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Brightright Lights Reviews {April} Is This A Scam or Not?

Brightright Lights Reviews {April} Is This A Scam or Not? >> In this article, we review Brightright Solar Lights, a solar light sold by Bright Right.

It often happens that you fall on the ground while strolling in your garden at night. Sometimes, you accidentally hit a rock or fall in a small pit. It happens to more of us than you think. But what if we told you there’s a way you can prevent all of this from happening ever again. How would that happen? Lights. Now getting lights and other electrical equipment installed in your garden will consume a lot of time, it’ll be costly and will add to your already huge electric bill. There’s a way around that, where you get to save money instead and still have all the equipment. You opt for solar lights. We have a recommendation, Bright Right Solar Lights. 

We have taken a look at many Brightright Lights Reviews, and we have found that they are one of the best solar lighting equipment to serve your purpose. They are cheap, they’re long-lasting, and they’re effortless to install, and we’ll get into all the specifications in the next section. 

What are Brightright Solar Lights?

As the name suggests, Bright Right Solar Lights is a solar light sold by Bright Right. They can be purchased on Bright Right’s website or a few other online stores. Bright Right is a considerably known company in the US when it comes to solar lights. They’re frequently used for lighting gardens, halls and paths. 

Bright Right is an American company and hence based out of the United States. They’ve established themselves as a prominent brand in the region and have achieved a fair amount of success, most of which is the result of the Bright Light Solar Lights

Bright Right Specifications:

  • Website:  https://getbrightright.com/
  • Shipping Period: 72 hours due to the current situation (24 hours usually)
  • Delivery Period: varies with location, exact duration unclear.
  • Email: support@getbrightright.com
  • Contact No: 844-330-6989
  • Address: Newport Beach, California
  • Return: 30-day return policy 
  • Exchange: products cannot be exchanged.
  • Refund Period: unclear.
  • Payment Method: Credit & Debit Card/ PayPal

Bright Light Solar Lights Specifications:

  • Price: $139.80 (for 20 lights, prices vary with the number of lights)
  • They take only 6 hours to get fully charged.
  • Once charged completely, they last upto 10-15 hours.
  • They are entirely water-resistant.
  • They’re easy to install and require no wiring.
  • They’re bright with the capacity of upto 5 lumens.

Are Bright Right Solar Lights legit?

Bright Right Solar Lights is a fantastic product if the specifications are to be believed. When a product like this is available for such a low price, people start wondering if it’s even real or not. It is also the case with the Bright Right solar lights.

We did a lot of research and concluded that we cannot say with absolute certainty if they are legit. The Brightright Solar Lights Reviews present on the website are overwhelmingly positive but other platforms tell an entirely different story. There have been reports of the product not functioning properly and getting damaged within a few days of purchase. Their are also complaints regarding its late delivery period. Some users have also called this product a scam.

Bright Right Solar Lights Pros:

  • They get charged quickly and last for a long duration of time.
  • In the absence of sunlight on cloudy days, they get charged through UV rays. 
  • They’re water-resistant, so they do not require protection from the rain.
  • Their customer service is excellent, and they respond quickly.

Bright Right Solar Lights Cons: 

  • They charge a restocking fee (15% of retail value) when returning a damaged product, which is completely unfair. 
  • Several users have complained that the product is a scam.
  • They’re not smooth, flexible or easygoing on authorising returns.
  • They only deliver in the United States.

What are the users and customers saying about Bright Right Solar Lights?

There are many positive Brightright Lights Reviews and responses on their website and other platforms. They received praise for their compact build, durability among other features. But they also received an almost equal amount of negative responses. Several outraged customers called it a scam, and claimed the product was only for show and did not function properly. The restocking fee and the late delivery period was also a major issue for customers.

Final Verdict

We don’t know if Bright Right is legit. The solar lights are an excellent product on paper with high specifications and attractive pricing. They deliver everywhere in the United States. But the presence of many negative responses and their poor reputation does not work in their favor.

Our readers, we recommend you go for Bright Right Solar Lights at your own risk if you’re looking to buy such products.

0 thoughts on “Brightright Lights Reviews {April} Is This A Scam or Not?

  1. I believe this is a SCAM. We ordered bright lights on May 4th. Paid $141.40 for them. They were never delivered. When we called and finally got a hold of someone the said they would ship another order. They gave us a new tracking number and the same shit happened, Package awaiting USPS pick up in Brisbane California. Same as last time. Then the Sales person wanted a survey. Total BS. If someone at this company has any interest please respond.

  2. I ordered a pkg. of 8 brightright lights on 5/21/2020 – called 6/16 to find out when order was going to be delivered – spoke with Asace (pronounced Ace) and was told they would be delivered approx. 6/22. Was given a tracking number which appears when using USPS tracking. As of today according to the tracking “record” the lights I ordered have moved 383 miles from Inglewood, CA to Brisbane, CA. from 5/22 – 6/22 – a months time. Supposedly Pitney Bowes is their shipping partner – tracking number unknown to database of Pitney Bowes. Called 1-844-3306989 to talk to BrightLight customer service – was told to leave a message – won’t hold my breath.

  3. The 2 previous reviews tell my exact story also. Every detail, except the dates.
    I ordered on 5/17/20. Emailed them on 6/17/20. Calling was no luck.
    Was given another tracking number. Now 7/7/20. Sent an email again, was told to call customer service. No answer.
    Either a total scam operation. Or very mismanaged.

  4. Total scam. I ordered on May 24. It is July 12. Wrote to support several times. No tracking number, no response. They just simply stole our money.

    I will contact the fraud department of my credit card next. Don’t deal with these people.

    YouTube should block their ads. I will contact them next. I will now have a concern any time I respond to any ad on YouTube.

  5. This company is a total scam. Ordered lights 84 days ago and they still refuse to refund…bank won’t refund since it went through Paypal…can’t get anyone on the phone at Paypal. Out over 100.00 for nothing. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Huge scam. I ordered them as well June 2. No tracking number. When I checked in told they were backed up due to Covid. Still nothing. Then I was told packages were returned due to a postal error. Then I was asked to confirm my shipping address. I did. Next day told me the had cancelled my order. I asked about what my refund policy was no response. Scam. Scam. Scam.

  7. I placed an order for 20 lights. after almost 2 months and several emails I received 5 of the 20 lights. They are saying all 20 were mailed together. I received a plastic bag with 5 lights in it. No paperwork. I cut the package open and threw the bag away. Now over a week later after emailing back and forth they are saying without pictures of the shipping container I received I can’t get this resolved.

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