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Blendexpress Com Reviews {May} Check If It Is Legit?

Our research on Blendexpress com Reviews will help the readers to know the complete information on the accuracy of Blendexpress shop.

Do you like a beverage? You have to go out to have the pleasure of relishing a beverage. But, now, Blende xpress has made it possible for everyone to order drinks at home. This shop in India sells the revolutionary concept of different beverages. This post on Blendexpress com Reviews will guide the readers on the collection, policies, and other important details related to Blendexpress shop.

Kindly have a look at all the details shared here in this post. 

About Blendexpress shop

Blendexpress shop is a unique online store where people can order varieties of beverages from home only. They sell fresh beverages, and their cafe is located in Mumbai. They are provided with both online and offline, both kinds of services. The taste of the drinks can only be judged after ordering from this place. They have a variety of:

  • Hot Tea Premix
  • Hot Coffee Premix
  • Syrup 
  • Hot cocoa
  • Coffee beans
  • Frappes
  • Lime and lemonades
  • Iced Tea

Is blendexpress Legit? One should know if this beverage offering store is following legit deals. We can evaluate the following legitimacy by studying the important details, the registration information, the trust factor, and other major details. We advise our readers not to trust such stores blindly as they could be fake and irrelevant. Kindly read all the necessary before stepping toward the payment option. Further, we will discuss its pros, cons, features and legitimacy. 

Features of Blendexpress shop

  • Buy syrups from https://theblendexpress.com/.
  • Email Address: vignesh.sundar@vigot.in
  • Phone number: +919372234877
  • Address details: G 703/4, Link Road Palmcourt Complex, Mumbai-400 064 Malad (West)
  • There were certain good Blendexpress com Reviews found on the official website. Some trusted online sites have shared ratings on them. Thus, it could be trusted partially.
  • Return Policy: Customers can raise a complaint if not available for quality checking within 1-2 days.
  • Shipping Policy: There are no valuable details found on the shipping policy.
  • Payment Modes: Payment options cannot be seen anywhere

Positive Highlights

  • Email, location, and phone number are available.
  • Mixed reviews are found on certain online platforms and official sites.
  • The Facebook page has good ratings.

Negative Highlights

  • The owner’s name is unfound.
  • The shipping policy and payment methods are unseen on the layout.

Is blendexpress Legit?

This section will include all the details regarding the legitimacy of the Blendexpress shop. This shop sells the revolutionised concept of beverages. According to some customers, their syrups, drinks, and other beverages are outstanding. But, you must study some other details that also play a vital role. 

  • Website Registration: December 2, 2013, is the Blendexpress registration date. This proves that the shop is about eight years old.
  • Trust Factor: Blendexpress shop has a twenty-seven percent trust score. This is below an average trust factor. Hence, we should be careful.
  • Registrar: BigRock Solutions Ltd is the registrar of Blendexpress shop.
  • Buyer’s Feedback: Certain good Blendexpress com Reviews were found on the online platforms and official website. Hence, we could rely on this.
  • Social Media Account: We have found a page on Facebook having relevant ratings that can be considered. 
  • Missed data: All relevant and trustworthy details like email, location, and phone number were found. But the owner’s name is missing. 
  • Policies: The shop has mentioned all the relevant policies on its layout. The shipping and payment policy is missing from the layout. 
  • Data Security: The website aims to keep the data secure through HTTPS protocol. So, the customers can order the products without any worry.

Blendexpress com Reviews

This shop has mentioned the location, phone number, and email address. However, the owner’s details are still hidden. Moreover, we have found mixed customer reviews on their official website and some trusted online sites giving them 4.2/5 ratings. Also, we have seen a page on Facebook that has an outstanding rating of 5/5. This makes this website quite trustworthy and reliable. You can purchase from here after determining all the factors.

Furthermore, this site was ranked poorly on Alexa. This shows that it could be partially trusted on risk. You can check details on credit card scams here.

Final Summary

Wrapping this post on Blendexpress com Reviews, we have concluded that this shop has a good life span of eight years. However, the trust score is inconsiderate, and we could not rely on such a terrible trust rate. Buyers are requested to look at this post for PayPal scamming. Please visit this link to know details on Iced Tea.  

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