benefits offered by free online therapy chat whenever they want. Separate communication tools take care to keep parents updated about the concerned patient’s progress.

Better Help

It offers teletherapy for couples, as well as individuals. The number of therapists extend beyond 3,000. Every professional has excellent qualifications, knowledge, experience, and a license to practice. The establishment takes care to check credentials carefully, prior to offering employment. 

The Better Help website highlights the personal details and professional background of each member of staff. Therefore, a potential client may peruse the web pages, and select a specific therapist. After the selection, the patient may reach out to the establishment via a messaging app, Smartphone, or video chat. A flat, weekly charge suffices to permit unlimited number of therapy sessions.


This center helps couples to repair their deteriorating relationships. By the time the therapy sessions end, the couple develops a more trustworthy and healthily communicative bond. The establishment gains details about a couple via a questionnaire. Using the information on hand, it matches the couple to the appropriate therapist. Every healer has a license, possesses vast experience, and is compassionate. The couples may express their dilemmas in the oral/written format. They may opt for individual or partnered, live sessions with the concerned therapist.


All teens, young/old adults, and couples are welcome to share their problems with therapists, and receive viable solutions for them. Online assessments are compulsory for every patient. It is not possible to match patient to therapist, unless there is complete understanding of his/her past and present mental health status. The official website provides a text chat feature, which functions 24 x 7. Additional fees permit video chats, especially during times of emergency.


This is a website with a difference! The patient has access to messaging services and live chats (30 minutes for each chat) with a therapist. Additional attractions are videos displaying yoga exercises, interactive worksheets, an activity planner, and maintenance of a daily journal (for recording emotions and thoughts). Then again, the professionals take recourse to CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) techniques to help patients heal themselves. The sessions aim to guide, motivate, and enforce accountability. Therapists work for eight hours each day, Monday-Friday.

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