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Bionic Hive Stock {Jan 2021} Robots Helping Society!

Bionic Hive Stock {Jan 2021} Robots Helping Society! >> This review will show you the journey of a start-up in the stream of Robot technology. Read details.

Robots have started to change the life of the market and the efficiency of work done. It has penetrated the logistics and supply chain, and therefore the benefits of bots have been realized. 

Bionic Hive Stock is working in the same field that focuses on making warehouses an automatic solution with their highly abled bots “Squid.”

Countries like the United States have already succumbed to these technology-based solutions in the market. 

What is Bionic HIVE? 

Founded in 2014, the start-up from Israel is moving in the direction of better warehouse functioning with their autonomous synchronized robots called Squid. 

These robots have 3-dimensional movement capabilities that go along the tracks attached to the racks for graceful pickup from floor to ceiling

This innovation is retrofitting to existing operational warehouses, saving Capex. The real-time data analysis makes the algorithmic engine to resolve the problems in all the warehouses.  

What helps Bionic Hive Stock and Squid to function? 

Bionic HIVE is a company developing Squid that has a Human-Robot Collaboration feature. It leads to a safer environment for humans to work with robots. Squid also detects the hindrance or obstruction in front and navigate itself accordingly. 

Microservices technology is responsible for when a robot faces failure. The server will receive an error status. The bot will stop working, assigning another bot to complete that task. 

It is challenging to capture all the details in real-time and analyse them for quick results. But with AI, enabled in Squid, all the information is arranged scrupulously. 

How is Bionic Hive Stock different from others? 

While many technologies aim to change the all over dimension and operational process of logistic infrastructure, Bionic HIVE doesn’t add the high expenditure of overall drastic modifications. 

In the existing traditional method, Squid retrofits itself. They have designed these robots in such a way that they ask for a minimal change that handles any shelf and box at any time. 

You can add as many robots in the same set of warehouses. The only Israeli start-up with a similar concept is Caja Robotics. They came in 2014 that adapts to existing infrastructure. 

Is bionic hive a success?

The private company Bionic Hive Stock is proving its stance through autonomous robots as the solution in the line of supply chains and logistics. CEO and Co-Founder at Bionic HIVE, Ilan Reingold, can foresee the company to flourish in the next five years. 

The efforts they are giving towards AI and Human-Robot Collaboration and collaborating with large companies will level them up from the bootstrapping stage. They have raised 100k funds till now from scratch. 


Small businesses and start-ups are the backbones of an economy, and they become a high-end business or MNC when we as a consumer support them. Not only people from the United States but globally they must be encouraged. 

Bionic Hive Stock is one such example of struggle and success that has a determined aim in improving the work efficiency in warehouses without raising the expenditure. 

Please share your views on such companies with us in the comment box below. 

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