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Binax Now COVID Test Reviews (Aug) All Details Inside!

Binax Now COVID Test Reviews (Aug) All Details Inside! >> The guide shares details about the innovative rapid antigen test kit that allows testing COVID-19 infection at home.  

PCR or Rapid Antigen Tests check the active infection in the COVID-19 patients. The test requires a lab setting to identify the genetic materials of the Novel Coronavirus, and it is the standard test for COVID-19 detection globally, including the United States

The rapid antigen tests help detect the infection. However, all can’t visit the laboratory every time for a blood sample or swab collection. So, Abbott comes forth with the new COVID-19 Antigen Self Test kit called Binax Now COVID Test Kit. 

The Binax Now COVID Test Reviews tells that it provides accurate results in 15 minutes without visit a lab.

What is Binax Now COVID Test Kit?

Binax Now COVID Test Kit is the lateral flow immunoassay intended for the qualitative detection of nucleocapsid protein antigen from the SARS-CoV-2 using a nasal swab. In general, it is the rapid antigen test card that anyone can use at home without sending samples to labs. 

Binax Now COVID Test Kit got the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the FDA. It is now available at retail drug stores across the United States and demands no prescriptions.

As per Binax Now COVID Test Reviews, it works efficiently to deliver accurate results in 10-15 minutes and is easy to use at home.  

How to Use, Accuracy Level, and Availability?

As mentioned, the Binax Now COVID Test Kit is very easy to use and needs no skills and technical know-how. Users are required to shallow a nostril swab that comes in the kit. The kit also comprises a card where the swab is placed. As you place the swab into the card, you will see lines on it. If there is the single line on the card, it indicates a negative result, and if you see two lines, it means the result is positive. 

As per Binax Now COVID Test Reviews, the accuracy level of the test kit is 84.6% as compared to traditional PCR tests. So, the test results are reliable and can be used for diagnosing the condition.

Regarding availability, the rapid antigen test kit is available now in OTC retailers and ecommerce websites across America. In addition, since it has got an Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA, it can be bought without a prescription to test at home when any symptom of COVID-19 is observed.

 Let see what customers have to say.

What are the Binax Now COVID Test Reviews?

After evaluating the rapid antigen test kit online, we found many journals and testimonials from the users. Besides, after the EUA from FDA, it is widely used by people worldwide. 

Many users praise the test kit, and it secured a 4.2-star rating out of 5. The majority of the reviews favor the product, while some customers are unhappy because the test kit arrived open and unsealed. Hence, we have received the mixed reviews for this product.


Binax Now COVID Test Reviews confirm that the product is highly effective and offers accurate results without visiting the traditional lab for rapid antigen tests. But, still, we suggest you purchase from the legit online portals and after thorough research, as we have received mixed reviews.      

Have you ever used or prescribed Binax Now COVID Test Kit to anyone? Would you mind sharing your experience in the comment section? Moreover, we have provided you with the information only after taking it from the internet and the online sources. 

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