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Bradley Whitford What If {Aug} Get Complete Insight!

Bradley Whitford What If {Aug} Get Complete Insight! >> Do you want to know the details of the latest Marvel show? Hurry up! Read the content in detail with us.

Are you aware that a new TV show, What If, has been out on the screen? Well, the first episode comes with an introduction of many marvel characters. Seeing them all together, the fans in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, and United States are looking for its details.

The new animated series of Marvel are the best and most awaited moments for the fans. Every new story creates a different spin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So, by sharing today’s content, we will make you aware of the Bradley Whitford What If highlights. Stay tuned with us.

Few words about What If show

It is a new TV show that brings Marvel characters on a screen. The first episode was streamed on August 11, 2021. This nine-part adventurous series wonders what if others play the stories of certain characters. Like in the second episode, it presents how the life of Black Panther’s Chadwick Boseman would be if he swapped places with Chris Pratt.

The series is all about bringing your imagination on the screen when different characters shift their roles. 

Bradley Whitford What If – Who voices each character?

To add a more realistic effect to the show, many marvel characters have put their voice into it, while few are still missing. It is worth watching that Westworld Star Jeffrey Wright will narrate the whole storyline.

Moreover, Colonel Flynn will be voiced by the popular actor who was recently shown his presence in The Handmaid’s Tale. Well, he is none other than Bradley Whitford. 

You might be curious to know whose voice will be available apart from Bradley Whitford What If. So, here is the list of other actors who are going to add their voice– 

  • Sebastien Stan – Bucky Barnes
  • Jeremy Renner – Hawkeye
  • Ross Marquand – Red Skull
  • Samuel L Jackson – Nick Fury

Similarly, this list will keep going on, and you will surely find your best actor’s voices in the Marvel show What If.

What is the role of Bradley Whitford in the What If?

Bradley’s role in this marvel show is a wink to one of the Marvel Studio short films named One Short. Do you remember it? It was only a 15 minutes video where he acts as Flynn. However, Bradley Whitford What If is playing the role of Colonel Flynn.

Whitford has also appeared in the Iron Man 3. So, if you are eager to watch that series, you can easily stream it on Disney+.

What If Captain Carter were the first Avenger? – First Episode

The first episode of the Marvel show comes with this question. It not only brings back the best action sequences ever watched in any of the series but a new and refreshed storyline too. The bunch of familiar voices makes us believe that it is a part of MCU, although it does not have live -actions.

If you are looking for the official trailer of What if, watch here


Bradley Whitford What If has appeared in the show to make it more fantastic for you. It is a new TV show that brings Marvel characters on a screen. So, enjoy watching the new and latest episodes of Marvel Show What If. 

Have you streamed the first episode? What are your views about it? Comment and share with us.

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