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Birissine .Com Reviews {Aug} Is This An Online Scam Site

Our research on Birissine .com Reviews will help you to get unbiased and scalable details on the Birissine shop. Kindly read this post till the end.

Are you looking for hijab clothing items? Have you searched for a Birissine shop? The shop is famous in Turkey, and people mostly search it for women’s clothing. The website has the best and most unique collection. Birissine .com Reviews will give you a complete and comprehensive review of this site.

Also, if you are looking for its legitimacy, this post will also guide you. Please keep scrolling.

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Overview of Birissine shop

Birissine shop is the most searched shop for ladies’ wear. They have many women’s clothing collections along with amazing discounts. You can add unlimited items to your cart and enjoy their different policies and discounts. The website has collections like:

  • Hijab Clothing
  • Tops
  • T-shirts
  • Knitwear
  • Bottom Clothing
  • Shoe 
  • Bag
  • Kids Clothing

Do this question: Is Birissine .com Legit trouble you? Customers interested in shopping from this portal may look for its legitimacy and other valuable details like reviews. Shoppers are now familiar with cybercrimes, and these crimes are at their peak. Buyers must be aware of unknown sellers who cheat innocent shoppers. So, we advise everyone not to disclose personal information and kindly go through all the legal details.

Features of Birissine shop

  • Purchase bags from https://www.birissine.com/
  • Email Id: Unfound 
  • Phone Number: 08505325090
  • Location Information: OSB District Süleyman Heskop Industrial Site Demirel Boulevard Fair Bazaar Floor: 5 İkitelli / İSTANBUL
  • We have not seen any Birissine .com Reviews on the official layout of the website. The collections do not have customer reviews. But, some online sites shared mixed comments.
  • Return Policy: You can file a return request. The website provides a form on their layout, which needs to be filled out.
  • Shipping Policy: Products are delivered to Cargo in 3 days. The cargo company may ship the order in 1-3 days.
  • Payment Details: There are no payment modes mentioned on the website.

Positive Points

  • The location and telephone number are found.

Negative Points

  • We have not found payment options.
  • Negative Comments are found on online review sites. On the other hand, no reviews are found on the official site.

Is Birissine .com Legit?

Our team has researched this shop thoroughly, and we have found many trustworthy details from multiple online platforms to share with our readers. Interested readers can go through these details to find out if the shop is reliable or not.

  • Website’s Creation: April 21, 2014, is the discovery date of the Birissine shop. The website was launched eight years ago. 
  • Trust Score: The Birissine shop has a 40 percent trust count. It is not a favorable trust score. One should not believe blindly.
  • Registrar: Aerotek Bilisim Sanayi ve Ticaret AS is the registrar of Birissine.
  • Shopper’s Views: Zero Birissine .com Reviews are found on the official website’s collection. But, some mixed ratings like 3.5/5 were seen on online review sites.
  • Social Networks: The website connects with Facebook, where the account showed 3.9/5 ratings. 
  • Misplaced Data: We have not found the email address of the website. The shop has mentioned the location and phone number.
  • Data Security: The website claims to use the safest protocol, HTTPS, to safely transfer data from sender to receiver.
  • Policy: Policies are skeptical. They have not mentioned the return policy appropriately. Thus, the customers cannot rely completely on it.
  • Expiry Date: The website will expire on April 21, 2024.

Birissine .com Reviews

The online review websites shared 3.5/5 ratings, and some negative comments, like the order customers received, were incomplete. Also, it was available on Facebook. The site shared 3.9/5 ratings. But, the official site does not have any reviews on their products. Some categories do not have any products. The product was missing, maybe because of a lack of availability. All these details made it clear that the website is suspicious, and the lack of good customer reviews made it a doubtful website. If you are planning to buy any material, please be careful and check all the methods to prevent Credit Card Scams.


Summing up this post on Birissine .com Reviews, we found this website was originated many years ago. It was found around 8 years ago. However, the trust count is unacceptable. It has a 40 percent trust score only. This makes it look like a suspicious store. You must know some tricks to prevent PayPal Scamming.

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