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Burundi Wordle {July 2022} Know The Word’s Definition!

This particular write-up is a detailed summary that revolves around the Burundi Wordle to answer your queries.  

Are you obsessed with geography subjects and love puzzle games also? Are you a regular and enthusiastic player of the Geography Wordle? If so, you’re from those keen players from Canada, the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom who are confused about the recent puzzle. 

Yes, we’re discussing yesterday’s puzzle, which was tricky. Even after getting another puzzle for today, the players can’t get rid of the dilemma caused by yesterday. Let’s resolve the query regarding Burundi Wordle in detail. 

Was Burundi the Answer? 

There were some hints given to the players for 8th July’s puzzle. They were:-

  • The country is located in Africa and is worldwide known as the Heart of Africa. 
  • It is a seven-lettered country that starts with the letter B. 
  • There are 3 vowels in the answer with 2 repeated ones. 

So, after understanding and reckoning the clues given to the people, the correct answer came out to be BURUNDI. But, players are still mystified and have several queries revolving in their minds. Scroll down to find the answers-

What is the Burundi Definition

Burundi is a well-known country in East Africa. It is officially called the Republic of Burundi. The place is known as The Heart of Africa because of its contour and set within the landmass. Additionally, the region is vastly famous for its incredible hospitality. 

Burundi’s capital is Gitega, and the dominant religion in this place is Christianity. But unfortunately, the place is heavily poverty-stricken. It is one of the poorest countries in the world, with more than 70 per cent of the community residing in deprivation. 

Why is the Burundi Wordle Trending? 

Burundi is the poorest country in the world and is very less known. Most of the players guessed Bolivia and Belgium as incorrect answers. When they got Burundi as an answer, they started searching for its details and various facts related to this place. That’s why it has suddenly become the trendiest and most controversial on the Internet. 

Interesting Facts About Burundi-

There are some interesting and less known facts about Burundi, which are given below to broaden your perspective-

  • Firstly, Burundi is the third vastly densely populated country in Africa. If you still want to know if Is Burundi a Word, the answer is a direct YES. 
  • Burundi is greatly impoverished and underdeveloped due to various catastrophes and conflicts. 
  • Due to scarcity, the country suffers from extreme malnutrition. 
  • It has a very specific and unique original name that is Urundi-Burundi-Rwanda. 
  • It originated in the 16th century as a minor province surrounded by several Lakes. 
  • More than 70% of the population of Burundi is living in poverty in this particular place. 


As a concluding thought, the Worldle game has been strong since yesterday for numerous reasons. We have jotted down the Burundi Wordle definition, interesting facts about the region, and the reason behind its great controversy. We hope your queries are resolved now, and you’re all set to crack the next puzzles. 

We have penned down the essential information that is Internet-based. To know more regarding this, click here. And, comment down your favourite variation of Wordle. 

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