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Better Dot Com (Dec) Manage & Automate Your Operations!

The post talks about Better Dot Com and elaborates on the website’s authenticity and other parameters.

There are many websites on the internet that provide multiple services. However, it is necessary to know if the website is legit to prevent users from getting ditched. Thus, in this article, we will be detailing one such website that is doing rounds in the United States.

Read the entire article to gain perfect insight into the website Better Dot Com. However, the website is betterdot.com which redirects to URL bindy.com. In this article, we will provide a detailed review of betterdot.com to check its legitimacy and authenticity.

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What is The Website About?

It has to be noted that clicking on the betterdot.com link gets redirected to bindy.com. The website provides varied services such as site inspections and audits, site sensors, SSO, and API in the United States and other locations. As per research, the website claims to have provided a complete inspection of a restaurant chain spread in 3000+ locations.

In the further sections, we will gain more insight about Better Dot Com and know if it is legit or not.

What are The Services Offered by the Website?

On conducting in-depth research, of the website we found that the website provides different solutions such as operations, merchandising, loss prevention, health and safety.

  • The services are offered across various industries, including construction, hotels, consumer packaged goods, facilities management, petroleum and fuel, pharmacies, restaurants, spas, and clinics.
  • These include boosting productivity by tracking and analysing trends in real-time.
  • Performing risk mitigation and executing deft services

We will check the parameters in the coming section to understand if the website is legit.

Better Dot Com – Is the Website Legit Or A Scam?

The website must qualify a few parameters to be legit. We have listed a few points to check if the website is authentic or not:

  • Trust Score – The website has a good trust score of 82%.
  • Domain Age – The domain was created on 24 July 1999.
  • Domain Expiration – The domain will expire on 24 July 2024, which indicates that it has long life expectancy.
  • Customer reviews – There is no customer review mentioned anywhere on the internet. Besides, on checking through the website too, we couldn’t get any review listed about their services. Only general evaluations are present.
  • HTTPS Secured: Yes, it is HTTPS secured. 

Thus, based on all the above parameters about Better Dot Com, we recommend that readers conduct individual research to know more details.

Final Conclusion

The website has a very good trust score of 82%. Besides, the domain was created on 24 July 1999, which is quite long and has a long-life expectancy. However, the website lacks any kind of review to back its authenticity or let us know about customer experience.

Based on all the parameters, we can conclude that the website requires more research from an individual end to determine about its legitimacy. Want to know more about Better Dot Com? Then visit the official website to know more about the services and offerings.

Have you ever availed of services for inspection of the site? Do share your views and feedback in the comments box below.

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