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Blickes Reviews (July 2021) Is This Genuine Or Scam?

Blickes Reviews (July 2021) Is This Genuine Or Scam? >> This post will help you in learning about the validity of the website that offers headphones.

Do you want new headphones? If yes, then, you may visit the Blickes store, but first, read this post to learn about its authenticity.

In today’s world, headphones have become extremely popular as it allows people to be in their own space. According to United States professionals, over 50% of people use headphones during excising to keep them focused while working out. However, people believe that headphones are more preferred over the ear buds and plugs. 

Besides that, in the Blickes store, people will find multiple items related to the headphones, such as wireless headsets, earbuds, and other accessories, etc. 

Let’s look deep into these Blickes Reviews to learn more about the website.

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What is Blickes?

Blickes is the B2C online shopping website that belongs to the United States. On the website, you will find headphones, earbuds, wireless headsets, and speakers, etc. Besides that, the website claims to offer quality efficient products. The sound quality of the offered headphones is incredible as per its specifications and features mentioned on the website. 

Moreover, the website claims to kept its prices reasonable so that people can easily afford to buy from them. Each product has a well-defined product description, including additional information such as weight, dimensions, model and brand, etc. 

But, what do you think Is Blickes Legit?

What are the specifications of the Blickes?

  • Domain age-02/06/2021
  • URL- https://blickes.com
  • Category- Electronics (headphones) 
  • Email address- support@blickes.com
  • Address-8146 Via Zapata, Dublin, California 94568, US
  • Contact number- (260) 217-1003
  • Payment method-VISA, PayPal, MasterCard, American Express, DISCOVER, Diners Club
  • Return policy-within 30 days 
  • Refund policy-within 1-2 working days 
  • Exchange policy- exchange the item within 30 days 
  • Shipping policy-within 6-12 business days 
  • Delivery policy- no delivery charges are  exposed 
  • Social media icon presence- not available 
  • Newsletter-available 
  • Warranty- not available 

Please consider reading the Blickes Reviews before placing your order. 

What are the positive factors that attract you to order from Blickes?

  • The site has a flexible return and refund policy. 
  • There are complete contact information provided on the website.
  • The website is HTTPS secured.
  • It has a verified email server. 

What are the negative factors of Blickes?

  • On the website, there is only a single product is available in every category. 
  • The website is unattractively planned.
  • There are no ratings and review pages are available. 
  • The website holds uncertain information on it.

Is Blickes Legit?

These days’ experts advise people to check on the reliability of the online shopping websites before adding things to the cart as the fraud sites are presented everywhere. Nonetheless, in the below-listed points, we will tell you all the possible parameters that help you analyze the website and learn about its actual intentions. 

Please read the stated points and then make your decision. 

  • Domain age- The website is created a few weeks ago, on 02/06/2021.
  • Domain expiry date- The domain name of the website will expire on 02/06/2022.
  • Trust score- the site has earned a shallow trust score; 1%.
  • Trust rank- the trust indicator has detected below average standing; 42.5/100.
  • Customer reviews-There is no customer’s Blickes Reviews available on the official webpage. 
  • Alexa rank- the site has earned only two engagements, and its Alexa rank is 2904205.
  • Plagiarized content-The content seems relatively plagiarized. 
  • Policies- The site has described its policies in detail, such as return refund validity, shipping timing, etc. 
  • Address originality- The provided address seems invalid. 
  • Social media icons & connections- the site lacks social media presence. 
  • The owner’s information-there is no information available on the web page. 
  • Unrealistic Discounts- The site is not providing any discount offers. 

What are the Shoppers’ Blickes Reviews?

Unfortunately, no user’s feedback is available on the official portal, neither has any customer posted anything on the internet about the website or its headphones. 

Thus, we leave the final decision on our readers. If you have changed your mind and want to apply for a refund using the PayPal method, read here. 

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Blickes store is a questionable website due to several reasons. Similarly, we do not suggest anybody place their order on this website as the site is verified in June, 2021 and does not hold any customer reviews on it. 

Please research this website on your own before taking any call to action. However, shoppers who don’t know how to get their money back if scammed via credit card can get the information from here. 

What are your thoughts about this e-portal? Would you please post your responses in the comments of these Blickes Reviews

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