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Bitaucky Com Reviews (Sep) Is This Authentic Or Scam?

Are you interested in buying the boots? This post would guide you in making the right decision through Bitaucky com Reviews.

Do you want to buy new boots? Are you crazy about buying matching footwear? Then, in this post, you would get the result according to your requirements about the legitimacy of the website in question.

According to outfits, matching footwear plays an important role that can enhance the look of your personality. The United Kingdom people are very used to buying online products.

Here we are telling you about Bitaucky com that claims to offers a collection of footwear. But unfortunately, when we go through the Bitaucky com, the website has redirected to aperouy.com. So, let us have a look at people’s Bitaucky com Reviews.

What is Bitaucky com?

Bitaucky com is the ecommerce shopping site that claims a huge collection of boots, sandals, and footwear items. The United Kingdom public are very curious to know about the website.

Currently, a good discount offer is running on the portal. Furthermore, you can choose the size of your footwear with the help of a size guide. In addition, free shipping is available with a few terms and conditions. 

Let us check the specifications of the website. But, before moving ahead, you have to know the answer to the major question: Is Bitaucky com Legit or a scam?

Specifications About Bitaucky com 

  • The URL of the website is https://www.bitaucky.com/, but it is redirected to https://www.aperouy.com/.
  • The email support for any inquiry is service@sunatme.com.
  • The contact number and office address are not available anywhere.
  • The press contract has been shared on the portal. In the UK: uk.press@drmartens.com In the US: us.press@drmartens.com.
  • It offered products related to footwear like boots, sandals, and so on.
  • The website is protected through protocols.
  • Shopper’s Bitaucky com Reviews do not have any space on any podium.
  • You can order the products online. They accept so many payment modes like PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, Apple Pay, etc.
  • Suppose you make an order internationally above $54.99. there is no need to pay shipping charges.

Positive Aspects of the Website

  • A collection of footwear on a good amount of discount extant.
  • The portal maintains a page for the size guide that helps people to choose the right size.
  • There are no shipping charges.

Negative Aspects of the Website

  • Customers’ Bitaucky com Reviews are not available on trust pilot and anywhere.
  • The social media links have been shared on the official pages, but they are not active, which means no publicity, popularity, and traffic.
  • There are no points available regarding refund/ return/ exchange.
  • The contact details availability is very less as no contact number, no company address.
  • The prices of the items are very much high.
  • The creation time of the website is just twenty days old.
  • The trust rank is very shallow.
  • It secured a very low trust score.

Is Bitaucky com Legit or a scam? 

To check the portal authenticity, we found few details like:

  • The domain creation date of the website is 11/08/2021 and it will expire on 11/08/2022.
  • The creation date of the redirected website is 08/08/2021 and it is also registered till 08/08/2022.
  • The founder details are absent on the portal.
  • It secured a 1% trust index, which is considered to be bad.
  • The website has a 2.7 out of 100 trust rank.
  • The content of the portals looks plagiarized.
  • It secured a zero Alexa rating.
  • There is no availability of the users’ feedback anywhere.
  • Social medial links have been shared but not active.

Moreover, it looks questionable as just launched the portal, so please wait till genuine points or feedback are visible on the internet. 

Shoppers’ Bitaucky com Reviews

Bitaucky com is the way to buy items related to footwear like boots , sandals, and much more.

We explore the internet to collect the output from the users’ mind to help us buy the correct items, but unfortunately, we could not get any points from the shoppers’ side. So, it is hard to say about the website reality. Moreover, you have to learn the process by which you can save your amount from credit card fraud.

The Final Verdict

In the final thoughts, we can say it is too early to conclude its legitimacy. We have few other points like zero shopper’s Bitaucky com Reviewsbad trust index, horrible trust rank, high range items, social media off, etc, which makes this online site questionable. 

Before any purchase, please make sure about product descriptions, genuine reviews from the users, and know the protection steps from PayPal scams.

Do you have any items from this website? Please write your mindset or share your experience in the below box.

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