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Brasov Near Castle (August) Know The Historical Facts!

Brasov Near Castle (August) Know The Historical Facts! >> This article gives brief information about the famous tourist spot in Romania & about its history.

Do you want to know the best castle which you can visit near Brasov? Are you looking for some information related to those castles so that you can cover more parts of the castles? Castles have become famous in Hollywood movies.  

People from different countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries visit these Brasov Near Castle to explore it. In this article, we will tell you about these castles in brief. So let’s get started. 

Why do people like to visit castles?

Almost in every country, you can find a castle or a palace. People like to visit these places because they tell us about the history of the place. You can know about the history of the place just by exploring the castle. 

Also, these castles help the new architects by giving them some new design ideas and ornate. In addition, people can spend their time with their friends or family and explore the history of that country. 

Which one is the Brasov Near Castle? 

Brasov is a city in Romania, and Romania is known for many things, and castles are one of them. One of the closest castles in Brasov is the Bran Castle. Bran Castle is also known as Dracula castle. It is the national monument in Transylvania. 

One of the authors, Bram Stoker, showcased in the novel that Bran’s castle is Dracula’s home, which is why it is also known as Dracula’s castle. 

What are the other castles located near Brasov?

Apart from the bran castle, you can also visit other Brasov Near Castle like:

  • Rasnov Citadel
  • Fagaras Fortress
  • Citadel of the guard 
  • Peles Castle 

Some interesting facts about Bran’s Castle 

  • The main villain of the famous novel Stoker’s was Count Dracula. Stoker described the home of Dracula in a very detailed way, but the fun fact is that he never visited Bran’s castle. 
  • The local people of Romania believed in the existence of vampires. That’s why local people didn’t suggest anyone walk out in the night. 
  • Many other Brasov Near Castle are available, but Bran’s Castle gets the limelight because of the Dracula stories. 
  • The bran castle was used as a hospital during World War 2 as Princess Ileana treated many wounded soldiers in her castle. 
  • Bran Castle has a secret passage that connects the first and the third floor. Unfortunately, no one knows about this secret passage until the time of the renovation.
  • People came to explore this castle from countries like the United States, Australia and many more. 

Wrapping it up

With all the information we have gathered about Brasov Near Castle, we can conclude that it is one of the tourists attractive locations for Romania. 

Castles and Palaces make the people interested in their history, and the history of Bran Castle didn’t disappoint the tourists. 

If you have visited this castle, share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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