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Bikeker com Review (July 2020) Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Bikeker com Review (July 2020) Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> The above research reveals how trustworthy are the “bikes” offered on the platform.

Are you looking to buy a cruiser bike for yourself? Bikeker is your go-to website. The site deals in all types of bicycles & relevant accessories for men, women & kids at attractive rates. 

The website has an ongoing sale until 31st July. Bikeker com Review will let us know about the nature of the business. We are able to gauge that the website is leading in the market of the United State

We will now have a look at the following specification of the shopping site such as its buying pros and cons, Is Bikeker com Legit? ,and its social presence.

What is Bikeker?

The online shopping site sells comfort, cruiser, and mountain Bikes for both men & women at pocket-friendly rates. The FAQ page shares the insight to most of the commonly asked questions.

The Privacy Policy Page denotes that the owner of the website has adhered to the privacy protection rules as per the guidelines laid by the cyber authorities.

Features of Bikeker:

  • Product: Comfort, Cruiser, Mountain Bikes & Its Accessories for Men, Women & Kids
  • Website: https://www.bikeker.com/
  • Email: office@customerservicebest.com 
  • Parent Company: Bikeker
  • Address: Not Provided
  • Phone: (800) 872-2333
  • Contact Person: Not Mentioned
  • Customer Support Availability: 24*7
  • Shipment Processing: Between 12 – 24 hours
  • Shipping fee: Applicable
  • Shipping Availability: Worldwide
  • Delivery Time: Up to 5-7 working days
  • Tracking Methods: Updates will be received at your Email Id
  • Payment Modes: PayPal
  • Returns Policy: Within 90 business days from date of order
  • Refund Policy: Will be issued once returned product is received, will take 3-5 business days
  • Cancellation Policy: Contact CC to cancel, of the product is shipped.

Shopping Pros of Bikeker:

  • Transparent Policies
  • 24*7 customer email support 
  • Customer testimonials available on product pages
  • Worldwide shipping available

Shopping Cons of Bikeker:

  • The domain is only two days old
  • The brand is socially inactive
  • Unavailability of the customer reviews on the internet
  • Customers have to bear the shipping cost for returning any item
  • Unavailability of Postal Address

Is Bikeker a Legit website?

The trending inclination of everyone towards the internet has created millions of physical businesses to extend their reach across cities and nations to convert maximum prospects. With this, various fraudsters have emerged in the online atmosphere to trick internet users. Therefore, we have to be cautious enough to trace the red flags of such websites and avoid collaborating with them.

Our team of specialists conducts research over suspicious websites in order to impart a sense of legitimacy about those sites. In this study, we will answer the frequently asked question “Is Bikeker com Legit?” and present you with the proper data and it’s validation to determine site’s credibility.  

Bikeker is an online retailer of men & women bikes in the United States.

Customer Reviews on Bikeker:

The website runs on a secure internet connection with a valid SSL Certification. There is transparency about shipment delivery, returns, replacement, and refunds procedure on the website. The site offers potential buyers to seek assistance with their queries from their CC department.

The online platform has populated its contact number and email id. While on the other hand, the website is a newcomer with just two days of the domain age.

The site does not have social brand pages, leaving an almost negligible brand impression on social users. The absence of Bikeker com Review across the internet, the site gives a sense of suspicion across potential buyers. 

Let us understand ifIs Bikeker com Legit? in the following section.

Final Verdict:

The website is quite new to the online market space with two days of age, hence not able to acquire the trust of potential customers. The newness of the site confirms zero inflow of organic traffic. The deficiency of third-party Bikeker com Review by the customers lends an idea of a poor sales volume and zero brand awareness.

Red Alert: The website doesn’t display its postal/operating address, unlike other legitimate online shopping sites.

Therefore, the conclusion for “Is Bikeker com Legit?” states that, the website has a multitude of factors failing to stand against various verification criteria; hence, it could be categorized under suspicious online shops. Collaborating with this site can lead to the loss of your sensitive information. We do not recommend our users to perform shopping activities on this site.

Your suggestion matters to us please leave your comments on the following section.

0 thoughts on “Bikeker com Review (July 2020) Is It A Scam Or Legit?

  1. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM!!!! I was up late shopping for a cheap bike for my son on my phone. I should have known better to fall for this scam. I clicked the “On Sale” tab on my phone and this site poped right up. The website makes it look like it is the HUFFY site. The next morning I got up and checked for the emailed confirmation…nothing. I tried to login to the site to no avail. I started to check out the site, but it looks a little funky. The social media links don’t work, there is no phone number, the email looks funky too. I emailed the contact email on the site and got back a USPS tracking number for an item with no address in the same town, but it was delivered before I even ordered the item. I promptly checked my Paypal to see a charge for 91.80, not the 79.99 quoted…that is even more than tax (86.60). The whole thing is suspect. The site says that they use DHL, not USPS. I reported the issue to Paypal, but we will see. This really sucks because I NEED the bike for my teenage son to get to work. My husband is out of work because of Covid, and I can’t afford a second bike now. WHY ARE PEOPLE SO UNSCRUPULOUS? I will never shop another small site because of this-sad too.

  2. I bough a bike with bikeker on July 29, 2020. Five hours later a received a shipping confirmation from PayPal? Although when I checked the tracking number through the USPS website it said my item was delivered on July 6, 2020. Which makes no sense since I ordered it on July 29, 2020. Luckily I paid with PayPal so if I don’t hear anything or receive anything from the seller I can open a dispute through PayPal so I can get a full refund. Normally PayPal protects us buyers very well.

  3. I ordered two Huffy bikes from Bikeker.com last night at deep discount. I think I have just been scammed. I placed the order at 9:46pm on 7/30/2020. The USPS tracking number this seller provided me last night states the item was delivered on 1:28pm 7/30/2020, which is before I placed the order! The tracking number Bikeker.com/Steven Cruz provided me claimed they shipped the order on 7/28 which is 2 days before I placed the order. This is a purported four day old website that is likely a scam. Bikeker.com didn’t send me any confirmation of purchase other than through Paypal and is unresponsive now.

  4. It was the the clerical error that sent up red flags for me. Thank you for doing the research for us.

    1. My story is identical to Priscilla’s. Purchased a cruiser on July 29 and the confirmation from paypal said delivered on the 9th of July. Impossible…Buyers beware!!

  5. I GOT SCAMMED AS WELL!!!. I place the order on July 30 with PayPal, never got a confirmation or any other response about the transaction. I tried to contacted them via email but is not even going thru, is like a ghost email. i contacted PayPal to reported.

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