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Bestfinder Online com Reviews {June} Read, and Then Buy!

Bestfinder Online com Reviews {June} Read, and Then Buy! >> In this article, you will get to know chest freezers of different shapes and sizes and reviews of the website.

Hi, all, Are you in search of a website that sells chest freezer of different quality and with a much discounted price?

Then you must check out this website. This website is known to operate in the United States.

It claims to be a skillful and cyber shopping center that delivers many selling items at a much reasonable price that are shipped worldwide.

Being a worldwide online store, it has extended long-lasting relationships with factories, suppliers, and warehouses. 

It also focusses on combining the best quality and latest style with competitive price on the site.

They are also trying their best to provide consumers with an excellent online shopping experience.

In this article, we would be talking about Bestfinder Online com Reviews and ratings that will legitimatize the website.

What is Bestfinder Online com?

This website claims to be one of the Best Finder Online websites that one can get. The items that this website deals in are chest freezers of varied quantities.

It claims that it strives to make the consumer 100 percent satisfied with the products that they have purchased from this website. Moreover, it also says that if it experiences any shipping or product issues, they can contact us through the mail, and they will be assisted soon enough.

The website also claims that they will provide a full refund to the consumer in the following two conditions: if the product delivered is a non-functional one. And second is if the product is not delivered within 90 business days after the date that the order has been placed.

You can also see the specifications on the items available on the website, and it will help to know if the items meet your requirements or not.

Specifications of Bestfinder Online com:

  • Website- https://www.bestfinderonline.com/
  • Shipping time- Processed within 7-9 working days
  • Refund time- Processed within 3-4 working days
  • Payment mode- PayPal & Credit Card
  • Mail -HallEddiemzs@gmail.com
  • Phone number-864-306-7702

Pros of buying from Bestfinder Online com:

  • It claims to offer excellent, comprehensive consumer service.
  • You moreover can make immediate inquiries with the use of the live chats.
  • It moreover uses DHL express, EMS express, and UPS express to dispatch the items to their destinations, which is much more convenient for one to get wholesale orders.
  • It claims to deliver top quality items at a reasonable price.
  • There are no non-functional tabs on the website.

Cons of buying from Bestfinder Online com:

  • It has a very less trust index, and that is only one percent.

Is Bestfinder Online com Legit or not?

After having thoroughly searched on the internet about the authenticity of the website, we have found that it has a terrible trust score, and that is one percent.

Moreover, it is giving a warning as not to buy from this website.

The domain name of the site is not much older, and it is less than six months.

Moreover, the domain name is linked to more than one or more countries, which is evident that fraudulent websites use it.

What are people saying about Bestfinder Online com?

The reviews and ratings of the website that we have got are zero out of five. Then again, in some other reviews that is given about the website is 2.50 out of 5. It says that this website is two months, and two weeks old.

Moreover, this website’s is estimated worth is 8.95 dollars, and it has a daily income of 0.15 dollars. No active threats have been reported by any user about the website and considered a safe site.

Also, some of the other information that we have got about the website is that it has a page speed score of 0 out of 100. 

We moreover have found no non-functional tabs on the website.

So we can say that Bestfinderonline.Com Reviews are mixed; that is, it has positive and negative reviews.

Final Verdict

We want to conclude that we have received mixed reviews about Bestfinder Online com Reviews. Some online reviewing sites say that it is a scam well; others say that it is safe.

But since we have more negative points than the positive ones about the website, it would be safe for you if you try resisting not purchasing from this website. And try other established and legitimate sites.

We would be happy if you will share your thoughts with us.

0 thoughts on “Bestfinder Online com Reviews {June} Read, and Then Buy!

  1. I ordered a small freezer on 5-15-20 and paid for it. I haven’t heard from them at all!
    I think I’ve been ripped off. Will never order from this site again.

    1. Same here I ordered a chest freezer they took my money immediately! I’ve heard nothing and now trying to get to their site to check on my order it won’t let me go to it I think I’m out $85. I also sent an email asking them the status of my order and stating that if it was going to take so long just cancel my order and refund my money never got a response. At this point I just want my money returned.

      1. Thanks to sharing your words here, kindly go for customer care number and know the shipping detail of your product… after that, you are free to claim for your money back…thanks to being in touch…

  2. I bought a freezer on this website two days ago never gave me a delivery date all they told me was they would contact me time and date of delivery the number they have on the website is not accurate

    1. I ordered a freezer 6/15/20 $95.00, as I had explained in a previous comment. I had paid through my Visa Card, but the order went through PayPal also but paid through my Visa Account. When I could get no response as to delivery & saw all these comments on here, I called my CredCard Co & filed a complaint. They advised also file through PayPal, which I did. I was informed through Email from PayPal my refund would be on my Visa Card in 3-5 days. So any of u who have lost money, file a complaint with the method u paid with. I had never had any dealings with PayPal, but they are great! Fastest resolution I have ever had to a complaint! I will be using them.

  3. I ordered a freezer on 6/21 and haven’t heard from them and the phone # provided is disconnected. So I’m going to say a scam website

  4. I also ordered a freezer on June 17 and nothing no response, say order still awaiting processing. Also emailed them twice and no reponse. Number not even in service.

    1. I order a freezer from them too and didn’t receive anything i will never from them again

  5. Same here, just ordered 6/5 and been emailing and no response. I will be calling my bank to have it refunded back to me. Fucking scammers

        1. Sorry for your inconvenience…….. if you want your refund than go through the company webpage and know more the refund policy.. Thanks for being a part of this page…

    1. These people have put up a bogus PayPal account and are Stealing and taking people’s money.The word I should use is basically strong arming deceiving people are just out right taking their money and getting away with it so people that are leaving reviews what are we gonna do about it because I am one of those people.. Now the reviews are in how is it that no one has thought about taking legal action against these people regardless to where they are in the world this is the problem people just think they can do whatever they want to other people especially when they’re overseas. The only reason that I tried this because I was under the Sumption that it was Best Buy because it was under a Best Buy ad.It was so sad about this situation is There doing it . To multiple persons and getting away with it what has this world really come too. not one thing it’s another and they’re taking people‘s money they don’t have a lot of money and they filthy rich if they keep doing it like they doing it most likely if they’re not filthy rich they will be because of deceptive practices. And no one is being held accountable!!!!!

  6. I have ordered some freezers and I too think this maybe a scam I’m afraid the number is disconnected and I have not heard from them. I hope I’m wrong but PayPal will eventually refund my money .

    1. Same here I order a freezer almost 3 months and I have never heard from them. I have send couple of emails and nothing.

  7. I order on June 15th and have wrote several emails no response.
    I also called and it is disconnected. Web site is gone. I will contact paypal
    and see if i can start a claim. GRRR scammer.

  8. I ordered a deep freezer on 6/18/2020 and haven’t heard a word the email address contact person does not respond and the phone number is disconnected I do believe I have been scammed!!😠😠 this was my first time ordering something on line and will never order anything on line again😠

    1. I purchased a freezer and then realized it was a scam so now i am getting my money back from PayPal they are reasonable because they allowd these people to do business through them.

  9. Same thing here. Order a freezer about a week ago. Nothing yet about delivery. So I’ll be contacting my bank.

  10. I did the same ordered a freezer and no reply. I’m pissed. But I will contact my bank and the BBB.

  11. Now the question is why is PayPal allowing this to go onWhen their name is being used in a Scam my order was 625

  12. My husband ordered a freezer and it was saying order still pending. Number not in service and no response to the email or nothing and the freezer is paid for. Not only is my husband calling his bank we are also reporting them to the BBB

  13. I just ordered one freezer. But never know deliver day. I sent 4 email to this solder, no any answer. Is it cybercrime or cyber fraud. Can we united together, ask police join and help us.

  14. I order a freezer from them nerver got the freezer they took my money do not buy from this website

  15. We feel everyone’s pain as we ordered a freezer on June 21st and have not received anything since besides a receipt from PayPal saying that the money was taken off of our card

    1. We are happy to assist you..we wants to take you at company webpage so that you could be satisfy…thank for being a part here…

    1. Thank you leave your comment… for further query you need to go for customer care number and your issue will clear over there .. thank you@@

  16. I ordered a freezer on June 15 .. not a word from them.. went through paypal but I can’t even get a complaint filed due to page site not working…does anyone have a email ? I used one on page and it will not even pull up… saying not received… first for me…I will keep trying though

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