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Brightside Scam {June} An Analysis Of Healthcare System!

Brightside Scam {June} An Analysis Of Healthcare System!>> This news article shares important information regarding a telehealth platform and some important reviews about it.

Health is the most important and precious thing which we should consider first. We have understood its value mainly after the COVID-19 situation. Health also comprises of mental well-being. After the pandemic situation, it had become mandatory to have an eHealth service to get doctor’s consultation on our phone. 

So, in this article, we will discuss the similar pattern of health service providers and analysed Brightside Scam, which is mainly prevalent in Canada

What is Brightside? 

It is a telehealth service provider which is specialized in depression and anxiety-related problems which people are facing the most these days. It approves evidence-based therapy as well as FDA-approved medications. They provide personalized care with the expert team in their industry to the patients to get the maximum benefit out of their service. 

We will have a valid information and a detailed look at the Brightside Scam so that you can save yourself from any misconceptions. But before that, let’s have a look at some more background about it.

When was it founded, and who were the founders?

The foundation of Brightside was laid in 2017. It was founded by Brad Kittredge and Jeremy Barth, inspired by their condition of anxiety and depression; they felt it is important to provide service to the people in this field to easily come up with this problem. 

After getting an idea about the Brightside, you might ask about the recent Brightside Scam.

It is helpful, especially in this pandemic situation where you cannot visit the doctor personally, and still, you are facing the mental issues of anxiety and depression due to worldwide problems. 

How Brightside works?

It allows patients to gauge their level on this platform by answering some simple questions. This allows them to check whether they need only therapy or medication it a combination of both. Patients can track their health records on this platform so that it would be easy for them to maintain and get an idea about their treatment. 

With these treatment options, you can get an important way to solve your health issues with personalized care by sitting at your home.

What is Brightside Scam?

As per our research, we found various patient reviews about this platform. So, we analysed the reviews and clarified that there is positive and negative reviews about this platform. Some patients are happy with the service, while some faced certain issues. So, after this analysis, it is clear that Brightside is not a scam because there are patients who enjoyed the telehealth service. 

If you want to know more about this platform, read here

Final Verdict

We hope that this article has helped you get an important idea about the Brightside and Brightside ScamPeople in Canada have a proper idea about it, and this article might have clarified your doubts regarding this platform. 

What do you think about the telehealth platform? You can share your views in the comment section below. 

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