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Botobre Scam {March 2022} Is This Authentic Or A Scam?

The preceding article will assist you in analyzing all of the critical elements of the portal named Botobre.com. So, check out If Botobre Scam or not.

Are you looking to purchase décor goods for wall or peter rabbit? If so, let us assist you in determining Botobre.com authenticity by looking over a few key elements.

We all desire to keep our houses looking nice. Utilizing various home decor items also assists us in keeping our home’s beautiful vibe. Many individuals in the United States are unsure if this site is authentic or a hoax! Continue reading if Botobre Scam or not.

Is Botobre.com Legit?

Before declaring the legitimacy of digital platforms, there are a few things to keep in mind. To make the jobs understandable, we’ve tackled all aspects and listed the information for each of them beneath.

Feel free to read these to have enough clearance for your responses:

  • Domain Age – The Portal registered on 17th January 2021, showing that Botobre.com is around two months five days old. 
  • Trust Index Value – The website botobre.com is about two months old, but then also it received a score of 1%.
  • User Experience – The Portal has no Botobre Reviews, which is a negative sign.
  • Alexa Score – Since the botobre.com portal has gained no popularity, it has a low Alexa score.
  • Official Portal Location – The official address of botobre.com is present with contact detail on the site.
  • Owner Information – On the official site of botobre.com, the owner name of the portal is mentioned.
  • Portal Policies – All policies like return refunds are available on botobre.com with each specific.
  • Irrational Deals – Botobre.com offers no deals currently on any product.

If you’re interested in checking more about the portal, we provided you with information on buyer feedback. Is Botobre Scam? We advise our customers not to utilize this site for purchasing online based on the information and scores provided above. 

What is Botobre.com?

Botobre.com is an online firm that sells a wide range of stylish home goods to buyers. They state that their goods are both high-quality and cost-effective. The online goods are divided into several categories: wellness and fitness, housing and décor,  kitchen, gardening, and unsorted.

Read the instructions in this post until the end to determine its legitimacy and obtain your responses on Botobre.com. Keep checking out to learn Is Botobre Scam or not.

Specifications of Botobre.com:

As advancements in technology are also hazardous, you should take precautions when making purchases. It’s critical to figure out when a website was established. Let’s look at the portal’s legitimacy by going through some essential information.

  • Domain Creation Date – 17th January 2021
  • Portal URL – https://www.botobre.com/
  • Official Email Address – service@botobre.com
  • Phone Number – Absent
  • Company Location – Lettymar Limited, Nicosia, 1090, Cyprus
  • Mode of Payment – VISA, Paypal and more
  • Social Platforms Availability – Links present but inactive
  • Return Guideline – Within 45 days of purchasing
  • Refund Policy – Mentioned
  • Company Exchange Guideline – Absent

Let us know more about this website by looking at the pros and cons because there isn’t much information on the official site. Explore Is Botobre Scam or not.

Pros of buying from Botobre.com:

  • A user-friendly layout has been created for the website.
  • In order to safeguard users’ data, the site features a site lock.
  • The design and description of the goods are enticing.

Cons of buying from Botobre.com

  • The website has a poor Alexa rank.
  • The site’s domain score or Trust rating, on the other hand, is very poor.
  • The company has virtually little contact with its existing and potential clients.
  • The site includes social media links; however, they are all inactive.

Botobre Reviews 

User testimonials are among the most important aspects of determining whether a website is legitimate! According to our findings, the company has provided consumer feedback and items; however, these do not correspond to evaluations posted on social media platforms. It indicates some fraud.

We have provided all relevant data about the site in the previous section, and we have determined that the site botobre.com is dubious based on those considerations. Kindly find here how to apply for a refund via credit card.

Final Verdict

Botobre.com offers décor goods has gained name around the United States. Is Botobre Scam? This site has received no evaluations on either its authorized or non-official channels. So, we infer that this portal is not safe to purchase goods. If you desire your money back via PayPal, then click here.

Have you ever bought any exciting goods from this portal? If so, then comment down.

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