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Caitlin Dickerson Obituary {Jan} Read Her Life History!

In this post, we have discussed Jeff & Caitlin Dickerson and Jeff & Caitlin Dickerson Obituary and cause of death.

Are you aware of the death of an ESPN reporter? Do you know he served ESPN for decades? Would you like to know about his wife, who too had an early death? If yes, tune into the post.

On 29th December, a famous ESPN reporter died. His wife, Caitlin, has an early demise. Many people in the United States are looking for information regarding their death. So, in this post, we will talk about Jeff & Caitlin Dickerson Obituary and the cause of death. 

Who is Jeff Dickerson?

Dickerson had been an ESPN Bears reporter since 2001. He performed TV commentary for Loyola men’s basketball games while working as a sports journalist for ABC-7 in Chicago. He earned the respect of his coworkers as a man with a nice man off-air and a courageous reporter on-air.

Dickerson is survived by his son Parker, who is 11 years old and his parents, George and Sandy Dickerson. Caitlin Dickerson, Jeff Dickerson’s wife, died approximately three years ago, following a protracted fight with illness, at the age of 36.

Before knowing more about Jeff & Caitlin Dickerson Obituary and cause of death, let us know about his Caitlin.

Who is Caitlin Dickerson?

Caitlin Dickerson is the late wife of former ESPN reporter Jeff Dickerson. The couple had a blissful marriage before she died in 2019.

According to reports, she was diagnosed with cancer and had been undergoing treatment. Her excruciating agony lasted eight years until she took her last breath in a hospital bed.

After Caitlin’s death, Jeff Dickerson described his late wife as an example to everyone because she refused to allow her illness to control her life.

Now that we know about the couple, we will discuss Jeff & Caitlin Dickerson Obituary and the cause of death. 

Jeff Dickerson Obituary & Cause of Death

Jeff Dickerson, an ESPN reporter, died on Tuesday at the age of 44 owing to colon cancer. Jeff was sure that he would cure his illness. Unfortunately, he couldn’t recover and left the world at such an early age. 

The Chicago Bears wrote a special Obituary statement of Jeff Dickerson’s demise on Twitter. They talked about their disappointment in his death and that Jeff was a very positive person and dedicated reporter. 

Also, other prominent media personalities like Ben Baby & Adam Schefter provided their statements regarding Jeff Dickerson’s demise on Twitter. 

Caitlin Dickerson Obituary & Cause of Death

Caitlin Dickerson died at 36 owing to a Melanoma infection resulting in cancer. She was a very joyful soul, and her demise left her husband alone to fight against cancer. Just within three years of her death, Caitlin’s husband Jeff too died due to cancer, leaving their son as an orphan. 

We found Caitlin’s obituary on the Funeral Pro website dated 4th March 2019. The statement stated the relatives and dear ones of Caitlin Dickerson and her funeral details.


After Caitlin’s death, Jeff Dickerson has worked for various charity organizations raising awareness and funds for cancer. Visit this News website for more. 

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