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C3h8 Roblox {July 2022} Is It Correct Code: Know Here!

The article clears the confusion about the codes name of Roblox. The report sheds that the actual code name is 3008, not C3h8 Roblox.

Do you know the new Roblox code? The code is 3008. It is a new horror game presented by Roblox. The game is developed by “Uglyburger0”. Many gamers of Roblox want to know about the new code worldwide. But there are specific issues that are arising. Many gamers are searching the code in the wrong way. And that occurs the miss conception.

For this reason, we try to give you the proper matter with the written information. We also discuss the concern about the C3h8 Roblox. Let’s check the write-up and get the correct version of the codes.

Table of Contents

What Do You Know about the Codes? 

We have searched all the information about the new Roblox codes. We find some valuable data about the codes per the search result.

  1. The codes were initiated in January 2019. Now the age of the code is nearly three years.  
  2. Already 831,500,000 interested Roblox players visited the codes details. It is the enormous number of visitors.
  3. No gear type is allowed for the codes.
  4. The codes are related to the horror game.

C3h8 Roblox– The True Facts 

Recently many players have been trying to find out new codes. But let us clear the actual names of the codes are “SCP-3008”. But due to some misunderstanding, many players check the code name with “ Roblox C3H8”. But it is the wrong name of the codes.

The gamers need to know some of the features of the codes.

  1. The players must survive in the game to avail of the codes.
  2. The games must know the game is designated on the SCP. It is a fictional company, and the company is known as “SCP Foundation”.

C3h8 Roblox– How to Avoid? 

The gamers must know how to find valid codes to avail more benefits in the game.

  1. The players need to type the correct code name, which is 3008.
  2. After that, the gamers join the game.
  3. The gamers can also check the “IKEA” store to get the codes.
  4. The gamers can take and replace any furniture such as tables, lamps, chairs, beds and many more items from the display site to get the codes.
  5. Even the gamers can get food, water and many other items and check their energy and hunger situation by replacing C3h8 Roblox codes with the 3008 regulations.

Why the Codes are in Discussion? 

 The codes help the Roblox players get more fabulous game experiences. It will help the players in the gameplay as well. But due to specific reasons, many gamers try to find out the codes with the wrong codes. That is the reason the code news is circulating all the way. The gamers don’t understand the facts. However, you can also read- Playing Methods of the Roblox Game.


At last, we can say you need to erase the wrong code C3h8 Roblox and find the regulations with the correct name. Please note that the data discussed here are taken from useful internet sources. But you must check the link to get accurate informationAre you ready to get the codes? Please answer. 

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