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Bike Riding While Pregnant: 5 Things You Need to Know

Bike Riding While Pregnant: Many recent studies have shown the benefits of exercising during childbirth. As per the American Pregnancy Association, regular activity may alleviate many common maternity problems like oedema and congestion and reduce excess weight during pregnancy. As a result, you’ll be better equipped for labour and delivery.

Yet, using an e-bike as a fitness method while pregnant is debatable. There seems to be little research, so there is a good chance it will succeed.

If you choose to use bicycling as an exercise, you should take specific care. Below are some of our recommendations for cycling while pregnant from KBO Electric Bikes.

PS: We are not medical professionals. When engaging in any physical exercise while pregnant, always see your doctor or physician.

During pregnancy, a lot of what you can do depends on what you were able to do before getting pregnant. It is common to see a woman who rode mountain bikes at an advanced level continuing to do this during pregnancy, whereas amateurs should probably stick to paved paths.

A woman who regularly made 40-mile road trips on Saturdays could be prepared to sustain completing 15-mile rides when pregnant, while a newbie rider could find a daily five-mile ride unpleasant. You are the greatest person to judge what you are competent in and what is appropriate for you.

  • Dial It Back

There’s never a bad time to workout, enhance your pace, or build your stamina. According to some doctors, the pulse rate should be kept under 150 beats per minute. It has mostly been abandoned, though an ideal heart rate fluctuates depending on the woman’s health before conception.

A simpler technique to assess optimum porosity is to measure how strongly you’re inhaling. Cycling should be performed at a relaxed pace, and you must be able to interact properly along.

If you start to feel exhausted, consider it a day. Because the body is working overtime to grow the baby, there is no guilt in taking a shorter e-bike trip than normal.

  • Maintain Your Balance

You will start to notice some loss of balance after the first trimester. This is why some advice staying off the electric bike to reduce the risk of falling. Nobody wants to be in the position as it does not pose positive outcomes.

If you know you’re perfectly comfortable riding, you may personally choose to continue riding throughout pregnancy. It may well happen that you don’t experience a fall at all.

But, if you believe the stakes are too high for you, consider taking a gym session at the club or switching to a stationary cycle. With this goal in mind, look at different options. This shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Get Your Gear

Your ordinary cycling clothes will begin to feel small, and you may need to convert to maternity-specific clothing. It will keep you comfortable while cycling and help you stay on track with your health goals. There are various options accessible, and you can select one based on your preferences.

Changes made expressly to your e-bike can improve your comfortability. When your belly grows large enough to make leaning over difficult, try swapping to an electric bike with a step-thru chassis, which provides more mobility than a conventional frame.

You might also try utilising swept-back wrists or a shorter stem than you’re used to for a more erect riding stance. Throughout pregnancy, your hips widen so that a broader saddle could provide stronger protection for your buttock. 

One modification to explore is switching from clipless to flat pedal if it makes you feel better. It may not be a required modification in the long run, but it’s worth trying if you’re not receiving the comfort you want before pedalling.

  • Drink Water

It is extremely important for your baby’s health that you stay hydrated during pregnancy. It may be quite hard to do but do it anyway.

Ensure to have plenty of water with you when riding on your e-bike. You can also come up with plans to refill along the route you’ll be riding. If there are no refill options along your route, try to come with enough water for yourself. You’re drinking for two, and you can never have too much water.

Pregnant women require more water than usual. Therefore, it is important to bear this in mind when riding and pack an extra bottle.

Other Tips

  • It is very important to assess your safety, especially when riding around cars. It is important to avoid high-traffic areas, if possible. Try sticking to the bike paths and low-traffic roads with protected bike lanes. Remember basic safety tips like riding with lights, following traffic laws, and carrying a repair kit.
  • You may try riding with a partner. This could serve as an added precaution and help increase feelings of safety. Riding with a partner isn’t good for safety alone. It is nice to have someone boosting you up the hills. If riding by yourself, ensure to do this with a cellphone and ID.

In Conclusion

During pregnancy, it is still very possible to continue riding your e-bike. Exercise is important for your health and your baby’s health. It is also vital to find a way to achieve your fitness goals while pregnant, as exercise is necessary for an expecting mother.

This can be achieved easily by dialling it back and taking a few additional precautions. Get riding and get exercising. It will do your body a world of good.

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