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Breathe Pure Mask Reviews {June} Is It Safe To Buy?

Breathe Pure Mask Reviews {June} Is It Safe To Buy? -> This post will answer numerous questions. Please go through it to get an idea of breathepuremask.com is safe or not.

Isn’t pollution becoming the most significant problem on this earth? Its not a surprise that Breathe Pure Mask is the solution for all your mask needs. 

Extremely lightweight & easy to breathe triple-layer face mask designed to protect unwanted germs from entering your mouth and lets you breathe comfortably in the open space. 

Breath Pure Mask Review Work

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On looking at Breathe Pure Mask Reviews, it is observed that this website is doing well in the United States.

The one question that will be crossing your mind would be Is Breathe Pure Mask legit or not? 

What is breathepuremask.com?

Breathepuremask.com is an online platform where a non-woven anti-pollution mask is available.

The mask got three layers. The first two layers is made up of skin-friendly non-woven cloth that separates your nose, mouth & face from the world.

The third layer that completes the design and makes you experience comfortable breathing. 

It’s a shield that protects you from infections unwanted germs, gives you comfortable wearing experience, and causes fewer marks on your skin as it is skin-friendly.

During this coronavirus pandemic, you can use this disposable mask to practice social distancing as it allows a comfortable breathing experience.

Just go through this Breathe Pure Mask Reviews, You will get every question answered.

What does breathepuremask.com offer?

Breathepuremask.com offers a set of triple-layered disposable anti-pollution face masks.

The masks is used to protect you from the infection germs & the pollutant particles that cause breathing problems.

This triple-layered disposable face masks protect you from airborne particles while giving you comfortable breathing experience.

You can get an additional ten masks by just paying processing & handling charges.

Breathe Pure Mask Legit

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Is breathepuremask.com useful? 

Irrespective of if you are a medical staff or clinical staff, you can use this mask as it is disposable & protects you from the outer world.

In this coronavirus pandemic, it is strongly suggested that you should use this mask and recommend it to your family and friends.

Wearing this triple-layered mask helps you with social distancing also and gives you confidence that unwanted infectious germs don’t arrive at your mouth.

Why breathepuremask.com unique?

In this pandemic where people don’t know how to be safe, Breathepuremask.com came up to provide you with disposable mask sets at a very reasonable price.

It’s triple-layers marks you safe from the outer world.

Its skin-friendliness takes care of your delicate skin and provides you with comfortable breathing experience.

Is Breathe Pure Mask legit?

Is Breathe Pure Mask legit? The most searched keyword people search for, 

In this pandemic, people are so worried about their safety, and they have many other options in the market to buy breathing masks, so they are afraid of investing their money.

Breathe Pure Mask Reviews suggests that the website has an Email ID, Phone number, Customer Support desk, so it can be said that this website is not fake and is 100% genuine.

But to be more sure you can read this Breathe Pure Mask Reviews, You will know the benefits and other specifications of this website.

Benefits of buying from breathepuremask.com : 

  • Disposable Mask
  • Triple Layer Masks
  • Technology Driven 
  • All Size mask available
  • Trustworthy
  • Easy ordering
  • Accepts Online/Telephonic order 
  • Secure Payment option 
  • Easy Checkout


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Specifications – 

  • Product – Disposable face masks
  • Email –  info@tvcustomerinfo.com
  • Phone – 1-800-491-8923/973-287-5157
  • Delivery time –  N/A
  • Exchange/Return – Non-exchangeable/Non-Returnable
  • Mode of Payment – All Credit cards

Pros of buying from breathepuremask.com

  • Shipping directly to your home.
  • Additional Processing & Handling charges gives you an extra ten masks.
  • Customer email support.
  • Order tracking facility available.
  • 24×7 Website access to Videos/Tips/Hints.
  • Order cancellation is available if practiced within a limited time after the purchase.

Cons of buying from breathepuremask.com : 

  • It only sells disposable masks.
  • Only credit cards are accepted.
  • Delivery time is not available.

Customer’s feedback on breathepuremask.com : 

Many of the customers who have bought this mask queried about if this mask fits kids or not?

This mask comes up with elastic loops which is flexible and fit almost everyone.

Consumers who all have bought this mask loved this safety cover and recommended this mask to others.

Breathe Pure Mask Where to Buy

Final verdict :

To conclude, Breathe Pure Mask Reviews, It is suggested that if you are concerned about your safety in this coronavirus pandemic or generally, then you should try breathepuremask.com.

You will get disposable anti-pollution triple-layered masks at attractive combo offers and discounts on this website.

47 thoughts on “Breathe Pure Mask Reviews {June} Is It Safe To Buy?

      1. I placed an order on May 9, 2020 but never received a confirmation e-mail that my order was received! Why did I and other people not receive one?

        1. It took me a month to get mine. I paid the extra shipping for 10 free masks and did not get them. Never buy from this company again.

          1. I placed an Order on May 5,2020. I never received a Confirmation Number. Money was taken from my Checking account. WHERE ARE MY MASKS. Ihave
            contacted the Better Business Bureau,. From all of the comments I have read THIS A SCAM

    1. First of all, why the hell do you sell my house that you don’t have in stock that is horrible business I’ve been waiting for my Masks for weeks, where are they? I have a faster response from the ones I ordered from China LOL!

    2. stop do not order is company is a rip off I order a pair of XL none latex glove and in the mail 3 months later I got a box of LARGE latex gloves and I call customer service and a supervisor advised me that they can only get LARGE gloves from china and the gloves and are none refundable to give them to someone who can use them.

  1. The FAQ page on the website says the masks are made in China. I think this is pretty standard. If you are wondering if these are legit I suggest you look up company promoting the product which is called Tristar. I think they sell a ton of products online, by phone, and thru TV commercials. I did notice that these masks are NOT returnable.

  2. Based on the lack of responses it would indicate that these masks, with the exception of one or two, are made in China.

  3. Whoever wrote this ad should have reviewed it with greater scrutiny; the English composition is very poor. Made and written in China?

  4. I live in Alaska an I was just told that they dont ship outside the continental U.S
    Wtf people Alaska is the 49th state of the United States!

  5. Once you got my credit card number I was put on hold. I’m still on hold for 25 minutes already. All you need is my address to ship. Why?

  6. They don’t seal to anyone’s face.
    They give you a false sense of security and that could make these cheap and ineffective masks a hazard to your health.

  7. Not sure they are made in the US they kind of look like the ones manufactured on sweatshop floors in India.

  8. what a scam! $20 per 10 masks. over 1000% mark up. plus shipping/handling and tax. not a good company.

  9. I ordered a box of 50 mask several days ago. I have not received a confirmation or tracking number. ????

  10. We’re such fools in this country. While we’re in crisis, China is buying everything in the country and shipping us junk.

  11. I did not get a email confirmation after my order and seems like the ph# given is taken off the hook, just signal. Has anyone actually received the mask? I am starting to think this is a scam. May just cancel with my bank

  12. I placed a order on 5/11 and was told it would ship the next day and shipping would take 2 to 3 weeks, received email the next day to confirm order and to inform me that there was a 2 to 3 weeks shipping delay and the status of the order was temporarily out of stock. Called on 5/14 and was told that it wouldn’t ship until 6/22 I cancelled the order

  13. They do not answer the phone. Tried to cancel my order within 30 minutes of giving my credit card number and they will not answer. Stayed on the line two different times for over 1.5 hours listening to their music and saying high volume of calls. After an hour just music and no more recorded “high volume”. Credit card could not/would not cancel. I still do not have my order after 3 weeks and you CANNOT RETURN THEM. I am sick of these scams! Now they are coming from TV ads. Use to be it was just FB scams.

  14. I ordered 40 masks on May 9 . Nearly 4 weeks have passes & they did not arrive. I’ve called & e-mailed repeatedly to check the status of my order but got no reply by e-mail & was never connected to a telephone agent.

  15. I ordered my masks on May 25th, 2020. They advertise on TV they are available for shipment now…. Where are my masks? How do I cancel my order??? This is a scam. How terrible you take advantage of people at this time… Disgusting…
    Ruth Kubiak

  16. Order placed 6 weeks ago. Still no masks and no response. The charge was put on my credit card 2 weeks ago. Still no masks or response. Please cancel my order and return the amount on my credit card. I think you are a fraud and I would never order anything from you again.

  17. I have to agree with you, Alaska is literally the definition of, “part of the Contenntal United States ,” as we are connected by land.

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