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Blessfy Com Reviews [April] – Is This A Legit Website?

Blessfy Com Reviews [April] – Is This A Legit Website? >> Read our post now to know about the legitimacy of this web store! Check out the remark given by our expert team and then decide about ordering from this ecommerce website.

Do you like to have the same things as your neighbour? Don’t you wish you had things that weren’t common or exclusive? Well here is a solution to all your oh! My life is such common issues. Blessfy com provides products that are customized and exclusive. \

In these blessfy com reviews, we will understand what they are and how they make things work for them. Are they doing what they claim, or it’s a hoax? 

What Is Blessfy com? 

It is an online store that provides the most demanded products with customized electronics and fashion accessories. They provide unique and exquisite products that keep them a step ahead of others. Blessfy com was established in 2017, which means it has been three years since they are in the market. They provide good quality products at low prices.

Goal: To satisfy you with value for money innovative products while also at low rates. 

Who’s This For?

To all those who want to stand out of the crowd, this is your new pal! There are often days when you wish that you had things that were made only for you and no one else. There are times when you wish you were the talk of the town for the things that you have. 

Blessfy com helps you be the centre of the stage by providing customized products by understanding the demand in the market. 


  • Provides customized products 
  • Orders are shipped internationally 
  • They have partnered with leading shipping companies
  • Orders are sent by designers 


  • The customer has to pay for the shipping 
  • You don’t have to return the defective or faulty product 
  • You have to pay for restocking fee 

Features of Blessfy com

Online stores need to be very careful when it comes to policies and terms ad conditions because there is a lot of responsibilities on these stores and they can target the audience in a better way when they are providing them good products with excellent services

As there is a huge competition in the market with all these giants and upcoming online stores, it is necessary for every online store to give them the best deals and services. 


A refund is made when you are either not satisfied with the product or it’s damaged. Once the request is made for return, it takes 3-5 business days to revert. A refund will be done to the same credit card on which the purchase was done, or you can request for store credit. 

A refund on a new account number or different payment method is not accepted and appreciated. The refund will be reflected in your credit card statement in 5-15 business days. 


You can file for a return request through their customer care email. A restocking fee is applied on every item that is returned but defected and incorrect items are exceptional cases. The customer is responsible for the shipping charge and has to provide a tracking number as well. 

The process of return takes 48-72 hours upon receiving your package. A proper inspection is done before taking any action. No return is applicable if the product is used, worn, washed or altered. 

Mail your package to:


ATTN: Returns

612 Main St

Phoenix, OR 97535


They provide seven days from the day you receive your product to file for an exchange. If you have received a damaged, wrong or wrong size product, it can be reshipped for free. There is no need to return the product. It takes 3-5 business days for reshipping. 

Exchange is not applicable if 

  1. The product is worn 
  2. The product is washed or altered 
  3. If the product is a final sale product 
  4. If the product does not have an original tag on it 


They have partnered with global merchants and artisans in order to provide the best price. Orders are shipped from global areas like Vietnam, Thailand, China, India, and so on. Multiple orders come from different designers. Hence it may take 1-6 weeks to arrive. Most orders ship within 1 or 3 days but during peak season shipment can take up to 7 business days.   

Here is some tentative time that is used during shipping.  

The United State 1-4 Weeks

Australias 2-4 Weeks

Canada 2-4 Weeks

The United Kingdom 2-5 Weeks

Worldwide 2-8 Weeks


In this post under the category of blessfy com reviews, it seems that they have clarity as to what they want from the customers. They have a very impressive product line that caters to day-to-day life issues. Blessfy com reviews a positive approach towards its customers. 

0 thoughts on “Blessfy Com Reviews [April] – Is This A Legit Website?

  1. I’m not to impressed with the company so far. They gotten my money for a product and I do realize things take a little time, however I have not received any feedback from blessfy in regards to my purchase. I’m feeling as though I’ve been had.

        1. Do not buy from this website, totally a scam. They will take your money like nothing and you gonna have to contact your back to get your money back. The right agencies should be watching this scamers

      1. Hi ordered over a month agoPaid $30 extra for fastShipping they sent me a Which is no good you try to contact him they won’t return emails nothing big scam

      2. Pretty sure it is a scam. No tracking or shipping information
        They will not cancel your order even after one day. I think most all mask sales are scams.

        1. This is a Total Scam I call my banking institution and had them investigated I got a scam letter from Blessfy on May 7 after they have ignored my emails several of them far back as may 1 2020 calling me Jerry my name ain’t never been Jerry this company is definitely a scam trying to give me another bogus postal tracking number Do Not Order anything from this company you can’t call them on the phone or contact them and they will not reply to emails in 24 hours like they say it’s all a Big Fake Lie to put you off so they can continue their Scam on Facebook or Instagram I’ve kern never order anything you see on Facebook or Instagram it’s all scams like all the other scam companies you see advertising on Facebook and Instagram..😡

      3. It is a scam. Ordered in April, it’s mid July, no contact from them after they took my money. Just send them money. It’s fun

    1. Yes I feel the same way been 3 weeks since my order they did not email me back and the tracking number I got is not found so I guess it’s a scam site

    2. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. FRAUD! FRAUD! FRAUD! Even this review maybe a fraud. The company took payment from me almost a month ago for a mask for this COVID-19 pandemic and I’ve yet to receive my items! I’ve reached out to turn several times regarding tracking numbers and more with no response (because the one they gave was bogus). You will lose your money! They will scam you and probably used your info for only God knows what. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! You’ve been warned. And I’m not leaving my info in case this one of their sites. These mf’s are scandalous.

      1. I’m waiting for my order since April 15th. No tracking info and no response from my emsils to customer service. New having my bank reverse the charges on my credit card.


    3. Im having the same issue Blessfy got my money for 5 black neoprene face mask April 18 2020 and have not relieved my product and gave me a fake tracking number the postal service says does not exist I’m reporting them to the postal inspection service.

    4. This is a phony company with NONEXISTENT customer service. They answer one email every three weeks. Do Not, I repeat DO NOT do business with this scam company. You WILL NOT receive anything that you’ve ordered.

  2. please keep us updated. can’t find anyone who actually received a product, and they are advertising all over facebook

    1. We ordered on April 10th and just received our yesterday after we sent numerous complaints about how long it was taking to get them. The original tracking information we received shows that they shipped from China, this is basically another drop ship operation. The masks we received are flimsy and do not fit properly, the inside filter comes out of the bottom of the mask about 1/2 an inch and the air intakes do not have filters in them like they appear to have in the pictures. The masks are pretty much useless the way they are unless you just want them to use as a basic pattern.

      1. I’m Another Lately Jilted customer of Blessfy neoprene black cycling mask i ordered 5 all black I’ve been waiting since my order April 18 2020 This company does not give you a phone number nor do they respond to your emails. but they know how to right away take your money.. online online they claim they are based in Wilmington Delaware if you goggle them. but if you try and call get a phone number for them from 411 it does not exist in Delaware. Do not order from this company I believe these comments this is just another Facebook and Instagram ( scam ) for now on no more ordering anything online.. if I can’t buy it in the store . I’m not ordering anything that comes from China I’m sick of that country scamming America on the phone on the computer with Fake products everything they do is either a cheap fake knock off or some lie to get your money.. I hate getting caught up in something like this I’m tired of these scammers everywhere in our country somebody do something raid their homes bank accounts stop them from stealing Sue their government cancel trading with them don’t buy their Chinese food it’s probably fake food anyway everything they do comes from China I don’t trust them anymore after this pandemic they just put to rob us of our few pennies and run giving you nothing.

    1. If you used Pay Pal you can cancel it through their. If by credit card, contact your cc provider and see if you can cancel payment.

  3. Based on these comments and online searches I’ve personally made if company is legit. I would not recommend purchasing. Lots of scam orders online for masks. I repeat…do not order until you have numerous sources validating they are legit.

  4. Having the same problem, the won’t respond to emails either. Did pay with paypal not impressed with ” company “.

  5. I order a Healthy Veils X 1 and haven’t got it yet, it has been over 3 weeks and not 3 to 7 business days.


  6. Total f—ing rip off. Blessfy prints shipping labels (so as to generate tracking info) but will never actually get the items to USPS. This is a common practice of dishonest online sellers. I ordered something on April 4 and paid for expedited shipping and as of today April 21, there have been four shipping labels created but the items have never actually made it to USPS.

  7. I ordered product from them on April 7. I was told it was delivered April 12 at 4:55 AM, first of all I didn’t know UPS FedEx or the United States post office delivered that early. I’ve also emailed them twice about this matter with no response. The tracking number I received from them was no good. Do not use them there an F***in rip off scam artist.

  8. BLESSFY IS A SCAM, the return address is a vacant commercial building listed by a real estate company. BLESSFY STORE
    ATTN: Returns
    612 Main St
    Phoenix, OR 97535

    This is a legitimate real estate office that just has this listing of a vacant commercial building for Lease. These scammers at BLESSFY just used this address.
    Listed by RealtorJohn L. Scott Real Estate, 541.291.2692

  9. Orderd mine on April 9th still hasn’t come. Said originally it would take 7-10 days. Got an email back from them saying it’s in shipping and may take 4-6 weeks. No way to track my order. Don’t know if it’s a scam yet.

  10. I do believe thati have been scammed outof over one hundred dollars. There is no feedback from them. They keep sending me emails for a USPS tracking number that doesn’t even have a lable printed yet. There is no legitimate contact info and no one ever replies to any of the emails. I ordered the same exact product from Amazon and had it within 4 business days.

  11. i ordered in march and it supposed was shipped from china on march 9th still nothing took a long time before they answered and they said that were having with their shipper and here it going on May and still nothing

  12. They gat me too since or almost a month I order 4 mask for 47 $ I never received anything and I try to contact then thy never respond either by email or by phone I think it’s a scam they try us.

  13. hello bought a mask only got a shipping #and it has been in Jamaica NY since April 22nd and I ordered since April 14th. This may be a scam .

  14. Please don’t use this business.. I purchased a mask and paid approximately 23.00 (USD) no luck. I have emailed them and no luck.

    I received an email stating it was shipped no luck.

    This is a total scam please report.

    Very Respectfully
    Mr. Soriano

  15. This website is a complete scam. I ordered my mask weeks ago and yes I also got a bogus tracking number. The Usps website says they are awaiting the package or whatever when u look up the tracking number. I sent an email with no reply either. I just don’t understand why this stupid website link is on Instagram?? This is such bullishit I just hope I don’t have to change my bank card number.

  16. I order 3 masks from these people over a month ago. I Still have not received it although the app said it was delivered. I finally called my credit card company and they are recovering my money. I already receive the credit back to my account

  17. I order a Healthy Veils X 1 and haven’t got it yet, it has been over 3 weeks and not 3 to 7 business days.


  18. OK, I’m a patient guy, but this is beginning to be a bit much. When ordered, their web site indicated 7-10 business days for delivery. The CC charge was made on Apr 23, just over two weeks ago. Since then the only progress noted has been that the items have yet to depart the NY metro area . . . Jamaica to Flushing and back and so on. Their web site now indicates a 4 week waiting period
    Contacting my CC company for refund

  19. I ordered on April 14 and paid $30 to express ship 2-3 day delivery. I received my order today, May 9th with a 6 day delivery AFTER ALMOST 3 WEEKS BEFORE IT WAS SHIPPED. Read the small (i mean tiny) print. RIP-OFF. During the height of Corona Virus Pandemic.

  20. This is a phony company with NONEXISTENT customer service. They answer one email every three weeks. Do Not, I repeat DO NOT do business with this scam company. You WILL NOT receive anything that you’ve ordered.

  21. Horrible company super fake and 100% scam company. I ordered a mask April 3 and still have not received anything but phony tracking updates and and phone number that does not work. If you thinking of getting anything from them DON’T

  22. After three weeks after recieving nothing I had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right. I emailed them and got and actually got an email back saying “we are backed up due to the pandemic”. I thought. . . ok, that makes sense. So another two weeks passes by and still nothing! The tracking numbers were bogus, so my spidey senses started tingling again. I decided to dig in and do more research and ended up here. I will be contacting my bank to dispute the charges, and from now on I will only use paypal or some other secure form of payment to order when online. Lesson learned, so they won’t get me again!

  23. Do not deal with them . Worst company ever. 2 months later still haven’t received my full order from the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic. Chinese scammers . Good thing I used PayPal . Hopefully I get my money back.

  24. bad customer service. ordered a mask on Apr 24 for over $20.00 ….by the end of May, I emailed them to refund me since I never received my order. I emailed a second time at the beginning of June and still heard nothing from them. At the end of the day on June 3, I received an email from them saying “good news ! your product seems to have arrived !” I had already purchased a mask elsewhere at the beginning of May …which arrived in 3 days. I emailed them on June 4 after receiving the mask a third time about this whole process and once again…no reply

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