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Buckhorn Sand and Gravel Accident {May} Know Updates!

What has happened in Buckhorn Sand and Gravel Accident? The below-written blog holds all the necessary updates that you must know about this recent incident.

What has happened in the quarry northern worksite? Why are media news covering Bobcaygeon’s northern worksite in Canada?

If you haven’t got any updates about the incident, this is where you will get what has happened in this region. This region has been serving commercial and residential customers since 1983. But recently, this Buckhorn Sand and Gravel Accident have made headlines in every news article.

If you’re curious to know updated news regarding this heartfelt incident, or you want to know what the investigator has said, kindly read below.

About the incident that occured in Bobcaygeon northern worksite:

According to the media news, a death and a severe injury were reported in Bobcaygeon northern. Following the report from a trustable source, it’s been revealed that the OPP of Peterborough has mentioned that officers have responded to file a report of two unresponsive men. They noticed Buckhorn Sand and Gravel Accident incident at around 6:45 AM. 

If you don’t know which location the quarry is based on, we will give you the location outline. This quarry baseline is situated about 15 KM Bobcaygeon village on north in Canada.

This incident has surprised the local community and residents, and the leading

media is trying to cover all the updates. The question is, why this heartfelt

incident has happened, and how has this matter happened? Do you wish to know

what has been revealed in the investigation? If yes, reading the next section

is highly recommended.

Buckhorn Sand and Gravel Accident– More updates:

From reliable sources, it’s been known that the preliminary enquiry has been done. Following the preliminary enquiry, the accident happened due to vehicles. Following the statement, both victims were trapped between 2 vehicles; thus, this heartfelt incident has occured. This accident did not happen due to the collision of 2 cars, but it happened due to being trapped in between 2 cars.

The report also said that one person had been reported dead on that spot due to this accident, and another one has been reported to have severe injuries. After this Buckhorn Sand and Gravel Accident, the injured person was transferred to a nearby hospital for emergency medical support.

About the Buckhorn Sand and Gravel quarry:

Buckhorn Sand and Gravel region have been serving a place for the residents and commercial consumers since 1983 in the Buckhorn and its neighbouring area. Clients, including home builders, homeowners, landscaping companies, cities, municipalities, townships, and developers, are visible here.

Wrapping Up:

In recent times, a heartfelt accident has occurred in the northern area of Bobcaygeon. Following the source one person has died while another one is suffering from severe injury. We hope you get all the updates about Buckhorn Sand and Gravel Accident

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