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Blue Fire Switch Review (Feb 2021) Explore its Facts

Blue Fire Switch Review (Feb 2021) Explore its Facts >> Please read this article to explore some facts about a recently launched game and also explore its gameplay.

Blue Fire, the trending game that recalls the Hollow Knight and Legend of Zelda, has launched on 4th February 2021 in the United States and the United KingdomThe game holds a fantastic story of a desolated kingdom. 

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The character of the game was born in a giant test tube, and later the journey of exploring the mystery of desolated kingdom starts, and the more you move ahead with the character, the more you discover interesting puzzles, temples, and so on that made every step of this game even more exciting and unusual.

Do you wanted to know more about this famous and newly launched game, then read this article carefully.

What Is Blue Fire?

Blue Fire Switch Review is an Indie game launched on 4th February 2021 by the ROBIE Studios developer. Blue Fire is an adventure-based game showcase the wonderful and mysterious perished world of Penumbra. You found puzzles, enemies, and a challenging platform made on a 3D platform that admires Robie developer’s work. 

Now, let’s explored more about the features or specifications of this awesome game.

  Features or Specifications 

  • Blue Fire game released on 4th February 2021.
  • It is a one-player game.
  • The genre of Blue Fire: Indie, Adventure, Platformer, Action, Role-Playing
  • It is fast and responsive gameplay that showcases several puzzles during the game.
  • The video game’s storyline presented a corrupt kingdom story that got infected due to the virus.

What are the suitable platforms required to play this game?

If you wanted to play this game, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are the ideally supported platforms even though Blue Fire Switch Review, the high pixel of game recalls’ the early 20’s Nintendo 64 Game.

 Is it Safe?

This is a bit hard as this is a recently launched game, and it’s too new to pass any judgments about this game. Moreover, we have discovered that the gamers found this game worthy and lovable. The play explores various angles of penumbra’s perished kingdom, and players found this enticing and exciting, which is why they saw this game even more exciting and wanted to explore more at every step.

Customer Reviews

What to say or not, this game put us in this dilemma as it is just launching on 4th February 2021; due to this, it just entered the market, so we find it hard to say anything. Besides this, we have discovered that many players stated and claimed that the game’s art and direction recall the Hollow Knight and Legend of Zelda.  

Thus, Blue Fire Switch Review that depicting anything about this game is a bit early as it is a newly released game.


Undoubtedly, it is clear that the game is exciting and holds a fantastic storyline that players will enjoy it. Moreover, the fast and responsive gameplay and its 3D challenging stages attract a large number of players. ROBI studios designed and provide an impeccable gaming experience to the players.

After reading this article Blue Fire Switch Review, do you also think about playing this game? If yes, then share your comments in the comment box, and if No, then share your views too?

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