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Biking Your Way to Weight Loss

Biking Your Way to Weight Loss: Are you looking to lose weight? Do you want a new physical activity to help burn calories faster? Cycling is a leisurely activity, but you might need to structure the workouts differently than on casual rides when trying to lose weight.

It is important to decide on the details of your routine, the best electric bikes to use, and the speed of the electric bike during rides. With the information in this article, you can learn how to choose the best electric bicycles for weight loss, and set up your workout schedule. A calorie calculator is also a good addition to estimate the burn. KBO bikes are a sure bet for anyone looking to lose weight. 

What distance is good to start? 

When cycling to lose weight,  the length of time you spend matters a lot more than the actual distance traveled. So, you do not have to ride to faraway places to shed some pounds. However, you would still need a device known as an odometer for measuring the distance. For anyone new to cycling as an exercise, it is good to start with a quick test of the biking workout program.

Using your odometer or smartphone timer, determine the distance you can travel within 30 minutes. Note the number and try to decrease how long it takes to go that far on the other rides. When you notice your fitness level improving, schedule longer rides to ensure you burn more calories over time. 

How Fast Should I Ride?

To lose weight, it is better to focus on the intensity of the exercise than the speed. When riding on high intensity, you tend to burn more calories than on those with lower intensity. The intensity and speed of the ride are determined by your type of bike and the trail. 

When cycling, it is good to use a heart rate monitor to measure how hard you are working. For the best results, you should work at 70 to 75 percent of your maximum heart rate on most rides. A perceived exertion scale is another option and on the scale of 1 to 10, you should feel like a 7, which is evidenced by breathing deeply. But you do not have to be out of breath or exhausted. 

Where is the best place to go?

The course you ride determines how many calories you burn affects the intensity, and how long the ride takes. It is advisable to choose a course that gives you the chance to pedal consistently without many breaks, which might cause your heart rate to drop and reduce the potential of burning calories on the ride. Also, there are continuous bike trails in numerous cities, so you can try these safe routes instead of riding on the road. If you cannot find bike trails around, a long stretch of quiet road is perfect.

Best Bike for Weight Loss

The logic is simple: buy a commuter bike you want to ride regularly to have a shot at losing weight. So, you should check several electric bikes and choose one that fits your body.

Electric Bike

Electric bikes are a good fit for both new bikers and those who use them for daily commuting. There are brands such as KBO that make electric bikes that look like regular ones with boost assistance. With these types of bikes, riders can choose how much control they have on moving the bike. Whether you ride with pedal assist or without support, e-bikes are a great tool for steady weight loss. 

Road Bike

Road bikes are coveted by many riders because of their thin tires and their sleeker frame. These vehicles are lighter and allow you to ride faster with less effort. The only setback is that some bikers are not interested in the style of this electric bike because it requires you to lean forward.

Recumbent Bike

Many exercisers use their recumbent bikes at the gym, as it allows a reclined body position when working out. But for outdoor rides too, they are a good option. On a recumbent bike, you sit closer to the ground and have a wide saddle, which works well for riders with back problems.

Cruiser, Mountain, or Cross Bike

If you are after comfort, a cruiser has thick tires, a suspension, and cushioning to make it more enjoyable. This allows riding in an upright posture because of its style, which suits some bikers better. The thick tires boost its stability, and even new riders often feel safe riding mountain bikes. 

Choose the best bike for weight loss

If you visit a bike shop, lookout for the best KBO bikes to help you lose weight. Then, you can get yourself measured to ensure you ride comfortably. The salespersons help with adjusting the seat height, handlebar width and height, and the saddle size, so bikers can ride with ease. 

Essential Gear

The essential gear for every biker include: 

  • Helmet: For safety purposes, we advise that bikers wear helmets anytime they ride. You can learn the best ways wear helmets from cycling experts, so you stay protected in the event of a crash. 
  • Water bottle: During any workout cycle, it is important to bring some water along to hydrate yourself. You can take sips during breaks to stay refreshed. 
  • Others include Identification, glasses, cellphone. 

Optional Accessories

  • Cycling shorts: You can choose to wear either shorts, capris, or leggings while riding. The shorts are usually designed with a pad to reduce the friction between the saddle and your body. 
  • Saddle pack: The saddle pack is a small pack that you can attach to your seat post to keep your valuables such as identification and cell phone safe.
  • Others are Heart rate monitor, trainer for indoors, bike computer, cycling shoes, etc. 

Lose weight by cycling

Cycling is a good way to burn calories, ease stress, and enjoy being outdoors. Therefore, if you like this activity, invest in safety gear and a quality bike to ensure safe and enjoyable rides.

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