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Burger King Manager Arrested: Check Full Details On Burger King Breakfast Menu 2023, And Burger King Manager Salary

The article has covered the news of a Burger King Manager Arrested in South Carolina for tampering with the food.

Why was Burger King’s Manager arrested? What did Burger King’s manager do to get arrested? What was the name of the Burger King’s manager? Are you also interested to know details about the Burger King Manager Arrested? People from the United States are shocked to hear this news from South Carolina. Let us read the details about Burger King’s manager arrest. 

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Details About The Incident 

On 9th July 2023, two women were allegedly detained for misconduct with the staff of Burger King. But later, on 11th July, a complaint came in from the headquarters that the manager of Burger King’s South Carolina store had tampered with the food served in the restaurant. After the complaint, Jamie Christine Major was held by the cops immediately. Christine is a 39-year-old female assistant manager at a Burger King store and has been fired. 

Disclaimer: The article contains information about a non-celebrity person; thus, we will avoid revealing more details about that person.            

Burger King Manager Salary & More

According to sources, the average salary of a manager working for Burger King is $33,779 annually in America. Christine was fired and arrested because, as per the complaint, she picked up fries from a trash can, placed them along with the fresh-fired lot, and served them to the customers. She picked it up from the trashcan (as per the complaint). 

The police are investigating the matter, but Jamie is at a detention center and not in jail, against a $20,000 bond. She was arrested on 17th July 2023. The franchise has not made any comment because the police investigation is under-process. 

Burger King Breakfast Menu 2023

Their breakfast menu in America is; Breakfast sandwiches, Pancakes, Sausages, Buttermilk biscuits, Combo meals, Breakfast Burritos, Breakfast sides that include hash browns and French toast, Coffee, and other morning beverages. 

Burger King offers various variety of options for every meal. They have healthy options and filling options as well. The prices of the meal are affordable, and they provide variety. But the recent case may have impacted the image of the brand. 


Burger King Manager Arrested is trending on social media. Jaime Christine Major was arrested on 17th July 2023, and now she is in a detention center for serving fries from the trash can to customers. She was the assistant manager of the store at a South Carolina outlet. Police are investigating the matter, and so does the internal authorities of Burger King. For more details about the arrest, click here

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Updates on Burger King Breakfast Menu Singapore: FAQs

Q1. What happened at Burger King?

A1. At Burger King’s South Carolina outlet, an assistant manager served the customers with fries from the trash can. 

Q2. Who is Jamie Christine Major?

A2. Jamie was the assistant manager arrested on 17th July for food tampering.

Q3. How has Burger King’s official reacted?

A3. They will conduct an internal investigation on the matter and fire Jaime.

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