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Brookue Com Reviews (Jan 2021) Scam Or Not?

Brookue Com Reviews (Jan 2021) Scam Or Not?>> A site brings lots of home and garden items. What makes this site to be trustable? – Find out in this article.  

Do you need a storage shed? Are you planning to buy basketball hoops or water sports items for your children? – Brookue Com Reviews will provide you actual data about it.The site gained people’s attention in the United States with its variety of products like water sports items, folding tables, garden chairs, etc.However, how can we trust this site? – find out if this site is genuine or faking its services through this writing.Let us check out all details of the website and clear the doubts of people after clarifying the question Is Brookue Com Legit

What is the site?

An e-com portal approached people with their ideal, stylish home, and garden products. The layout of this site is so simple since anyone can handle it without any trouble. You will get a separate section for particular products.There are nine tabs on the top of the site: Home, Picnic Tables, Water Sports, Chairs, Garden and Patio, Basketball Hoops, Playground, Folding Tables, and Storage Sheds. The product has several pictures and correct details.

Specification for Brookue Com Reviews:

  • Website Linkshttps://www.brookue.com/ 
  • Website Type: it is an e-site for home and garden products.
  • Domain Age: Domain age is 12 days only.
  • Contact Number: They did not provide any contact number.
  • Company’s Address: no address is visible.
  • Email ID: service@googspca.com.
  • Delivery Time: The product has been delivered within 15- 20 business days.
  • Return: No return available for a customized product if the production started.
  • Delivery Charges: No information is obtainable.
  • Refund: For regular products, it initiates within 24 hours.
  • Exchange: No details have been found.
  • Payment Modes: PayPal.
  • Cancellation: The cancellation policy is missing.

Pros of Brookue Com:

  • The site contains various home and garden products.
  • All products are entirely separated.
  • Products have pictures.
  • Full details and specifications of every product have been mentioned.
  • Email ID is available.
  • Shipping policy is given.
  • People can go through the return process.

Cons of Brookue Com Reviews:

  • Contact number is not given.
  • No information about cancellation and exchange policy.
  • No information has been provided related to their terms and conditions.
  • The ‘About Us’ page is missing.
  • A single payment option is available.
  • No remarks were found.
  • No promotional event has been made to the date.

Is the site legit?

Brookue com site is established for selling household furniture, sports items, etc., and guaranteed to provide high-end services among their consumers. The site contains a ‘Contact Us’ option where only a direct message is provided. We did not see any contactable number and Email ID for customer support.

Now have a look at their shipping and return process- well, we noticed an Email address on the ‘Shipping and Return’ page. Following Is Brookue Com Legit, they mentioned that they provide services in several continents like North America, Australia, Europe, etc. The delivery has been mostly done within 15 days; however, due to Covid 19, it takes 20 business days.

No prominent details are found regarding delivery charges; people will get a refund within 24 hours. They clearly said that, for customized products, returns are not possible if the production begins. Cancellation and exchange policy are missing.

The website has been created earlier this month because the Domain ID creation is dated 22nd December 2020. Interestingly, the site has no promotional events on social media, and no remarks have been seen on the consumer’s behalf.The above aspects indicate that it has a low trust index, low traffic, and seems suspicious.

What is the user’s Brookue Com Reviews?

The site has been made for approaching people with their fabulous furniture, storage ranges, sports items, etc., among the United States citizen.

Interestingly, the site does not possess any remarks. We checked if it has a connection with Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter; nevertheless, we found no official profile, no advertisements, and promotion. We reviewed once again the other sites, though there are lacking remarks about the site and products.

Final Verdict:

First of all, the owner’s information is missing; moreover, we did not observe their terms and conditions. The site has been created in the past months. Following Is Brookue Com Legit, therefore no reviews are available. Contact number and company address have not been provided.

This portal is not present on any social media, and no advertisement has been done; furthermore, the ‘About Us’ page is missing since we could not explore its mission and vision.It isn’t easy to judge this site, as it was made so recently, though we are suggesting that readers must give this site time to prove its creditability among us.Please share your opinion about this article.

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