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Boating Accident Aruba Cassidy Murray (March) Incident!

The following post gives insight into Boating Accident Aruba Cassidy Murray and ways to prevent boat accidents.

Are you worried about the latest accidents around the world and want to get more information about them? For example, do you know about the Boating Accident that took place recently? If your answer is NO, then read the article to get to know about the incident.

The people in the United States are searching for a Boat Accident in which a girl was killed. This led to a common searchable topic Boating Accident Aruba Cassidy Murray, on the internet. If you are also searching for this topic, then follow the details below.

About The Incident 

Cassidy Murray, a 13-year-old girl who was a student at Buckingham Browne & Nichols School in Cambridge, was killed in a boating accident on Wednesday. She was a girl from Milton, Massachusetts.

As per the family and school officials, she was on holiday in Aruba, with her family, where the tragic boating incident occurred. The Murray family left a heartfelt message on Twitter about the tragic death of Cassidy Murray and thanked everyone for their condolences, and requested to be left alone to grieve privately for some time.

Responses After Boating Accident Aruba Cassidy Murray

The school officials and her friends mourned the tragic death of Cassidy Murray. The Buckingham Browne & Nichols School administration said that they were all distressed at the tragic death of Cassidy Murray and expressed their heartfelt condolences to the Murray family. They also said some remembering words about the girl and hailed her achievements and thought process.

Milton School (previous school of Cassidy Murray) Superintendent also mourned the tragic death of its former student Cassidy Murray.

After getting information about the Boating Accident Aruba Cassidy Murray, you must be wondering about Cassidy Murray. So, follow the below details about the girl.

About Cassidy Murray

As per Buckingham Browne & Nichols (BBN) School administration, the girl was in 7th grade. She came to the school from Pierce Middle School in Milton. Before this, she went to Glover Elementary. She was recommended by her brother Adam who was a 10th grader in BBN, to join the school.

Further, as per the school administration, the girl made a space for herself in the school. She was good at playing Hockey and Gymnastics in school. She was also good at drama and ceramics in school. The girl taught everyone in the school to be cheerful and enjoy life as no one knows the future.

How To Avoid Incidents Like Boating Accident Aruba Cassidy Murray?

Further, while boating, you can avoid accidents by:

  • Taking a boating safety course.
  • Wearing life safety jackets, especially children
  • Having proper safety equipment onboard
  • Watching water and weather conditions carefully
  • Avoiding boat overloading.
  • Protecting with insurance facilities
  • Maintaining a safe speed.


Cassidy Murray was a bright girl as per the school administration whose life was cut short by the incident. The cause of the boating accident is unknown. However, you can avoid these accidents by following the steps given above. Currently, the family must be given time to grieve for their daughter.

For more information about Boating Accident Aruba Cassidy Murray incident, you may refer here.

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