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Bight Wordle {July} Is This The Answer? Read To Know!

Through this article Bight Wordle, we’ve clarified the Wordle 388 answer and many doubts of the readers.

Do you want to know the wordle answer for today? Have you also stumbled upon a word and lost all your attempts? No worries, as we are here to help you figure out what could be the answer.

With a huge fan following in countries like Canada, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand, etc., Wordle gives its players every level of the puzzle. Scroll more to learn about Bight Wordle.

What is the answer?

Getting a tricky puzzle in Wordle is no new thing for its players. But what if your mind gets used to guessing fancy and uncommon words when the answer is something you use in your everyday life. 

The same happened with the players guessing the answer for Wordle 388, 12th July 2022. The answer was very easy. Many people, while guessing, never expected the answer to be something so simple. Some thought the answer could be BIGHT. And hence, the word bight started trending. The answer for Wordle 388 is ‘NIGHT.’ Yes, it’s night. This one was tricky to see the answers like Egret, Agape, Pinto, Lilac, etc.

Is Bight a Word?

Six attempts were made, and people started to think out of the box. As Wordle is quite flexible with providing tricky puzzles, a sudden easy answer seems unexpected. Players who were very close to getting the right answer also lost and messed up their scores.

But is this a word? Well, yes, Bight is used in geographical terms. A bight is a recess or curve in a river or coastline. It is also referred to as a loop of rope. Now that you know the Bight Definition, what are the synonyms? Bight is similar to an inlet, estuary, or embayment. In simpler words, it means a curve in the coast. It can be a segment of a bay.

What are streaks in the Wordle?

If you’re new to the Wordle game, firstly, make yourself aware of the rules and regulations. You’ll be given six attempts to guess. Remember that your streaks are important. The website records the number of games you’ve played.

You have a winning streak if you’re guessing the correct word daily. You can share these streaks on your social media and flaunt as much as you want. Bight Wordle might have interrupted your streak. But don’t worry, you can improve it next time.

Final Verdict 

We can say that guessing and eliminating tricks is extremely important while playing the Wordle. You can avoid the least common words, shortlist the possible outcomes and use the vowels first.

Using words like Z, X, and you should avoid C. Instead, enter vowels like A, O, and I first. Be prepared for every level, and keep learning even if you’ve lost a few games. Know the definition of the Bight here 

Was our article helpful to you? Please let us know in the comments section of our write-up on Bight Wordle below. 

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