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California Mask Between {Oct} Check The Post Now!

California Mask Between {Oct} Check The Post Now! -> This article will tell you all about a new rule of keep on wearing masks while eating outdoors with family or friends, even between the bites.

Going out on a family dinner this weekend? Well, don’t forget to wear masks and be preventive for covid19. Even now the governor has passed a new rule that people should not get their masks off while eating out. You can search for California Mask Between bites to know the entire rule passed on October 3, 2020.

People from the United States will now have to be more familiar to these masks during their meal times.

What is this California mask between bites all about?

Seeing the rapidly increasing number of cases there, the governor tweeted that people will now have to wear masks in between their meals also. This tweet was posted on Saturday, October 3, 2020, for the people’s benefits and you can search for California Mask Between bites to know the whole story and guidelines.

Its necessary for the pedestrians over there to wear masks while passing the main street in downtown Ventura and keep the social distancing properly to keep themselves and others safe.

Who should not wear masks even in such critical situations?

  • Children under the age of two years.
  • People who are unable to get off the mask without someone’s help.
  • Folks who are having some kind of breathing problem.
  • People having some medical disability or mental health condition. 

You can also read the full list of people who are allowed to not wear masks even under this new rule of California Mask Between bites.

What are the benefits of wearing masks again after having a bite?

These mask coverings prevent every type of infection spreads and keep the person safe. And in these conditions of covid 19, people need to maintain social distancing and need to avoid inhalation of contaminated air. And for that, people are advised to cover their mouth and nose with these masks.

By wearing masks, people can protect themselves and keep their surroundings healthy. 

What is the purpose of making these masks mandatory during eating?

The main purpose of this new compulsion of wearing masks even during dinning is to stop the rapid spread of deadly coronavirus. Currently, the United States, especially California, has had around 800000 cases and approximately 16000 deaths. So, to reduce the spread of this infectious virus, numerous health experts have suggested increasing the usage of masks.

Besides this, a few doctors in California have suggested to wear masks even during sex and to avoid kissing which will minimize the risk of getting infected.

Final verdict

This mandatory rule of wearing masks in between the dinning time seems to be quite weird and uncomfortable, but various doctors have suggested it to minimize the spread. You can also have a look at the tweeter post of the governor by searching for California Mask Between bites.

Do tell us about your views regarding the new guidelines of covering mouth and nose even while eating in the comment section below

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