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Blissy Pillowcase Reviews [June] Is it Legit a Hoax?

Blissy Pillowcase Reviews [June] Is it Legit a Hoax? -> In this article, get to know about the comfortable pillowcases at reasonable prices.

How about buying a comfy pillow at your desired size? Are you excited about the hair accessories? Check out blissy.com.

Perfect sleep helps you wake up in a good mood the next day, and you can give more productivity during your entire day. This shopping store consists of King Pillowcases, Queen Pillowcases, and Standard pillowcases. When such a vast collection of comfy pillowcases are available at the one-stop store, what else you need?

But before tapping on the shop button, it is necessary to analyze the Blissy Pillowcase Reviews and then make up your mind that whether shopping from here is worthy or a waste?

Due to the increasing scammers in the United States, it becomes essential to know the thick and thin of the particular website and only then proceed with the online shopping.

Due to protect from falling to the prey of the fraudulent sites, we will make you understand through this article that whether the above mentioned online site is legit or not?

Before you make up your mind to shop from here, we will make you understand its pros, cons, Blissy Pillowcase Reviews, specifications in detail to get a clear picture. So let’s proceed further.

What is Blissy.com?

The online store has the products meant to enhance your comfort. It has products like King Pillowcases, Queen Pillowcases, Standard Pillowcases, Hair Accessories, Sleep Masks, Wellness products like Blissy sleep & Pillow Mist (Lavender & Eucalyptus), Care products like Blissy Mesh Wash, etc. 

The website is also offering 10% off, and even free shipping is offered on all orders. In case of the refund and the return policy, it provides 60 days of the purchase date.

Now let’s dwell deeper into its specifications, pros, cons, and online store reviews.

Specifications of blissy.com

Products: Pillowcases, Hair Accessories, Sleep Masks, Wellness, and Care Products, Face masks

  • Email Id:support@blissy.com
  • Shipping Policy: 1 to 3 Days
  • Return/Refund Policy: the items need to be returned within 60 days of the purchase date. Payment method: Online mode of Payment

Is Blissy.com legit?

Innocent buyers usually get trapped in attractive items online and substantial discounts. Therefore, the website’s knowledge in detail helps a customer make a wise decision and protect themselves from the online fraudulence nowadays.

Therefore looking at the negative reviews, terrible experience of the previous buyers, and

dissatisfaction regarding the quality of the product makes this website a scam. The site is just trying to trap people for money, and this shopping store is not legit at all.

Pros of buying products from Blissy.com

  • The shipping is free, and also there is 10% discounts on the product offered on this website. 
  • The return duration is quite convenient, i.e., within 60 days.
  • The display picture of each item is quite clear, and one can analyze the product from here clearly.

Cons of buying products from Blissy.com

  • The reviews of the website is poor. It has a 1.8 deficient star rating.
  • There are a lot of complaints from the buyers against the site.
  • The customer service is not up to the mark according to the terrible experience of the previous buyers.
  • Payment’s online mode enhances the risk of losing money from the site, which has negative reviews and complaints.

What are people saying about blissy.com?

The reviews of the pillowcases are not positive at all. The buyers are not happy with the comfort promises that were made by the company. Also, the refund committed is not all true as one of the customer said that he had emailed for a refund, but no money has

been credited back till now.

One of the customers has warned people not to buy anything from here as the website is a scam. Damaged boxes and dirty pillowcases were received by one of the buyers. Thus the quality of the product is also questionable.

Thus the website does not have good reviews by the previous buyers, and it is highly risky to invest money on such a website.

4 thoughts on “Blissy Pillowcase Reviews [June] Is it Legit a Hoax?

  1. I have purchased two pillowcases from Blissy, at two different times! The pillowcases were brand new and warped nicely, and in beautiful boxes! The pillow cases are wonderful on my skin and hair. I even bought on for my son! He says it’s really soft and comfortable and likes the coolness against his face! I’m sorry to anyone who is having issues with them, as I did not have any problems.

  2. I recently purchased some “white” pillowcases, actually they are cream. When asking to return them I was told they are not actually white, but “eggshell”. Why don’t they say that then? If I want to return them I have to pay return postage!!!! Disgusting!!! Best pillowcases I have ever had but need white as have all white bedding. They know they are misleading people but don’t seem to care!!!

    1. Dear Sharon Raschkewitz! Thank you that you have shared your feedback. Yes paying the return fee is painful and that too when there are chances of getting scammed. Any reliable portal never ask for return payments. We hope that you can find some good white pillowcases at some reliable portal. Our advise is that you should shop from the portals that ask no money for returns. Stay Safe.

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