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Bimoli 50th Anniversary (March 2022) All Facts To know!

To all those who want to explore the reality behind Bimoli 50th Anniversary, read this article to explore all the ends. Stay tuned to get more information. 

Are you aware of Bimoli? What does the brand deal with? When was Bimoli launched? Is Bimoli celebrating its 50th Anniversary?

These all queries are hype on the internet. Bimoli is a cooking oil product brand based in Indonesia. Recently, a post over social media platforms has led to the hype for this brand which says that the company has completed its 50 years.

They have further added that the company is rewarding its customers with a reward. Explore this article till the end about Bimoli 50th Anniversary to know the reality behind this hype!

What is Bimoli?

As we have already disclosed in our introductory paragraph, Bimoli is an Indonesian brand that deals with cooking oil products. Digging the details, this is a trademark for the cooking oil product produced and owned by PT Salim Ivomas (SIMP).

PT group Indofood Sukses Makmur and Indo-Agri are the owners for this trademark brand. The company is also known for its management of undeveloped plantations for oil palm that aims to increase crude oil production.

The company was launched back in 1968 and has served the customers since then with its quality products.

Bimoli 50th Anniversary:

From the available details, we can find out that the company was launched back in 1968 and has completed 4 years in 2022. But, recently, the social media accounts for the same has posted an update that the company is celebrating its 50th Anniversary.

Comparing the same from its launch date, this post is a rumor. The information is hyped on the foreign website from Bimoli.

The post has also mentioned that the gift for this 50th Anniversary is 5000 limited pieces stock, and customers can claim these for free. They have also mentioned a quiz in Bimoli 50th Anniversary celebrations which allows them to earn 2000000 Rupiah.

What Is the Reality Behind This Post?

We need to dig deeper to get to know the reality behind this hype, and based on our research, we can say that this information is fake and is not circulated by the official Bimoli company.

They have also asked their customers to beware of any such posts, which may lead them to some scammed websites.

The reality behind this post was revealed by Bimoli’s official Instagram post saying that this all is fake and that the company is not planning to come up with any such Bimoli 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Bimoli is a well-known brand for cooking oil products and has served its customers with the best quality products since 1968. The brand will celebrate its 54 years in 2022. All readers can follow Bimoli on Instagram to update their recent posts

Final Verdict:

Our experts have made a detailed review and we have checked that the information circulating over the internet for its 50th Anniversary Celebrations is fake. Did you get all your answers for Bimoli’s fake hype over the internet? Did this article about Bimoli 50th Anniversary help you with the details you were looking for? Please share your views for the same in the comments section below.

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