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Top 5 Bubble Tea Gift Set Ideas For Bubble Tea Lovers

Unlike many previous gourmet fads, bubble tea is here to stay—and for a good reason—because it’s delicious, entertaining, and available in various flavors. Giving boba lovers one of these beautiful bubble tea kit presents might spare them the hassle of needing to go to the market every time they want a taste. If they have the craft down to a “tea,” think about buying one of the charming boba-themed gifts, such as the adorable little plush or the unique dad hat.

Having your preferred boba at home is easy with a bubble tea kit. It’s less expensive, less complicated, and healthier for the environment. Furthermore, they make the ideal presents for boba fans everywhere.

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Below Are the Bubble Tea Gift Set Ideas

1.  Strawberry Milk Bubble Tea Gift Set

A Strawberry boba tea gift set is the perfect idea for strawberry lovers. Try preparing this delightful strawberry milk bubble tea if you prefer your boba with a fruity flavor. You may make this milky pink beverage with its richness of chew pearls may be made with pre-purchased tapioca pearls, tea, strawberries, milk, and syrup.

2.  Thai Tea Locca Bubble Kit

Everything they need to make and consume 24-cups of this tasty Taiwanese beverage is included in this gift set. This set contains black, Thai, and jasmine teas, pearl, straws, and instructions cards for each flavor.

3.  Brown Sugar Boba Tea Gift Set

If you give boba tea fans this kit, they can prepare Tiger Sugar Drinks themselves without putting in any extra effort. This package includes tapioca pearls, cinnamon, sugar, black & chai sachets, and good ingredients for eight serves. It also includes detailed directions for making the ideal drink.

4.  Hojicha Boba Tea Gift set

Hojicha powder, which is made of powder, and roasted green tea, give this tasty beverage a distinctive Japanese flavor. Hojicha is the best choice if you enjoy roasted milk teas! This creamy, rich package is ideal for our lactose-sensitive bubble tea enthusiasts.

5.  Iced Matcha Bubble Tea

This is the best gift set idea for matcha tea lovers. Matcha gives this delicious beverage a stunning shade of brilliant green in addition to being loaded with antioxidants. This beverage, prepared with almond milk & tapioca pearls, may be made vegetarian by using honey as the sweetener or vegan by using another sugar, like agave.

A Brief History Of Bubble Tea

Iced tea beverage known as “bubble tea” has recently gained popularity worldwide, first introduced in the Taiwanese in the 1980s. The names Boba Tea, Milk Tea, Pearl Milk Tea, and simply Boba are also used to refer to bubble tea. Tea, milk, sugar, & tapioca pearls are the usual four components. However, you may alter it in numerous ways, such as by adding or omitting ice or blending it until it has the consistency of a smoothie. There are several options!

Certain drinks break the typical green and black tea base. Taro milk tea is a popular alternative made from tropical taro root. Delightful fruit teas are commonly available, are frequently caffeine-free, and include fresh fruit slices. Most boba shops also offer brilliant orange Thai tea, and coffee enthusiasts searching for a blend of the two can select espresso milk tea. There are also black, white, and matcha teas accessible.

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