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Boomer Naturals Face Mask Reviews (July) Scam or Legit?

Boomer Naturals Face Mask Reviews (July) Scam or Legit? >>  In this article, we review Boomer Natural Face Mask, used for personal protection.

Face Masks have now become an essential part of our lives while facing the current pandemic. Just like other wearable items, face masks have also picked up fashion trends. Stylish, designed, and printed face masks have become quite popular recently. If you’re looking to buy such masks, we have a suggestion, Boomer Naturals Face Mask.

According to our Boomer Naturals Face Mask Reviews, the masks are entirely made up of natural substances, as the name suggests. Boomer Naturals is a well-known name when it comes to companies that offer wellness products. So, we have reason to believe the face masks to be of high-quality as well.

The product has picked up a fair amount of popularity in the United States. The website popularity and user traffic have increased in the region by a significant amount.

Now before you think of purchasing from this website, let us take a look at other details of this website, like it’s pricing and other information. We’ll also tell you about Boomer Naturals Discount Code that you can use to get additional discount on items.

What is Boomer Naturals Face Mask?

It is evident by the name that Boomer Naturals Face Mask is a line of face masks offered by Boomer Naturals, a wellness company that sells several well-being products.

The Boomer Naturals Face Mask standouts since it is entirely made of natural materials. They are comfortable to wear and do not harm the skin in any way. Due to their availability in several prints and designs, they have become popular.

Boomer Naturals Face Mask Details:

  • Website- https://boomernaturals.com/
  • Build Material: Natural materials like cotton.
  • Email- info@boomernaturals.com
  • Address- 8670 W, Cheyenne Avenue, Las Vegas, United States
  • Contact No- 7029604843
  • Shipping period- 2-3 days (the US only)
  • Delivery time-  within one week (the US only)
  • Returns- in 30 days of purchasing the item.
  • Exchange- It is applicable.
  • Refund-  in a few days of receiving the product.
  • Payment- Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Apple Pay.

Are Boomer Naturals Face Mask legit?

We believe that Boomer Naturals Face Masks are entirely legit. Information like address, email and contact no are available on the site, which makes it appear trustworthy. Also, Boomer Naturals are somewhat known for their other products as well.

Pros of Boomer Naturals Face Mask:

  • They are comfortable to wear.
  • They are entirely made up of natural materials.
  • Return, refund and exchange policies apply to most products.
  • They come in various designs and prints.

Cons of Boomer Naturals Face Mask:

  • No free shipping below orders of $50.
  • They are not medical grade protection equipment.
  • You are entirely responsible for returning the damaged product to the provided address.
  • No delivery options outside of the US are present.
  • People residing outside of the US will find it a little expensive.

Customers’ opinion on Boomer Naturals Face Mask:

Boomer Naturals has some non-user reviews on its website. Of the Boomer Naturals Face Mask Reviews available on the site, we read a majority of them. Almost all of those reviews were positive. Thus, we searched for some other places to collect reports of people who had recently bought face masks from the site.

We found that of all the reviews, the majority of them were in favour of the face masks. Users were impressed with the designs and styles offered by them, and the products they received exceeded their expectations. Some complained that the products are only fancy and stylish, but are not of much help when it comes to protecting oneself.

Overall, the reviews in favour of the Boomer Naturals Face Mask Reviews were more in number than those who weren’t.

Final Verdict

We have taken a look at all of the crucial details of this website. There’s not a single necessary aspect of this site that we haven’t touched. Now it’s time we conclude. The Boomer Naturals Face Mask has several advantages like it’s material, pricing, etc. 

But there are some downsides to this product as well. They’re not very useful when it comes to protection. There are several such websites selling face masks, so there’s stiff competition, and hence a lot of options for customers. But you can use Boomer Naturals Discount Code to avail additional discount on the products. The site or the product is entirely legit. So, it all comes down to your choice.

Our readers, we suggest to you that if there’s any face mask that you took a liking to on this website and intended to buy it, you can. The site is entirely legitimate.

23 thoughts on “Boomer Naturals Face Mask Reviews (July) Scam or Legit?

  1. Masks are from Vietnam.
    I think like shoes, large there means something different.
    The masks might be geared to a population with leass pronounced nose.

    Without a metal piece, there are air gaps on each side of the nose… below the eyes.

    Ehy did your review not state this weak link in the chain? It’s obvious. Right in front of my nose.

    What if at the market, a Bruno suddenly appears with a Niagara water fall sneeze?

    Those openings just below the eyes are not going to protect… No matter how much the material is tested safe.

    1. Hello, we would love to assist you and issue you a refund or send you a replacement for your unhappiness. You are welcome to call 702-960-4843 Monday-Sunday 9-6 so we can help you! Thank you and I hope you have a beautiful day!

  2. I did receive mine rather quickly after initial issues I had applying the promotional code though? I like the mask I chose and is more comfortable than another I own.

  3. I think Boomer Naturals are a rip off. The one sent me do not appear to be the same as what they use in their many TV ads. They run small in size. I am a male and have an average size face/head and they are too tight. Also, for $9.40 you would think they would at least have a nose piece that you could bend to make it a better fit around the nose. I made a mistake in this purchase.

    1. Hello, I apologize for you being so unhappy, we would love to assist you in any way possible; if we can issue you a refund or possibly send you a replacement please let us know. Have a beautiful day!

  4. The masks are a rip-off — you can tell because COVID-19 is a VIRUS, and their mask’s sliver treatment (why they are expensive) protects against BACTERIA.

  5. Obvious scam — this review site contains LIES!

    From this review site: 1. the masks are entirely made up of natural substances,
    2. They are entirely made up of natural materials.

    From the Boomer Naturals site: “Our soft, safe material is a 65% cotton/35% polyester blend”

    Gee, I didn’t know that polyester is a “natural” material!

    If they lie about this, what else are they lying about? Go somewhere else for your masks.

  6. I too am still waiting the order was placed 05/16/2020 the ck cleared 05/18 they have no tracking # and no estimated time of delivery offered, They offered a shipping # you have to call customer service who will advise to allow more time

  7. Ordered 6 masks, the order was not processed for over a week and only sent until after I Emailed them. Upon receiving the masks only the smallest female member of the family could comfortably wear the mask. The four adult males of the family could not wear the masks at all. Did not go below the chin or around both ears. These are made for children, or small adults. Waste of time and money!!!!

    1. Hello, we apologize for your dissatisfaction, if you would like a large replacement for the face coverings that didn’t fit we would gladly send those for no charge. Please let us know. Thank you and have a beautiful day!

  8. I just received my 2 Boomer Naturals masks and was so excited until I tried them on. I am a petite adult and the regular adult size mask was extremely large on me. I wish now that I had purchased the child size. Luckily I own a sewing machine so I customized them to fit. Be very wary of the size when you purchase. These masks are very soft however they are very thick and I found it to be very uncomfortable to breathe in when it’s hot out. I’ll be saving mine for the winter and will purchase disposables to wear until it’s cold out.

  9. I totally agree with Daniels review, I ordered one black adult mask and one Island print adult mask, when I received them it was clear that the printed mask was to small and not of adult sizing . I have been in contact with Beth at Boomer and let her know that their was a problem with sizing. Boomer sent me another mask and it was the same size as a child’s mask, this did not cover my face the same as the black adult mask….the island mask is to small for an adult. The bottom line is I am frustrated with contacting a company with pictures that show a problem with sizing and they still send me the same small mask. This doesn’t say much for a company who is given all the tools to work the problem with no end result. I am still out of an adult size mask!

  10. I think they are very questionable. I have been waiting on my mask for over a month and would not recommend anyone purchasing from them. I would not order any of their other products either.

  11. I ordered 5 of blue 30 wear when they came they are not was pictured on page to short ear holes small kids size I am disabled needed good mask all I got was 5 pieces of junk I feel like this is a scam would like to have what I ordered in stead of kid size mask Donald Wright ordered may 28 /20

    1. Hello sir, We apologize and would love to send you replacement face coverings free of charge, if you give us a call at 702-960-4843 we can happily assist you!

  12. Ordered two adults masks, received today and one is clearly for a child! Trying to get in touch with someone to replace it. It is way to small to fit adult male. Order clearly states two “adult” ..The company apparently has a problem with their sizing!

  13. I ordered 6 mask from this company. The 2 purple ones were not as shown in the picture. The ear elastic is lace like that would be on a woman’s panties. It is very loose . The other mask barely cover your nose and mouth. I also ordered 3 bottles of hand sanitizer. The smell is terrible it took me 3 times of washing with soap to get the smell off my hands. But worse than that the hand sanitizer took some of the skin off my hands. I use sanitizer all the time and have never had that reaction. I wonder what is in it. When I called the company the first time whoever answered the phone sounded like a duck and I could not understand him at all. He hung up on me. The second time I called about the mask and sanitizer she sounded like 12 year old girl. At first she told me they don’t do returns. I was persistent about the products. She then told me to send it back. I asked for a shipping labels she said they don’t do that. I wonder how legit this company really is.

    1. Hello ma’am, we greatly apologize for all of that! If you give us a call at 702-960-4843 and tell the representative the situation we will issue you a refund and gladly send you a replacement of whatever face covering you would like free of charge. Thank you for your feedback and we are working to improve it all to make our amazing customers happy! Have a beautiful day!

  14. I saw the TV ad for covid face masks on Newsmax and ordered 2 face masks on July 13th. I never got an email to confirm my purchase. I waited over a week and then contacted them on their website site since I have no way of knowing if the delivery was delayed…or what? I have messaged them now 3 times and I don’t get any reply to the email address I left them. I noticed that the day I ordered these masks my credit card was charged. It took them no time to take my money but I can’t even get a polite response from them. The TV ad states …”IN STOCK NOW – SHIPS FAST”. The only thing fast about this transaction was how fast they charged my account. I understand that some times delays happen but what irritates me most is that, although they have a place to contact them that is tagged “support’ and the phrase ” how can we help you?” and all my messages are ignored. My first message was polite but the last one I assure you was less than polite since their customer service is non-existent. I can only assume that their rudeness is the result of a scam operation. Beware of ‘boomernaturals’

  15. I ordered a few times. The last order, I ordered purple. They ran out if it and sent me two navy blue ones and two free white ones. They did not notify me of this until they arrived with a note. Masks are non returnable. I think it’s terrible business for them to choose what colors to send me, they should have offered Me a refund not their choice if masks for me. Once they ship them even if you don’t open them the masks can’t be returned. So, on my last order I paid for two mask colors that I didn’t want. Terribly sneaky. Never ordering from this company again. Beware!

  16. The masks sent looks like they were for a child. They were not as displayed. Also, I had to contact them to find out why the delay in shipping. I do not recommend.

  17. Would NOT purchase these again. Bought them from CVS.

    Tried several of these Boomer Naturals and was NOT impressed. Here are the good points:
    1. Fabric feels good
    2. Good bead spring fasteners the mask can be tightened.

    Here is what was designed poorly and is NOT good:

    1. I was able to blow out a candle through the mask from three inches away.
    2. The largest size available (XL) was too small in that when talking the mask moves down under the nose. There needs to be a size larger than XL.
    3. The metal strip buried at the superior part of the mask has sharp edges… they did not round it, so the material in the tunnel is breaking down, cut by the edges.
    4. The strip is not good quality. Needs higher resistance and to stay as shaped. Too often it allows hot expired air to fog my glasses.
    5. In both masks, the strip was not in midline. It was very difficult to maneuver the strip to midline.
    6. The manufacturer should have made an additional cloth layer so that there need not be a 30 days limit.
    7. The labelling is inadequate. For instance, it fails to state if one should wash it before using. It fails to state why the 30 day limit.
    8. Labelling fails to state why one should pay over $5.00 when nearby masks for one or two dollars have unlimited life. There are two other issues with the packaging/labelling.

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